" "How to decorate a Christmas tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree

how to decorate a Christmas tree


  • How to decorate a Christmas tree
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The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree came from Germany. And the nobles, and the poor burghers decorated Christmas tree toys handmade - candy, sweets and figurines made of colored paper. Christmas balls are most famous ornament, which appeared in the 18th century, first in the form of colored potatoes, and then in the form of a gold-plated glass toys. Until now, many kept at home as a relic of old Christmas toys, which got them from their grandparents.

How to decorate a Christmas tree

There are some rules, observing that, decorating a Christmas tree is not only fun, but also easy!

  1. Christmas tree size should be combined with the sizeroom, and the place where it will stand to be away from the heating panels and heating devices - if not osypletsya tree ahead of time and did not become a fire hazard decoration of the room. Candles and sparklers are not the best choice for decorating the Christmas tree - leave them to entertain outdoors.
  2. By setting the Christmas tree, hang garland on it thatyou first need to check on the condition and safety. Tinsel and beads can be any color, depending on the general idea of ​​decorating the Christmas tree. They need to be placed around the trunk, and not to hang vertically.
  3. Next, evenly place the large ChristmasChristmas decorations, better to use 2 or 3 basic colors, then the tree will look spectacular. Very good combination toy green, red and white colors. Do not overload it with toys, then because of the scenery will not be visible fluffy branches. Toys hung next to the lights garlands, the most noticeable because of the colorful illumination - and consider this when choosing the main Christmas balls.
  4. Now it's time small toys thateasier to hang on long filaments. It can be used as a mounting paper clips, straightening them as wrong eight, which is a small hook fastening for toys and a large attached to the branch. Especially look ornate tree where toys hanging on satin ribbon, but then you should reduce the amount of toys, another tree will look cluttered decorations. Toys distributed evenly and make sure that the tree has not changed its visual form.
  5. And the last thing on top of the Christmas tree are fixed star or other decoration - bow or spire.

This general rule decorate the Christmas tree. In addition, you yourself can make your fir tree from all the different design of the Christmas tree can be anything. Perhaps it will be a non-standard color solution. Now at the peak of the Christmas fashion exclusive Christmas toys and Christmas tree, decorated with shades of precious metals, it is not recommended to mix with the silver and gold. And with the help of conventional spray paint can be set off as a toy, and the tips of the branches on the tree.

New Year's toys

Christmas toys with their own hands

If you have children in your family, the New YearCooking can be started well before buying a Christmas tree, devoting a few evenings of discussion and selection of toys. You can make Christmas toys with their own hands. Such toys in the pre-New Year bustle will give you and your children peace and comfort and create an atmosphere of magic.

You can paint with walnuts sprayor tinkering Christmas toys of beads and paper, binding them satin ribbons, and can be made from a special salt dough snowmen, decorated with beads, confetti and tinsel. Older children may be of conventional foam divided into grains, make snow strands that attach to the ceiling - this foam nuggets are strung on a thread. So you can with your children to make Christmas knitted toys. For example, Christmas trees can be decorated with symbols of the coming year, these cute toys can crochet or spokes, instead of eyes to make beads or buttons.

Fabulous atmosphere in your home will help to createfrost and snow on fir branches. To create a frost Christmas tree branches and cones drop into hot strong solution of salt for several hours. Then we pull out and give time to dry the branches. Now decorate the twigs and cones with snow. To do this, rub on a grater foam, twigs and cones smeared with glue and sprinkle foam.

You can make Christmas decorations out of the ordinarychicken eggs. To do this, pierce the egg with two sides of the needle, release the entire contents of the egg must remain empty. Now use your imagination! For example, if you have a multi-colored feathers, one can make a beautiful bird. Draw on the egg manhole, beak, feathers, and feathers glue glue instead of a tail. In the same way you can do, and cats, and mice that your heart desires!

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