" »How to apply blush (in pictures), to get the perfect makeover?

How to apply blush (in pictures), to get the perfect makeover?

how to apply blush in pictures

Before you apply blush, it is important to determinethe purpose of their use, because it affects a lot. Blush can emphasize the shape of the face, darken or highlight cheekbones, "soften" the cheekbones, which sharply delineated.

Since blush allow you to adjust the shape offace and improve the skin color, the process of their application should be divided into 2 stages. The first stage - underlining the face contour. You must first determine the shape of the face, it is important for best results. For example, if the cheekbones, sharply delineated, then they should be a little tint to darken and visually reduced. In the second stage with the help of blush can revive and refresh the complexion of the skin, make-up more expressive. If the color of the nature of a good, it is not necessary to put a lot of blush, otherwise the result will be a person downright rosy glow.

Let us consider how to use blush can adjust the shape of the face.

Apply the blush according to face shape

If girls are interested in how to applyrouge on the triangular face, a photo can always tell it. If a person has a triangular or heart-shaped, it is necessary to begin to apply blush from the middle of the face and to move towards the ears. This will mitigate the widest part of the face.

What if the face is round? Apply blush to the need of the lower face, gradually moving up. It is important to shade blusher toward the temples, the color in this case must be very intense bottom cheeks.

How to apply blush to girls whosquare face? Be sure to start with a lower face, moving up. Shade blusher should be towards the temples. It is important that they did not go over the line, which will draw a downwardly from the eye pupils. If the oval face, the paint should be applied in the middle of the face. It is important to make sure that they are parallel to the line of the eye. At the end they have to be carefully shaded.

How to apply blush - in pictures:

how to apply blush
how to apply blush on the triangular face photo

Adjust the shape of the cheeks

How to use blush can adjust the shapecheeks? The first thing to bear in mind that brightening blush - a beige, cream. By obscuring accepted to all other colors. It is important to remember that in order to mitigate the cheeks blush should be applied along the cheekbones. To underscore the obscuring the color is applied in a semicircle under the cheekbone.

So, to soften the cheekbones, which sharply delineated, you must:

  1. Apply blush blackout (cold or neutral color) on the cheekbones. After that, you will notice that they have less to perform.
  2. It is necessary to take a brush and paint a good shade. This will avoid abrupt transitions. Makeup made in this way, it will look more natural.

How should emphasize cheekbones? If blush necessary in order to make the face more extended form, follow these steps:

  1. Blush cause darkening of color under the cheekbones. To do this, use a dome-shaped brush.
  2. Brightening Blush should be applied to the cheekbones. For this fit the brush to be a little more.
  3. Use a clean brush border good shade of blush. As a result, abrupt changes will not be noticeable, and the layers of blush will flow smoothly into each other.

The next step - is the addition of color. Once the shape of the face could adjust, you need to apply a little blush cheeks. The best option - it is a light pink color, because it is considered natural. It is important to make it seem that the skin a natural glow, as if someone cheeks pinched; obviously "cash" pink color will not look beautiful.

How to choose a blush girls who have a warmskin tone? Without a doubt, you should choose a natural blush of pink color, because this skin is often red, for example, due to unrest. Therefore, it should not be applied on the cheeks bright orange blush, skin complexion will be too bright. Optimal choice - a blush of warm colors, since they make it possible to achieve the perfect color.

What to consider when applying blush?

As you know, the girls are often applied rougenormal "band", while trying to make it straight. In addition, it can be applied from the top down. This is wrong, because it will not work in this case to achieve the perfect makeup! To emphasize the cheekbones apply blush very important line, which should be slightly rounded. They should be applied along or below the bottom of the cheekbone.

In order to understand the principles of make-up, it should besee the photos, which show how can emphasize or soften the look of the cheekbones. It is best to follow the natural curvature of the lines, because it will achieve the desired effect, but it is very important to choose the right color blush. Do not apply them in a straight line, and they do not have to end with too low, otherwise the person may seem very "hard".

In order to make a beautiful makeup, it does not matteronly perfectly match the color and properly apply blush, but also enhance the beauty of the eyes with the help of shadows and mascara, as well as highlight the beautiful lips. It is necessary to work hard to make up in the end looked beautiful and harmonious!

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