" "Christmas characters: Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Santa Claus and other

Christmas characters: Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Santa Claus and other

Christmas characters


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New Year is unthinkable without its special,Christmas characters that each country is different, but the goal is the same - both adults and children bestow gifts. Today, the image of New Year's characters fully formed, although a couple of centuries ago, Santa Claus and Santa just beginning to take its shape. In the Netherlands in the 19th century, it was assumed that the gifts left during the slender chimney cleaning chimney sweep with a pipe in his mouth.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus has become an international hero and inMany countries can not imagine New Year without a Christian custom, and no Santa Claus. Yes, and what a holiday without a Christmas tree Santa Claus. For children, the appearance of a magical grandfather always a happy event, since it marks the beginning of miraculous transformations and gifts.

In the late 19th century there were trees in Russia, whichbought primarily for children's amusements, this tradition has come from Germany. First, the parents themselves play the role of Santa Claus and only later began to hire actors to do for the holidays and invite not only families but also for friends and acquaintances. So, gradually, Santa Claus comes down from postcards to the delight of kids and turns New Year from a family holiday in the secular.

At first it was just Christmas decorations, thenToy sizes have increased, and with a beard grandfather began to decorate shop windows, and only in the early 20th century, the character really came to life. Someone put on a red coat, he took his staff and bag with gifts, and we have a real fairy-tale character. Most likely, the idea occurred to parents who would like to dispel all doubts about the kids who believe that magic does not exist or grandfather's idea of ​​one of the actors, who decided to earn extra money on the eve of holidays. But the joy of the children was not the limit, they wondered whether the real grandfather beard and why it does not melt in a warm room, where the full-year lives.

Even in Soviet Russia, the new year beginscelebrate in a big way - all facilities for employees and their children spend Christmas trees and blue lights. And while year after year celebrations scenario remained practically unchanged, as was to be necessarily approved by the Ministry of Culture, Soviet citizens were happy as elkam and Santa Claus.

Christmas characters - Snow Maiden


Granddaughter of Grandfather Frost, a real Russian beauty withoblique to the waist in a beautiful coat and a pink blush on the cheeks. That it helps to distribute gifts and entertain children at the children's New Year's holidays. But why only we have the Snow Maiden, which among other things is a symbol of purity, youth and love.

Snow Maiden and bullfinches in Russia named as the birds withpink breasts, which, without fear of frost, stayed with us for the whole winter, and snow figures. Idol snowman began to sculpt in late January, and many tales emphasized that sometimes these idols came to life in the form of a beautiful girl, so childless old people also tried to blind myself snow granddaughter in hopes of a miracle. This girl was the daughter of the snow Spring and Frost, but always leave their old, turning into a babbling brook, and her smile and blush gives wildflowers.

In the legends of other people say you cangive birth to a baby girl, Snow Maiden, swallowing snow or just looking at him. But now it is the companion of Maiden Santa Claus, which every New Year delights us with his arrival on the holiday. Many women choose this suit in a New Year's outfit, allowing them to be in the center of New Year's celebrations.

Santa Claus

With Santa a little easier, because it is known,that the name of this character is associated with St. Nicholas (a corruption of the Dutch Sinterklaas). This character is widespread in the US states and appears in the New Year's Eve in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. His costume is like a suit of our New Year's grandfather, a caftan and the beard a little shorter. But he come not from folk tales and superstitions, and of poetry Clarke Moore and pictures of Thomas Knight, which, incidentally, makes the character less fabulous.

And the other characters

Slightly less common gnomes and Travellersactors that whistling Christmas carols, traveling from city to city, handing out gifts to residents and bringing the New Year. For example, in Sweden to children comes a kind grandfather Yulotmtennen with dwarf Yulnissarom. And in Finland, brings gifts Iolupukki man in a green jacket and a red cap, which accompany the dwarves and the donkey, and the donkey is giving presents to each child.

And in Italy for Christmas gifts good answersfairy Befana, which on this occasion uses broom to catch the New Year night for each child. But the characters always good, welcome and loved, so it does not matter who will present the bundle in a brilliant paper, the main thing that no child is left in a New Year's Eve without a gift.

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