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Chemical cleaning of the face

Chemical facial cleansing


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When the skin looks dull, and enlarged pores are clogged, and the usual cosmetics is already unable to cope, the aid will come effective for salon treatments and, above all, this facial cleansing.

Chemical cleaning of the face today,It is the most popular way to make skin radiant, pure and youthful. All matter is effective, but, nevertheless, sparing influence on the skin. By the way, celebrities also appreciated this type of cleaning appreciated. Angelina Jolie and Penelope Cruz boast their flawless skin thanks to this procedure.

What is the chemical cleaning, as itIt is held and how it works for our beauty? If expressed in the language of professionals, dry cleaning facial or chemical peel - a cosmetic procedure that is flaking different layers of the skin to certain acids.

Under the influence of acids, the epidermis startscollapse on the spot very quickly damaged skin, new cells, which are distributed on the surface of the skin more evenly. Other acids act on different layers of the skin. Based on this, there are three types of dry cleaning person. Let us examine each in more detail.

Surface cleaning

Superficial peels - the most gentle of all types of cleaning person. It affects only the upper stratum corneum, i.e. it removed only dead cells.

This type of cleaning is indicated for problem skin, forskin with post-acne, anti-aging. It is also carrying out this type of cleaning stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen. Since this is the mildest form of cleaning, it can be assigned a doctor dermakosmetologom from 14 years and up to a ripe old age.

For surface cleaning usesoft acid: lactic, almond, glycolic, pyruvic. Depending on your skin type and the existing problems, the cosmetician will pick up the acid solution and in the concentration that would be ideally suited to your skin.

For example, for dry skin, which is also proneto the formation of black spots, suitable cleaning based on lactic acid 30%. This acid removes dirt from the smallest pores and at the same time almost does not injure the skin.

Oily and problematic skin better cleanse peelingglycolic acid. It has unpairing effect. Under the influence of glycolic acid, the pores open and the grease and dirt are removed even from the deepest pores. In addition, glycolic cleaning and suitable for sensitive skin, it is true, in this case, a beautician is using the weak acid solution.

The recovery period after the surfaceface cleaning is minimal - just 1-2 days. At this time, beauticians advise to use a sunscreen, as there is the risk of hyperpigmentation.

pleasant person cleaning chemical

Dry cleaning median exposure

The acid cleaning process affect the whole layer of the epidermis.

For the middle of cleaning the face, the following acid solutions:

  • salicylic 30%
  • trichloroacetic from 15% to 35%
  • retinoic 5%
  • Dzhesnera solution which comprises 14% of salicylic acid, resorcinol, and 14% lactic acid 14%.

Median dry cleaning person indicated for hyperpigmentation, deep wrinkles, scars.

It is best suited rough or greasyproblem skin. Especially beneficial effect on her condition salicylic cleaning, because salicylic acid has a drying and anti-inflammatory action. However, if your skin is very strong inflammation, beauticians advise abandon altogether median peeling.

Since the procedure of such peels enoughpainful recovery period will take about two weeks. The skin may peel off strongly, be red. At this time, it is better not to go out into the bright sun, use protective creams with high the SPF, as well as sensitive products for face care.

Deep facial cleaning chemical

The name itself suggests the penetration of acidsthe deepest layers of the skin. For deep cleansing of phenol is used, but not in pure form, and formulated with other components such as oil, distilled water, glycerin and others.

Phenol peels used for deep wrinkles, age-related hyperpigmentation, scars and burns, including post-acne. It works best in smaller skin areas.

Phenol peels - a very painful form ofChemical cleaning, which leads to irreversible damage to the skin structure. Skin simply stops producing melanin, ie sunbathing. So after cleaning the face Phenolic have literally all my life to protect themselves from the sun cream with a high SPF. And that is why deep cleaning is conducted only within the hospital by an experienced doctor, and only under anesthesia. According to the complexity is even likened to surgery.

In the procedure, and there is plenty of contraindication. To the doctor has given consent to the phenolic cleaning, you must have a healthy heart, liver and kidneys. For those bodies of phenol - a real poison! In addition, there may be hyperpigmentation of the skin.

The rehabilitation period lasts from two to sixmonths. Immediately after cleaning the doctor prohibits wash and even brush your teeth, because phenol may enter into an active relationship with the water. And only two months later allowed to use powder for the face. During that time heals all crusts on the face (phenol peels, in fact - third-degree burns), the redness disappears, and the skin becomes just like a baby.

Before deciding on this very painfulprocedure, weigh the pros and cons: you have to take time off from active life, going to work and make up. But the effect of phenolic cleaning person holds as many as 10 years!


All kinds of cleaning there is a commonContraindications. This, above all, pregnancy, lactation, cancer, presence of moles on his face, open wounds, inflammation and acute herpes.

chemical cleaning person at home

Chemical peels at home

Chemical cleaning of the face can be done at home.

Today, many cosmetic companiesproduce special kits for surface chemical peeling. In this case, it is important to know what percentage of acids in a particular formulation, as higher than necessary content of acid in the medium is fraught with burns.

When applying means avoid the delicate area around the eyes, and be sure to use after peeling and a soothing mask tightens pores.

Means for the cleaning person in the home, you can cook and himself.

But be careful! If you have sensitive skin, there are skin diseases, numerous moles, or you have a very thin skin, peeling of such should be abandoned.

  1. Take hydrogen peroxide (3% solution), brushtheir skin. This will soften it and reveal the pores. After it is necessary to steam the face about 7 minutes of broth with sage and chamomile. Take a teaspoon of fine salt and soda, dip into the mix soapy cotton ball and clean the skin with circular motions, paying special attention to the nose wings and congregate comedones. During this procedure, you may feel a slight tingling. After cleaning rinse composition decoction of herbs, tightens pores (linden blossom, chamomile, thyme). Be sure to put on a skin nourishing cream that matches your skin type.
  2. Another version of a chemical peel for oilyskin. Wipe the face with a solution of two percent salicylic acid, several times by changing cotton pads. Then clean cotton pad to heat and cover with fine salt. A circular motion to clean the skin of this disc. Such peeling effectively removes grease and cleans the pores.

Before any cleaning, including the chemical, it is imperative to consult a dermatologist, who will tell how to do it, and what components will benefit your skin.

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