" "Tattooing eyebrows: Implications

Eyebrow Tattoo: Implications

tattooing eyebrows consequences


  • Tattoo eyebrows: the procedure to
  • The list of contraindications
  • How not to turn tattooing eyebrows in a personal problem?

All women want to be beautiful. They buy stylish clothes are written on the cut, hours walk in high heels with a smile on his face deadpan. But the main weapon - is, of course, cosmetics. Remember how in "office romances"? Every morning started with the production of that employee are taken to be painted. But that was before. Today's leaders are unlikely to tolerate such behavior. I came to work? Kindly carry out their duties and not to rummage in the beautician during working hours. And the women became more serious about his work. They go on refresher courses, linger in the evenings. In short - make a career.

Sometimes in a race does not have time for careful daily make-up. More women are colored with the car when standing at traffic lights. It's like a joke:

  • I was standing at a traffic light, look: a man shaving in the next car. I was so surprised that a little ink in the cup of coffee is not dropped!

Laugh laugh, but this tendency is becomingmore relevant in metropolitan areas. And if with lipstick at the problems of women does not occur, then it turns out evenly to make up eyebrows not all, because you need to not just make the eyebrows symmetrical, but also not to miss the color and push a pencil. Knowing this, many business women refuse to make, relying on naturalness. And save some tattoo eyebrows.

Incidentally, this is - the most fashionable procedure 21century. It is understandable. Who of us does not want eternal beauty? You sleep? Dyed. Just woke up? Still looking good. This method saves even housewives who are accustomed to indulge her husband in the morning is not only a hot breakfast, but svezhenakrashennym face. I spend a couple of hours in the beautician's office, and every morning you can sleep for an hour longer. Beauty!

But there are so safe tattooing eyebrows, asThis is indicated in beauty salons? And what unpleasant consequences may be at risk due to a poor woman of the procedure? Usually crowded cosmetologists photo picture of happy women with newer faces. But there are also examples of which carefully silent. So what needs to be finished before you cross the threshold of a beauty salon? Let's look at this in more detail?

Eyebrow tattoo

Tattoo eyebrows: the procedure to

In order to evaluate all possible consequencesyou need to first of all understand what a tattoo eyebrows. The procedure is called a long and convoluted: "mikropigmentirovanie". Simply put, the cosmetician drives ink into the skin with a special needle. The principle is the same as that of getting your tattoos, but instead of fat guys and "Chanson" as an accompaniment - obliging woman with medical education, and the noise of the surf in the recorder (by the way, in many music stores can be ordered).

Furthermore, advantages of - organicallergenic dyes and a wide palette of colors. Among the shortcomings - painful procedure and the probability of failure of matching color. The fact that the tubes in the paint looks a little different. Plus triggered the human factor, and the beautician may misunderstand the customer phrase "me something darker." I must admit that at this undesired end and begin continuous benefits. But, as we promised to help you not to be trapped, write a list of prerequisites that must be done to tattoo eyebrows it was successful and did not bring any unpleasant surprises.

The list of contraindications

In any procedure has its contraindications. Tattoo eyebrows - is no exception. Therefore, permanent make-up can not be done if you have:

  • diabetes;
  • HIV;
  • epilepsy;
  • Insulin dependency;
  • colloidal scars;
  • papillomavirus;
  • oncology;
  • a bleeding disorder.

Needless to add, that the failure to comply with these conditionsSafety is, if not life, at least health? Therefore, if you find yourself in the above list, but still want to do permanent makeup eyebrows, consult your doctor to advise them of cosmetologist disease. And even better - buy a good eyebrow pencil, and continue to direct makeup in the car.

The following list is not so categorical. And do permanent makeup eyebrows with these diseases is possible, albeit with caution:

  • pregnancy or breast-feeding;
  • herpes;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • hypertonic disease;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • inflammation of the skin.

beautiful tattoo eyebrows

How not to turn tattooing eyebrows in a personal problem?

First of all, we want to say that everything is fixable. And if such a coveted permanent makeup eyebrows turned you out of an attractive woman in Marfushenku-darling of the fairy tale "Jack Frost", remember: any pigment can be derived. The truth is it will take a couple of procedures. By the way, if the color is a bit darker than you planned, do not panic. In the first week rather difficult to evaluate the eyebrows tattooing as formed on the body so-called crust. So please be patient. In the meantime, learn to care for her new eyebrows so that they become the pride of the next few years, and not just another cause for concern. Now, remember, after the tattooing of eyebrows is not recommended:

  • to drink alcoholic beverages;
  • eat spicy food, drinking hot tea or coffee;
  • go to the bath, sauna or solarium;
  • drink antibiotics and aspirin;
  • remove the crust formed.

The last paragraph should stay moredetail, since this fact does not spoil one eyebrow tattooing. Thousands of patients impatiently tore formed crust and let beautician work down the drain. And the worst thing is that the woman did not recognize his mistake and came to complain to a beauty salon. And it's sad because a few precautions could save and tattooing eyebrows, and a good relationship with a beautician. But you are planning to undergo permanent makeup procedure for the first time? Then memorize a few commandments tattoo:

  1. Grease the cake formed with Vaseline or "Eton" 3 times a day (easiest to do this with the help of cotton swabs);
  2. Wash only boiled water;
  3. Exclude hit detergents eyebrows;
  4. In no case do not apply cosmetics in place tattooing eyebrows to complete their healing (and then you do not need).
  5. Do not touch the crust, even if you thinkThey began to move away from the skin. One wrong move and you fall through the crust together with the pigment, and the beautician will have to be applied to the portion of the paint eyebrows again. It is necessary to you?

By the way, about the re-tattoo eyebrows oras it is called in the cabin, the correction. Many patients are surprised, why re-execution, if their eyebrows so they look great. Especially there is a lot of controversy in the offices of the beauticians who take money for the correction. Meanwhile, permanent make-up experts are absolutely right. And even if you think that the tattoo looks flawless eyebrows, pigment may well go straight, and after a couple of months in this area of ​​skin there gap. Beautician at repeated inspection sees all tattoo inaccuracies and correct them for the correction.

But the most important rule that you should take into accountbefore making permanent makeup eyebrows - is the selection of a competent professional. Do not chase the cheapness of the procedure, as permanent make-up has to do exclusively graduate. Do not be afraid to seem prudish and ask for a certificate of teaching the art of tattooing (many salons beauticians all hang their diplomas on the wall). And best of all - talk to customers master, look at the results of the work live. And then your tattoo eyebrows would be the best, and make shorter daily for a few minutes. By the way, if you do not want to paint, you can make a tattoo eyelids and lips. There is no limit to perfection.

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