" "Congratulations and poems for the New Year

Congratulations and poems for the New Year

Congratulations - poems for the New Year


  • Happy New Year
  • Congratulations on the New Year mom

If you've ever tried to rhyme theirNew Year greetings, preferring either prose or poetry unrhymed, it's time to change their habits and to please relatives and poems. No, I will not have to study the laws of versification and sizes; dactyl and amphibrach leave our specialists, which are engaged in the search for the Christmas poems.

From the whole range just have to chooseto whom and how you address congratulation. By the way, New Year greetings in verse - it is an old tradition, because carols - it is nothing like the New Year couplets and congratulations. It is always easier and more fun to congratulate loved ones a short song or poem. Our collection of Christmas and New Year greetings extensive, so that every time you could find a new yet unknown masterpieces of the New Year's poetry, and your wish for the New Year's table was the best.

Happy New Year

It goes the old year
It goes without return,
Leaves thread worries
Which we do not.
And then sink into oblivion,
What we wanted,
Who was in love and was loved
The blue - suddenly,
Gone names
Moments, looks, songs
takes time
Where it was so wonderful!
Farewell, old year,
Goodbye is not goodbye
Go to our New Year's Eve
And gives a promise!

You just lie down to sleep this morning,
Well, maybe it does not.
Happy new year to me in a whisper say
Happy new year to say I'm back.
Happiness I wish gently,
The same thing I do.
Let it be to him as you,
What I did not want for yourself.

Happy New Year
And I wish from the heart:
Suppose you pass by adversity,
A problem that is not solved,
Let there be in sight
In the coming year;
Happiness to all, love and peace
And on Labor income!

May the New Year, on the threshold,
Go into your house, like a good friend!
Suppose that you will forget to road
Sadness, misery and disease!
Let them come in the coming year
And good luck and success!
Let it be the best,
The most joyful for everyone!

Let a predawn sky
For a moment you vzgrustnetsya:
A year goes unnoticed
And the back will not return.
Between the years no border
Because each year
Happiness old stores,
Happiness comes new.
We wish you a good,
Shares similar to a full cup,
To keep things in your life
Tomorrow better than yesterday!

Between us, perhaps miles away,
The plane, taxi and train ...
Happy New Year, dear sister,
I congratulate you, sister!
Bring you let the New Year
Happiness and good luck, a lot of money,
In his personal life he is very lucky,
That sped away it off someone else's cloud.
Looking at the patterns on the window
And on the Christmas tree that lights up the dress,
I think at least a little about me!
Yes, the whole New Year's dream to be around !!!

There is a winter blizzards playing,
Rattles frost and summer away,
And I have to congratulate the New Year,
Let the New Year will give you a warm!
Heat luck, joy of the first meeting,
The heat of love, family warmth ...
Let the rings in the New Year's Eve
A glass of New Year's glass!

New Year's greetings, poems for the New Year

Let frost serebritsya newly-fallen snow,
Covering any trouble;
I wish you only good
In the coming New Year!
May the New Year and the white snow
You bring joy and laughter,
Resentment, bitterness, restlessness
Let sweep party
May the New Year as a guest welcome,
Solemnly in your house will go down.
Fun, joy and happiness
With him will bring together!

I wish you happiness in the New Year, love and health!
May all your dreams and desires!
Suppose that in this year the sun will shine brightly
And let the joy of living close darkness
And let health be the best of the gifts
And all good things will follow him!

We have glorious traditions in the power
The eternal search is similar to us in everything.
Happy New Year, friends, new happiness,
With the new toast at our table!

Let the cheerful New Year
To you with lots of joys to come,
And let it bring with them
Friends, health, lives off.
Let the work is a passion,
The family also - rest of the soul,
And let all the bad weather disappear
And steep turns!

In the New Year outside softly falling snow,
Let your table will be joy and laughter,
Let enviable success is waiting for you in any,
And will go smoothly happiness light your home.

Happy New Year to congratulate you,
Rejoice in that day, do not be sad.
Much happiness to you, I wish,
But the most happiness in love.
Suppose you hope inspires,
But fate let you protects.
This day let you nagrazhdaet-
Another life you bring.

The numbers on the dial that mean?
The arrows tell us to watch? ...
That the New Year started today
At all latitudes and the poles!
New century and new fun
So on our planet again.
With mouth flies a kind word,
Bloom friendship and love!
once raced century before,
The rain fell off a tear with age.
... The happiness you in the warmth, kindness, hope,
We want to live a new century !!!

Congratulations, poems for the New Year and Christmas

Happy New Year mom

Mama! Again New Year
The snow cap on the doorstep!
It slows down the time course,
Only one dream in a way.
Happiness brings us a handful
What in life is not met.
Me, please forgive
Last year's sorrow.
I am in the twelfth hour
The snow-white dress
Holiday in the heart bring
Kiss gently !!!

Santa Claus with his granddaughter Snow Maiden,
Through hundreds of countries, seas
Rushing to the world's best
Mom - to my mom!
Father carries in his bag
For beautiful mother with us
Creams, sequins, grebeshochki
And brastmatik - the highest class!
Will the new make-up
For a year my mom
All younger, brighter, smoother
Raskrasavitsa different countries !!!

New Year knocks obstinately
In the window with frost blind.
Again, Happy New Year, my mother,
I congratulate you!
From me this postcard,
My tender love:
Over the winter, as before, - summer,
And flowers, and songs - again!
Be beautiful, like flowers,
Do not let the shadow fall ...
And accept greetings from her daughter
In the year the very first day !!!

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