" "Mother-Heroine: rewards and benefits to large women in the USSR and in our time

Mother-Heroine: rewards and benefits to large women in the USSR and in our time

the heroine's mother


  • Order History
  • Awards and incentives for modern mothers with many children

"Heroine Mother" - it is an honorary title thatassigned to mothers of large families; also known as the Order and that the women were awarded the USSR. And the establishment of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Council of the Order and the title was July 8, 1944. As the "Regulations on the title of" Mother Heroine "," it is assigned to, and is accompanied by the awarding of the Order called the mothers who gave birth and brought up ten or more children. At the same time the youngest child should at this point have reached the age of one year, and all other children of the woman must be alive. Simultaneously with the order of "Heroine Mother" came the order "Maternal Glory" and "Medal of motherhood."

When assigning women the title "Heroine Mother"It takes into account the presence of children who have been adopted by it in a lawful manner, as well as those of her children who died or disappeared in the line of military duty under the rule of law and protection of socialist property, in the rescue of human life. We take into account those children of women who died as a result of an occupational disease or a work injury.

Order History

The highest degree of distinction for Soviet women wereestablished in order to celebrate the merits of mothers in the birth and - most importantly! - In the upbringing of children. By the way, there was a very interesting coincidence: the day of establishment of the Order (July 8, 1944) came in the Orthodox Family Day.

This award for the mothers introduced for the first timeRussian history. It is symbolic that this title began to be awarded during the Great Patriotic War, which took away the lives of millions of our compatriots. Most of the men who were killed or maimed on the front were very young or middle-aged. The population of the country during the war and after it dropped significantly. Therefore, established the status of the mother-heroine and handing women a new self-titled award "Heroine Mother" have emphasized how desperately at that time the country was in need of a new generation of young people.

The first assignment of this honorary title DecreePresidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was made October 27, 1944. Total was awarded the title "Heroine Mother" fourteen women, and Order №1 with the Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR №1 was handed inhabitant Russian Aleksakhina Savelevna Anna, who lives in the village Mamontovka in the Moscow region and brought up twelve children. Assignments she was given the award in the Kremlin at the beginning of November 1944.

Eight sons Anna Savelevna Aleksakhinafought at the front, four of them died. Who assigned her award stored in the collections of the Numismatic Department of the State Historical Museum. Forty years ago, the Order of "Mother Heroine» №1 transferred to a museum Anne Savelevna children. The youngest son Aleksakhina - Evgeni - alive today, he 79 years old, and he still lives in a Moscow Mamontovka. This is the only child of the first mother-heroine who survives to this day.

In Soviet times there were otherawards for mothers of large families. Women were awarded the medal "Parent valor", the Order "Maternal Glory" of three degrees - depending on how many children a woman gave birth and nourished.

Last time in the history of the USSR awarding the title"Heroine Mother" was November 14, 1991 by the decree of the President of the Soviet Union. And all for the Soviet times was awarded the Order of the approximately 431,000 women who have more than ten children. After the collapse of the Soviet Union many children women were awarded the Order of Friendship, or they are given a Medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland".

mother of the heroine of many children

Awards and incentives for modern mothers with many children

And how in modern Russia is the case withRecognition of large women? In the first days after taking over the post of President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev established the order of "Parental Glory", which is awarded to parents of large families. January 13, 2009 held its first awards, and received an award from the President of Russia the head of the seven large families.

What distinguishes the new award from the former Order"Heroine Mother"? What is now necessary to raise children, to receive the Order of "Parental Glory", and whether large families rely, living in Russia, some benefits and payment of benefits? Now the order is given to both parents or adoptive parents, bringing up four children more. In addition, the Russian government decision was made that the parents with four or more children will receive a certificate of honor and a reward in the amount of fifty thousand rubles (at a time).

Each of the parents of seven children and morewill receive also a sign of the Order, and its miniature version, which can be worn on ceremonial occasions. Badge of the Order appears as a blue cross with the arms positioned in the middle of Russia on a red background. For moms design option provided in the form of a bow of silk ribbon, and an option for dads - in the form of a pentagonal pad.

Of course, the award, which was established in 1944,He gave the mother-heroine of certain benefits. The main privilege was to obtain individual apartments and the payment of benefits to the good children. Now in Russia there is no such thing. However, in some regions of the country to large families provide benefits for utilities, the queue is isolated in the kindergarten, and even offered to parents or children trips to resorts.

Now considered a bill thatIt provides benefits for large families. This payment of benefits - a living wage to those who were awarded medals of the third degree, and at least for the seven-time mothers-heroines - and the benefits of children for admission to higher education, and reducing the municipal charge. In addition, the law stipulates the provision of large families of vans, the provision of land, assistance in obtaining loans to purchase housing.

This large family of any of the exemptions is only entitled to if the youngest child is already one year old, and their parents and each of the children are citizens of Russia.

Elizabeth Sidorovna Zetina, mother of many children,brought up five children and has received an award from the state even during the Soviet Union, he said in an interview that all families with children would react positively to such a law. It is essential that the education of children - no matter how much they may be - it is perceived by society as a labor of both parents - a joyful, inspiring and sometimes difficult. The emergence of the family of each new baby - a great happiness, and motherhood - a perfectly natural state for every woman. And it would like to see the joy of the birth and upbringing of children is not overshadowed by domestic problems.

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