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Make-up for blondes

makeup for blondes


  • Casual makeup for blondes eye color
  • Evening make-up for blondes

The variety of tools for makeup and facial makeupsometimes leads to confusion. Therefore, tacitly accepted rule - share makeup styles for women color their hair. Makeup for brunettes, blondes and red-haired brown-haired women - each type will be different. It is for the color of hair, eyes and skin are also different tsvetotip women's appearance as a woman, spring, female autumn female summer-winter and a woman, by analogy with the seasons. Blondes are usually a type of "Spring" or "Summer", with a predominance of warm or cold colors in the exterior. Today, cosmetic concerns let the whole makeup palette for a particular type of appearance - blondes or brunettes, blue or brown eyes, white or chocolate skin.

According to some recognized makeup artists,owners of blond hair you can use any make-up delights, various styles and colors. Blondes can try on any of the images and styles, from retro to the latest trends. Nature has endowed blondes blond hair and skin, blue, green or gray eyes, delicate features. If you are not naturally a natural blonde, the contrast of dark eyes and red lips with white hair will look even more interesting. Makeup blonde may differ in eye color or hair - from a cold to a warm platinum wheat.

beautiful makeup for blondes

Casual makeup for blondes eye color

Blond hair is attached to a certain pallorthe whole image, so it is advisable to highlight some facial features most clearly. For blondes makeup should make emphasis on the eyes. Depending on their color is necessary to select the color of shadows, eyeliner, mascara and other means to make up. Daytime makeup for blondes is to do with light and natural colors, no bright and flashy colors. Let's try to classify the most suitable and beautiful makeup for blondes on eye color.

Makeup for blue eyes

That blue eyes found in naturalBlondes often. Blue eyes and blonde hair - the most harmonious and classic combination of looks. The make-up blonde with blue eyes would be appropriate, such colors as blue, blue, gray, purple.

  • shadow

Owners of cornflower eyes shade of light blue suit, silvery-gray, lilac and other similar colors.

  • Eyeliner and Pencil

They can be combined with shades of color, but be much more intense brightness - dark and bright blue, purple, graphite.

  • Mascara

It should be noted that the black inkcontraindicated blondes in the day make-up. It can be used except for the intense evening make-up. For blue eyes is best to use dark or bright blue or dark gray ink.

  • Powder and blush

Powder is necessary to choose depending on the colorskin - ivory or darker bodily. For light skin should use a pink blush cool shade, and for more tanned - warm peach.

  • Lipstick

Blue-eyed blonde with fair skinuniquely suited lipstick (or gloss) pink shades. It can be very light or more intense color. For more tanned skin is better to use natural lipstick peach color in tone blush.

Makeup for gray eyes

Gray eyes blondes are not uncommon. This is a unique eye color that can change its color depending on the clothes you are wearing or the color of shadows and shades of makeup. Gray eyes and can look bluish and greenish. The palette of colors for gray eyes, the same approach as for the blue. Choosing the color of shadows should bear in mind what color clothing you are wearing.

  • shadow

smoky shadows of gray shades suitable for gray eyes, blue, silver, but you can also use the green, brown and beige tones.

  • Eyeliner and Pencil

You must match the color with used shadows - graphite, dark gray, blue, or dark brown.

  • Mascara

Mascara should choose a dark gray or dark brown, so eye makeup will look more restrained and careful.

  • Powder and blush

Powder gray-eyed blondes should choose slightly pinkish or yellowish, excessive shading to pale skin. Blush pink or peach suit.

  • Lipstick

Lipstick or lip gloss at the gray-eyed blondes should be pinkish, light peach or coral shades. It can be applied to the transparent lip gloss.

Makeup for green eyes

Blonde with green eyes - femme fatale! This type is found in nature is quite rare, so the approach to make-up blonde-zelenoglazki need competent. Most green-eyed blonde will suit the natural warm colors - beige, brown, gray-brown, golden, green. But the cold tones, if you have a bright green eyes should be avoided.

  • shadow

Most advantageous to accentuate green eyesbrown and beige shade. They allocate eye color and make it brighter. Even the gray color is recommended to take a brownish tinge. You can also use gold and green shadows.

  • Eyeliner and Pencil

Eyeliner pencil and green eyes good to use dark brown or graphite gray. When using green shadows can take the dark green or emerald.

  • Mascara

Mascara green-eyed blondes, uniquely, should be brown or dark brown. This will make it look warm and soft. For evening make-up and you can use the color green ink.

  • Powder and blush

Powder should be used warm colors - peach, yellow-corporeal. Blush can also be peach, terracotta shade.

  • Lipstick

Lipstick or gloss is better to choose a light peach or golden beige shade. Cool pink color you will not do.

Makeup for brown eyes

Brown-eyed blondes are quite common,and not only in the nature. In fact, many women who have the nature of dark color of eyes and hair, still prefer blondes repainted in. Brown-eyed blondes, particularly with very dark eyes, fit warm colors in make-up, but can be used and cool shades of shadows.

  • shadow

Colors Eyeshadow brown-eyed blondes may include: brown and beige, gold and bronze, gray and blue shades.

  • Eyeliner and Pencil

Eyeliner pencil and should be in harmony with the colors of shadows, it can be beige and brown colors, as well as graphite.

  • Mascara

If you have dark eyes, you can useblack mascara, however, if the eyes more bright colors, walnut or golden, the better to use brown mascara that will make softer look.

  • Powder and blush

For fair skin will look goodpeach blush and Bodywork powder. And if your skin is somewhat dark, emphasize cheekbones and cheeks blush more saturated terracotta or brown hue, use a bronze powder.

  • Lipstick

Lipstick can be pink or peach, with darker tanned skin - coral or orange.

Eye makeup for blondes

Evening make-up for blondes

A perfect evening make-up for blondes - moreintense and bright, unlike everyday, but not vulgar and flashy. The right makeup for blondes, as mentioned above, involves the allocation of the eyes on the face. This is even more pertinent in a celebratory evening makeup. You can also highlight and lips, but it should still put emphasis on one thing.

Skin on the face

Tonal foundation for the face should ideallycombined with the natural color of the skin. It is better to use the corrector or concealer to camouflage skin imperfections visible as the bright artificial light, they will be very visible. Powder should be used matting, carefully put it in the T-zone - on the forehead, nose and chin. But on the cheekbones and cheeks well put a few swabs of bronze or gold powder, in this case, the skin will look radiant. Blush can impose more intense than usual, use the ones that will be in harmony with the color of shadows and lipsticks.

eye Makeup

Evening Eye makeup for blondes shouldinclude shades of shadows that will blend in with the color of his eyes. However, in contrast to the daily make-up, you can use brighter shades of shadows. Eyeliner, mascara and pencil, you can use black. For eye makeup will be appropriate fashion «smokey eyes» - smoky make-up, made gray or brown shades. Also worth trying retro arrows painted black liquid eyeliner along the upper eyelid. In this case, the shadow can not apply, or to use a light shade or pearly solid.

lip Makeup

For the lips with make-up blonde on an evening outYou can use more intense shades of lipsticks. For example, it is worth trying a trendy this season, coral color. The correct tone, with a bias to pink or orange, come to a different eye color. If used in make-up blonde retro style, painted in front of the arrow, the lips can be identified on the face brighter.

To do this, use the scarlet, red or maroonlipstick, it can be cold or warm shades. The most pertinent makeup blondes pink color can also be much more vivid than the usual make-up. In the event of a bright lipstick, should use the outline with a pencil, which will provide a lip color fastness.

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