" "How to choose a red lipstick in the picture to emphasize your irresistible?

How to choose a red lipstick in the picture to emphasize your irresistible?

how to choose a red lipstick in the photo

Striking a woman if she considers himself such,just can not imagine myself without makeup, which can not do without lipstick. Expressive eyes, beautiful lips - every woman has something special, something unique, that it is necessary to emphasize correctly selected ink, shadows, lipstick. If we talk about mascara and eyeliner, then use them the main thing - do not overdo it in the number and pick up a good company, manufacturer of high-quality product.

But with lipstick, as well as the shadows, where this is the casedifficult, because each type of appearance fits a certain color. It is necessary to take into account the quality of the product, composition, shelf life, so as not to dry up, and do not wear out before the lips of time. How to choose a lipstick that would not only emphasized the dignity of appearance, but also to preserve youthfulness and attractiveness of the lips - this problem is solved by a generation of women.

Classic red

Many believe that the lipstick is to benecessarily red. This color attracts attention, but it is only in the event that properly selected shade of lipstick and used on the occasion and in the right place. It is sad, but the traditional red lipstick often makes flashy makeup, and sometimes vulgar. But this does not mean that we should completely abandon the red lipstick and do not use it in the make-up.

If we turn to the thousand-year history of lipstick, thenyou can see that it is a red lipstick enjoyed a close female attention. A few millennia ago, ancient Egyptian beauties summed lip coloring means red. Only in this way it was possible to highlight its beauty and status in society. Over time, fashion lipstick red color changed. In the Middle Ages in Europe it is preferred not to use because of a woman with red lips too attracted the attention of the opposite sex, and women at the time should be modest.

Red again became popular in the XVI centuryFrance. Fashionistas at the royal court applied a large amount of powder, which makes the face absolutely white, and definitely added to the make-up of bright red lipstick (while it was similar in consistency to a thick cream). Subsequently, at the beginning of the XIX century, red lipstick was considered bad form and used only actresses, dancers, etc. Only at the beginning of the XX century with the advent of silent movies again, there is a need in lipstick bright colors, which would emphasize the beauty of the fatal beauties on the screen. Since then, the red lipstick firmly established in the arsenal of true fashionistas.

how to choose a red lipstick

Tips stylist

How to choose a red lipstick, can only sayprofessional, so it will not be able to do without the help of a stylist. These experts when choosing lipstick colors draw attention, first of all, to hair color, lip thickness and skin type.

Here are some of the most important criteria by which you can choose the right type of person to your lipstick:

  • Brunettes with dark eyes fit red cool colors;
  • Light-eyed brunettes suitable red lipstick warm tones;
  • Women with brown hair fit lipstick pink and brown tones;
  • Dark-eyed blondes suitable red lipstick shades cold;
  • Blonde with blue eyes is best to opt for a warm red colors;
  • For dark hair and light skin is ideal purple or burgundy color;
  • Women with dark skin is better to prefer a coral color.

In addition to the color of lipstick, it is necessary to take care of herand as a way of drawing. We should not forget to thoroughly clean the lips to moisturize them after removing makeup. Before you apply lipstick, you have to moisten lip balm. To enhance the color of lipstick on the lips apply a little tonal resources. To emphasize the lip line, use the circuit. It must be a little shade to contour line is not too eye-catching. To create a more saturated colors put two coats of lipstick. To get the additional volume, lip gloss can be covered.

Choice of lipstick in advertisements and catalogs

It is now possible to choose a lipstick, not onlyin a shop, but also in the catalog. When choosing a lipstick in the store you have to look at the expiration date, the firm view composition. The catalogs for promotional purposes is often presented as many spectacular photos that even women with extensive experience in selecting make-up may become confused. If a woman doubts, how to choose a red lipstick on a photo, it must first visit a stylist who will choose her perfect shade, as well as to consult with a specialist about which company is now considered to be the best, to ask about the quality, price.

In any salon client can readmagazines and catalogs, where the entire range of the currently existing manufacturing firms lipsticks. So check with your stylist what number the tone is right for you. Then you can safely order lipstick in the catalog on their own, no longer thinking about the question of how to choose the right lipstick.

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