" "Pregnancy Week 14

Pregnancy Week 14

Pregnancy Week 14

At this stage of pregnancy continuesbaby face made out: drawn ears, cheeks and nose. Although his eyes still fully tightened lids, they, unlike the previous weeks is not so wide apart. In the fourteenth week the baby appears germinal fluff, also planned eyebrows down and a hint of vegetation on the head. The internal organs continue to develop further. The thyroid gland is ready to produce hormones.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 14

Prenatal development of the baby in the 14 week

Pregnancy Week 14: uzi. This week the girls testicles descend into the pelvis portion and boys appears prostate. Although the genitals can already be described as male and female, with the US still impossible to distinguish them. The child is already producing urine and tumbles. However, at this stage of pregnancy the future mom may still not feel the movements of your baby.

If you have a pregnancy of 14 weeks, this period your baby has grown considerably and has become the size of a pear. Its length is about 80-113 mm, and weight - about 25 grams.

Pregnancy 14 week ultrasound

Uzi at 14 week of pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 14: symptoms. In the fourteenth week begins the second trimester of pregnancy. its blossoming begins from now. Although the uterus each week will increase, you will feel more energetic. Very soon you will notice that the stomach begins to rise. During this period, many women are becoming aware of her pregnancy. Now, when the discomfort of toxemia retreated, nothing prevents to realize their future motherhood.

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