" "Pregnancy Week 11

Pregnancy Week 11

Pregnancy Week 11

Pregnancy Week 11: signs. Between 11 to 20 weeks of pregnancy there is a rapid growth of the fetus. To satisfy the growing appetite of the baby, the placenta increases the number of blood vessels. The head is still disproportionately large, it takes up almost half the size of the size of the entire body. This is because the parent of the child brain is rapidly developing in the head. At this stage, there is the development of all internal organs, but a part of the intestine is still falling in the umbilical cord. But already in the next week the problem will be completely solved.

Pregnancy 11 week ultrasound

ultrasound 11 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy 11 week ultrasound. At this stage, the completion of the formation of the sternum, identified genitals. Continue to develop toes and hands. The legs are very short in comparison with the body, eyes wide set, the ears are low. At this stage of pregnancy begins to form the iris. The liver is one-tenth of the weight of the fetus begin to work the kidneys. Spent child waste products through the bloodstream enter the placenta.

If you have a 11 week pregnancy, the length of your baby is about 44-60 mm, and weight - about 8 grams.

Pregnancy Week 11 signs

intrauterine development of a baby in the 11 week of pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 11: symptoms. At the 11th week of pregnancy, the metabolism is enhanced by about a quarter - 25%, which means that now the woman burns calories much faster than it was before her pregnancy. Increased blood volume, so most women experience internal heat, sweating profusely and drinking plenty of fluids. Pregnant women in this period tend to unstable mood, they observed an inexplicable anxiety, restlessness, irritability, tearfulness and emotional surges. A loving husband would have at this time to find the strength to help you cope with temporary difficulties. If, over time, psychological problems will not disappear by themselves, you should seek help from a professional psychologist.

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