" "Facial cleansing in the cabin

Facial cleansing in the cabin

cleaning person in the cabin


  • What is the proper care
  • What kinds of cleaning salons offer today

Good, well-groomed face, radiant with youth andhealthy skin - every woman's dream. And even if nature has not endowed you have good skin, this dream is real. When the achievements and possibilities of modern cosmetology look like a million dollars can be any girl. The main thing - to build the right program for skin care, use high-quality cosmetics and from time to time to visit the beauty salon.

The last requirement is mandatory for those whohave skin problems - rashes, inflammation, and other not so pleasant events that poison the lives of the order. In such situations, home care is not enough, so you need assistance of a qualified specialist. Actually, this is what we want to talk.

What is the proper care

Any skin care begins with propercleansing. Most rasprekrasnye and expensive creams do not help if they are applied to poorly cleansed face and neck. During the day a person is exposed to the most severe tests: dust, wind, cold winter and high temperatures in the summer - it's a real stress for our skin.

And what are the differences of temperatures - from frost weget into a warm room with central heating, dry air which is not just bad, it is damaging to the health of our skin. Accordingly, our main task - to help her as much as possible.

How best to clean the skin at home? First of all, choose the most suitable for your skin type means for purification. It can be foams, gels, creams and other cosmetics - Today in our market the widest range of such products.

After washing, be sure to use lotionsor tonics. With their help, you will bring your skin to the desired tone and free from residues of detergent. The next step - applying the appropriate cream (nourishing, moisturizing, etc.).

All the above applies to a so-calleddaily care. From time to time our face needs a more radical procedures. Skin cells die and regenerate, and to these two processes flowed without any complications, it is necessary to conduct sessions of peeling, cleansing in a modern beauty salon, which has everything you need for effective care:

  • trained staff
  • modern equipment
  • highly professional cosmetics

The lucky owners of such healthy skinprocedures required are not so often, but the ladies of the problems have become permanent clients of a beauty salon. Well, how often will your visits, did you talk to your beautician - care program involves an individual approach.

Proper cleaning person in the cabin

What kinds of cleaning salons offer today

Modern Beauty Salon has in itsavailable not only high-quality professional cosmetics, but also a lot of "smart" devices, by which the effectiveness of any procedure increases significantly.

In particular, you can clean the face and the old, manually (by the way, sometimes without this "grandfather" method simply can not do), and using a variety of devices.

manual cleaning

This is the same manual cleaning, which we have alreadyWe mentioned above. It is indispensable for those who have oily problem skin with acne and comedones. Inflammatory processes, which are often the faithful companions of acne, deliver a lot of discomfort.

Regular cleaning and competent allowssignificantly improve the appearance of a skin, improve it. Especially since it is always accompanied by additional caring procedures: the application of special masks, holding electroprocedures etc.

Manual cleaning is carried out as follows.

  1. Cleansing the skin using high-performance tools
  2. Toning
  3. Steaming using a vaporizer, which are added to herbal teas
  4. Extruding and acne comedones manually using sterile wipes
  5. Face Processing antiseptic lotion or liquid nitrogen, as shown electrophoresis
  6. Soothing mask, which reduces inflammation and tightens pores
  7. Drawing of a protective cream

I must say that manual cleaning eventpainful and traumatic. Moreover, we must be prepared for the fact that during the first days after the procedure your face will not look very attractive. However, it's worth it - the skin starts breathing, rashes are, in short, for a couple of weeks on contaminated pores and skin rashes can be forgotten.

Vacuum cleaning

Before using this method are carried outthe same procedure as before manual cleaning: a person has to be cleaned, and steam protonizirovat. But in its effect vacuum device like a vacuum cleaner - only instead of dust, he draws in acne and blackheads.

Vacuum cleaning is absolutely painless and does nottraumatic, but it does not always produce a perfect result. The fact that in deep "occurrence" comedones vacuum device can not pull them to the surface. In such cases, beauticians have to resort to additional and even manual cleaning.

At the end of the procedure is required to be applied soothing mask, after which the client can go about their business - a person who looks perfectly normal.

Vacuum cleaning also has a lifting and massaging action, promotes renewal of the epidermis, and is very effective manipulation of age-related changes at the beginning.

Ultrasonic cleaning

As you know, the ultrasound cleans all - a person notan exception. This pleasant and very effective treatment for all skin types except very problematic. In addition to cleansing ultrasound gives a very good anti-aging effect. In the process there is a deep pore cleansing, removes dead skin particles, improves blood circulation and lymph flow to work actively removing accumulated toxins and wastes. The face looks younger and radiant.

This procedure is ideal for people withthin sensitive skin, for those who have symptoms of rosacea. They absolutely contraindicated steam, and during the ultrasonic cleaning will not be done.

The method is very popular, but there are some contraindications. Experts believe that it is not appropriate to hypertensive patients and those who are new growths.

Laser cleaning

Today, laser equipment differentthe destination is available in all major centers of beauty and health. Small salons currently can not afford such a pleasure, because the equipment is too expensive and the payback will have to wait a very long time.

Laser power over a lot. And, of course, he is very good to work with problem skin. With many years of acne (especially if you do not provide timely aid) remain on the face scars and bluish spots. The laser beam removes the unsightly effects of the disease, removing the top layer of dead skin cells.

Additionally, after the procedure takes placeactivation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin - it is due to these proteins the skin looks toned, supple. In other words, the laser cleaning person in the cabin provides an additional effect - the skin is rejuvenated, as all regeneration processes are accelerated. And an additional advantage in favor of such a cleansing is the fact that the result obtained from the procedure lasts for a long time.

Deep cleaning method dezinkrustatsii

dezinkrustatsii method (this electroprocedures) is very indicated for oily skin with enlarged pores, acne and a large number of comedones.

The principle is that by usingdetermining the chemical composition (which is mainly salicylate-sodium solution, bicarbonate or sodium chloride) and DC electric current from the pores literally washed away all the sediments that accumulated there: the dirt, sebum, blackheads.

The method gives a good effect, but it has the same contraindications as all electric procedures.

Do no harm…

Look good wishes to every woman. Competent care - a sure way to stay young. It is very important to follow certain rules. Take note of a few tips. We hope they will be useful.

  1. It is important to find your beautician, youYou can unconditionally trust your precious face. The main requirement for such a man - high level of professionalism and competence. In other words, your beautician should be well guided in modern methods of treatment of the skin, to be able to develop a customized program of skin care.
  2. Shop must have the necessary modern equipment used in high-quality professional cosmetics and strictly comply with the necessary hygiene requirements.
  3. If you have a health problem before you decide on active treatments using equipment, examination and go talk to your doctor.

Home Doctor commandment - do no harm. By cosmetologist is also true. Take care of your face properly, and you save the beauty for years to come.

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