" "Thin lips: how to paint them properly?

Thin lips: how to paint them properly?

thin lips


  • Some traits owners thin lips
  • How to paint thin lips
  • Tattoo lip and gel injection - choose carefully

There is a belief (or luck, as you wish), thatowner's thin lips - it is malicious, envious and scandalous women. But it may not be a whole nation are equally evil and bad? But some people of the north all have thin lips - this is such a feature. On the contrary, the representatives of many southern people especially plump lips. Does this mean that in these countries there is no crime at all and evil? Hardly….

Meanwhile physiognomists argue thatowner's thin lips - is holding eloquence, vivid sharp mind and scrupulous people. By the way, in a relationship with a man this woman may seem cold and unapproachable, but in fact subsequently will be delicate and vulnerable nature, fun and outdoor adventure.

Some traits owners thin lips

If a woman has thin lips clearly delineated, theyindicate crystal honesty and decency lady, by the way, quite a rare quality in today's world. But his thin lips with a small mouth suggests that such women are the most shy and peaceful, kind, easy to respond to a call for help. You agree that these qualities characterize the owners thin lips with a good hand. And physiognomists argue that in addition to the width of the lip on the nature of the impact and the position of corners of the mouth - a little downcast, then the lady dissatisfied with something and capricious, but if you are raised up, the more cheerful person would be hard to find.

But in addition to these statements, there are negative characteristics:

  • The lips are thin and lower protruding - a selfish and resentful people, it may even be vindictive;
  • Very thin lips - a brutal and unscrupulous nature, which can deliver at any time;
  • Lips with soft corners - this lady just loves gossip, and indeed different "sharp tongue";
  • Lips as if impressed - there is a tendency to envy, and can be the worst of its manifestations, and hypocrisy.

But the only truly close human learning,You can judge his character and nature. So do not make hasty and possibly incorrect conclusions. It is better to take a look at these people more carefully, perhaps all the prejudices "are not worth a damn."

thin lips

How to paint thin lips

If you are the owner of thin lips, it is notdiscouraged and did not even pay attention to all sorts of stupid prejudices! After all, how many famous actors and politicians, entertainers and singers such lips "bathe" in admiration and compliments! And note - you can not immediately notice this flaw in their appearance - it is clear that they have worked over the stylists and makeup artists, but you can learn by yourself transformed and correct deficiencies.

Do not grieve, the right makeup for thintransform their lips, and you are sure will feel confident in any situation. In order to understand how to paint thin lips, you need to know certain rules and always try to follow them:

  • Lipstick should be very light andpearl, and matte dark tones give a friend or discard altogether - they only visually even reduce your lips. It is preferable to choose pastels or slightly pink.
  • If you love juicy and deep color, lipstickshould be glossy or special additives - will be written on the package that it is visually enhances the lips. Lipstick, made in matt or two-tone version, categorically does not fit!
  • Pick the correct planimetric pencil - darkIt makes lips even thinner, better to choose the tone, close to the color of the lips. Incidentally, the pencil must be the same color as lipstick, well, or even in the same color.
  • If the contour line is too marrythe natural border of the lips, such a make-up may seem clownish make-up - the optimum gap between the two lines should be no more than two millimeters. And lipstick, too, should not exceed the loop, whatever it may be - natural or caused by pencil.
  • Lipstick necessarily applied after pencil blend, especially in the middle of the lips - where it should be quite noticeable.
  • Method stylists: the contour is drawn with white pencil on the edge, and then apply a lighter shade lipstick, preferably with glitter.
  • If you do not like lip gloss, thenUse the following advice: first, apply lipstick, and already it drops put glitter - whatever shade it does not need a lot of brightness will not be, but the desired effect will this technique.

thin lips

Tattoo lip and gel injection - choose carefully

Many women opt for correctionpermanent tattoo of the lips - a very practical solution. Firstly, a specialist will put a clear outline, and secondly, lipstick may not be used - only a light sheen, and thirdly, it is not necessary to be a daily "draw" lips throughout the day constantly glancing in the mirror and correct makeup. And yet, it's a harmless procedure, if we exclude the allergic reactions. There is another procedure - gel injections to increase the lips, who spend many clinics and even beauty salons. Then something advise seriously, the decision should be individualized and be carefully balanced.

One wish: carefully review the clinic and practicing physicians before using their services, pass the necessary examination and only fully confirmed in his decision, go to the procedure. And then, do not forget to take care of lips - to remove the remnants of make-up every night, and balm chapstick should be in every ladies purse, avoid chapping and cracking of the lips. Also, do not use someone else's lipstick - you can get a nasty "gift" - herpes, which not only brings pain, but also spoil the whole look.

Every woman should examine her face,determine with any shortcomings worth to war and get down to business - to learn make-up rules to comply with the subtleties of lip care, and then you will always look like a king!

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