" "The biggest mouth in the world famous beauty with huge lips

The biggest mouth in the world famous beauty with huge lips

the largest in the world lip


  • The biggest mouth in the world of the girl from the North Russian capital
  • Several stellar examples of lip augmentation

Not every of the most famous girls canboasts the same beautiful and plump lips from nature as his wife pet all the girls Brad Pitt - Angelina Jolie. Today we present to you the information on stellar girls from Russia and other countries of the world, who have decided on surgery using the "beauty shots". And also tell about the girl, which is often called "Miss the biggest mouth in the world", and her name is Kristina Rei.

The biggest mouth in the world of the girl from the North Russian capital

The young girl from Russia the most enormous lipsworldwide! Of course, it all started with the desire to carry out this procedure due to the fact that it seemed to her old lips too thin. But even now, when Christina has done more than one hundred injection (in fact need periodic adjustment), it plans to continue its increase.

The desire to change came from her as a child,later turned into a relentless pursuit to fix his appearance. The school girl is constantly called names and made fun of the shape of her mouth, so that Christina has decided to become similar to his ideal - Jessica Rabbit, a character from the cartoon; and it puhlogubaya busty redhead beauty with a languid, insolent stare. So far, the absolute similarity is not observed, but the girl from Russia stubbornly committed to this.

On the biggest lips Christina Ray spentmore than six thousand dollars (the cost of each injection, about two thousand). Experiment with parents paid appearance. She comments: "They put up with it because I'm their only and favorite daughter."

Christina from Russia thinks that looksfantastic, and it makes her happy. Many people, even in casual encounters on the street, say nasty things in her direction, but she does not pay attention to it.

"I want more out of life extreme, for example,It looks like my favorite character from the cartoon, and therefore want to have the biggest mouth in the world. I will most likely dependent on this idea, but I'm just happy. It gives me confidence and takes away a lot of different systems. Friends say they do not need them anymore to increase, because they do not know a single person with such huge lips, not only in Russia but also in the world, but I'm still unhappy with the result, "- says Christina Rey.

largest lip

Several stellar examples of lip augmentation

Modern commitment to continuousimprovement psychologists call a form of psychological abnormalities that are associated with low self-esteem since childhood. In addition, US scientists have proved that it is the girls who resort to plastic surgeons often end their life by suicide absurd.

  • Lindsay Lohan - a famous young actress and singer

The constant hype and scandalscharming Lindsay does not care about her, but she tries to keep track of their appearance. Change her hair color was not enough, and now it has got a new lip shape. The fact that Lindsey had never ashamed to tweak their appearance at the Surgery, it is no secret. Previously, it has increased the breast, but this time the girl is clearly overdone, because, like her lips look awful, and it added a few extra years.

  • Oxana Fedorova - the famous fashion model and TV presenter from Russia

Apparently, Oksana was not enough titles of "Miss Russia"In 2001 and "Miss Universe" in 2002. There is no limit to perfection, she thought, and signed up to the plastic hirurgu.Odna known cosmetic companies offered her cooperation. It is possible that this was the cause for a little fix his appearance.

  • Nicole Kidman, actress

Crossing the threshold of the fortieth anniversary, the owneraward "Golden Globe" has decided to little to improve their already excellent appearance with the "beauty shots" .Ranee it has resorted to the services of plastic surgeons, but the result turned out horrible. Then the upper lip Nicole became much more lower. Apparently so she decided to rectify the situation, before complaining to friends on their appearance. Most recently, she has made "a beauty prick" that was visible, but the actress in any case does not admit it, saying to all the reporters that her remarkable appearance is the result of proper care.

  • Yulia Volkova, a singer from Russia

Deciding to make a tattoo eyebrows, group member"Tatu" went to her beautician, but left the room already with new lips. "Beauty Stab" was a bonus? Julia herself says that her appearance is always arranged, she just loves various experiments. "I'm not going to look for something that suits me, for one reason or another; I just tired of hair - I will go and do another. So, always and everywhere, I have a temper. I like the one today, tomorrow I love another, "- commented his lip augmentation Yulia Volkova.

  • Masha Malinovskaya, a famous Russian model, television presenter and actress

Maria herself has repeatedly confessed to the audience thatadjust the shape of the nose and chest. But why did she still claims that her lips did not do anything? Most recently, she has an ideal form of mouth, posting personal photos on social networks. She has not commented on its transformation, but many have learned that it is only adjusted the lips with the help of fillers based on hyaluronic acid. For such a procedure does not require any plastic surgeon, let alone surgery. In just a few minutes beautician makes a shot, and the shape is adjusted independently.

  • Megan Fox, actress and model

To become a rival Angelina Jolie, MeganIt was not enough to get a tattoo on the body, increase hair and rhinoplasty. Several years ago, the actress visited the plastic surgery clinic, where she did the same mouthwatering lips like Dzholi.Pomimo, she corrected the shape of the nose, making it more refined and noble, as well as increased chest. Perhaps that is why she is now so in demand?

  • Victoria Lopyreva, model, TV presenter

Victoria in any does not want to admit thatsuch plump lips is given her not by nature, but by a plastic surgeon. But we can see the difference with you in the photo with an interval of a few years! The well-known socialite in the present and "Miss Russia 2003" in the past is not so much wants only to receive compliments and admire her appearance.

  • Jessica Simpson, singer, actress

After her divorce from her husband Nick Lasha, JessicaHe became depressed and gained extra weight, and to somehow pampered, decided to augment the lips. But Jessica did not like the result, because it made her a laughingstock. That is why it is not just adjust their shape.

  • Elizabeth Hurley, actress, model, producer, fashion designer

In his youth, the "Austin Powers" star were thinlips, which recently acquired a sensual form. But how many stars Elizabeth Hurley denies ever enjoyed "injections of beauty". When Liz smiles, then she has a fold on the upper lip, which is another proof of surgery. At the same time the actress all also continues to oppose the dangerous plastics.

The main thing you remember - if you dare for examplefavorite stars, make a "injection of Beauty", do not skimp on this. Choosing a beauty salon or clinic principle "go there, where it is cheaper," - it is impossible in any case. But it is not always "expensive" means "high quality". Only you can help an experienced surgeon, the positive reviews about it, but not advertising.

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