" "Tone Cream for oily skin - how to choose?

Tone Cream for oily skin - how to choose?

foundation cream for oily skin


  • What should be the foundation?
  • The best creams for oily skin

If you are the owner of oily skin, then you do not know firsthand what a shine, enlarged pores, acne and earthy shade the face.

Camouflage the "beauty" unable to work. Almost immediately after the application of foundation, it begins to flow from the face, and the second application makes a face like a mask. In addition, the creams can further aggravate the condition of oily skin (clog pores and increase shine). It is not to use decorative cosmetics - not an option. The most optimal - it is to choose the most appropriate structure and texture foundation, which is specifically designed for oily skin.

What should be the foundation?

To understand what should be the best foundation for oily skin, it is important to know what features must fulfill your foundation.

  1. He should be well aligned complexion, make the skin matte and mask its shortcomings.
  2. Tone cream in any case should not clog pores.
  3. It must contain antimicrobial components, including substances absorbing excess sebum.
  4. Tone Cream to be resistant, but have a light and weightless texture.
  5. High-quality tone for oily skin must be composed of SPF-filters, moisturizing ingredients, and if you have mature skin, also have a lifting effect.

To foundation met all the stated requirements, it is necessary to pay attention to its structure and texture.

Note composition. The packaging means must be the following marks: «oil free» (does not contain oils), «noncamedogenic» (nekamedogenny), «will not clog pores» (does not clog pores).

Why is it important to tonecream, intended especially for oily skin, had a composition of oils? The fact that the oil and clog the pores of skin ceases to breathe. Of course, not all oils are contraindicated for oily skin. Relatively neutral considered mineral oil (mineral oil) and sunflower oil (sunflower oil).

Furthermore, foundation cream should not containcomponents such as lanolin (lanolin), and isopropyl myristate (isopropyl myristate), as they possess kamedogennymi properties. And if your skin is not only fat, but also of concern (acne, acne and other inflammation), in addition to the substances mentioned above, avoid as part of foundation also bismuth oxychloride (bismuth oxychloride), micronized particles (micronized), as well as flavorings, artificial colorants, preservatives, alcohol, which not only block the pores, but also aggravate the inflammation.

But the minerals in the composition of foundation - thethe best option. titania (titanium dioxide), zinc oxide (zinc oxide), powdered amethyst (amethyst powder) and other minerals does not clog pores, does not cause the formation of acne, as well as make the skin matte. In addition, certain minerals such as zinc oxide, are protected against solar radiation (SPF about 15 units).

Included in the foundation vegetableextracts and extracts care for the skin and make it beautiful. The most effective for oily skin is an extract of licorice root, nettles, quince. Not only do they nourish and protect the skin from free radicals, but also effectively tightening the enlarged pores and regulate sebum.

With regard to the consistency of foundation, thefor oily skin best suited creams liquid based on water, and preferably a gel. This foundation will provide easy application and perfectly hide all skin imperfections (acne, enlarged pores, fine lines). If we talk about water-based tonal resources, the experts agree that even it can clog pores. Furthermore, foundation water-based two-three hours after the application is mixed with sebum and dust particles on the skin and may darken. As a result, your face will look like a mask.

Texture Tone funds for oily skin is no less important. For this indicator, you need to choose the following creams:

  1. Matting (matte) - a foundation will provide sustained coverage without greasy.
  2. Velvet (velvety) - gives the skin a soft, glowing haze.

Of course, the choice of foundation - a verytime-consuming process. Not just can not find a tool that would fit you perfectly in all respects. To avoid a long search by trial and error, we offer you the ten best tonal creams for oily skin.

tone cream for oily skin

The best creams for oily skin

1. Tone cream for oily and problem skin with masking properties ACNECOVER MAKE-UP WITH CORRECTOR Dermacol

Tone Cream is specially designed for oilyskin prone to acne. It has a light texture, nevertheless, perfectly conceals redness and pimples. The composition with tea tree oil and a patented component Zincidone help to eliminate gaps and prevent further inflammation. In addition, the foundation perfectly moisturizes the skin. On the tube has a removable sponzhik, which is very convenient to mask imperfections.

2. Tone Cream IDEAL MATTE & COVER Victoria Shu

Tone Cream is specially designed for oilyskin. Provides resistant matte finish throughout the day, in addition it moisture-proof. Tone Cream perfectly hides minor defects of the skin, evens tone and makes the skin radiant and fresh. Due to light texture fluid means is applied to the skin evenly and easily. Vitamin E, a part of the cream nourishes the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Tonal basis Dream Matte Mousse Maybelline New York

The high-tech formula is based on siliconefills the irregularities of the skin, it hides imperfections and perfectly mattes. Mousse texture provides easy application without a mask effect, and a special set of ingredients moisturizes the skin and makes it perfect.

4. Tone Cream 123 Perfect BOURJOIS

Tonal foundation perfectly hides imperfectionsand irregularities of the skin, thanks to the innovative combination of three micronized pigments: yellow, purple and green. The first color gives the skin a radiant and rested appearance, purple pigment conceals dull sallow skin tone, and green skin tone and conceals redness. The effect lasts up to 16 hours without mask effect. In addition, the foundation has a light and melting texture that is not flowing and does not leave stains.

5. Tone Cream FACEFINITY 3 1 Max Factor

This is the first foundation that unitesonce a base for make-up, concealer and foundation tone itself directly with SPF 20. The base covers the skin with a thin layer, and persistent, and prepares the skin for the application of colors. Proof as part of the means to instantly removes shine and mask flaws and tonal basis creates a perfect matte finish for the day and also protects against the sun's harmful rays, thanks to SPF-20 filter units.

6. A stable foundation is the basis of Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation MAC

Tonal basis of capacity will hold for15 hours in any weather. It has a light creamy texture, and even in the heat and high humidity the foundation will prevent a greasy shine. Moreover, excellent protection from sunlight (SPF 10). The result - flawless and glowing skin. The palette consists of 16 shades of foundation.

7. Tone Cream for oily skin Stay-True Makeup Oil-Free Formula Clinique

Easy low-fat cream foundation providestransparent matte finish without the effect of the mask on the face. The skin looks fresh and clean, saved estesstvenno skin tone without greasy. The only negative foundation - only 4 shades in the palette.

8. Tone Cream Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup Clinique

This foundation has the texture of cream powder,which falls easily on the skin and thus has high resistance, it is effective for 6 hours. Effective and at the same time very gentle formula foundation specifically designed for oily skin. The active ingredients in a cream reduces excessive sebum production, restores balance of the skin and prevent the emergence of new inflammation. In addition, the foundation has a refreshing and cooling properties, so it is perfect and sensitive skin. Tinting pigments reliably camouflage large pores, acne and dark spots. Reviews claim that this is the best foundation for oily skin!

9. matting foundation Truly Matte Foundation SPF15 Clarins

This lightweight foundation does not contain fat andoils, so is perfect for oily skin. Due to the liquid texture, the cream falls on the skin evenly, and aligns its surface matiruet.Vhodyaschie of the vegetable ingredients care for the skin of the face: chestnut extracts and nettle eliminate the greasy, intensely moisturize the skin and tightens pores and make them nezametnymi.Krome order , foundation cream effectively protects the skin from the sun's rays, free radicals, as well as air pollution (smog, smoke, etc.).

10. Tone cream Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup SPF 15

This cream - a revolution among the tonal resources foroily skin. Tone Cream is absolutely not the usual composition. It has no water and dust, but there are five types of oils. The unique properties of the oils are volatile and very nekamedogenny. In addition, skin care oil, prevent the appearance of fine lines and protects against free radicals. Many women believe that it was he - the best.

The innovative structure of the tone-fluid cream (60% Oil and 11% coloring pigment) creates a weightless matte finish. In addition, coloring "smart pigments" adjusted to the individual skin tone and merges with it. Skin looks natural and perfect. For daytime make-up quite a few drops of the means to shade the face. Incidentally, even if a thick layer of cream applied, it will not mask the effect and create a dense coating. To date, this is probably the best foundation for oily skin.

Before make-up, clean skin. This can be washing with a mild detergent or applying to the skin a gentle cleansing milk. Then wipe the skin tonic and apply to the skin daily moisturizer that will fill all the irregularities of the skin and prepare it for the application of foundation.

Apply tone on the face can be a finger, anddamp sponge or brush for foundation. In any case, the substrate must be guided by certain rules, to help tone will form an even layer.

Any foundation is necessary to apply a dot: a little cream on the forehead, chin, cheeks and nose. Then shade the tone from the center to the periphery. Especially carefully shaded foundation at the hairline, do not forget to apply a little cream on the neck and ears, to the border with the natural skin tone was noticeable.

The final touch is slightly sprinkle your face with thermal water. This will make the makeup more resistant, and the skin will give a fresh and radiant look!

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