" "Paint for eyebrows and eyelashes

Paint for eyebrows and eyelashes

Paint for eyebrows and eyelashes

Nature endows each individual womanexternal data. Some of us are born with a burning-black hair and eyebrows, and someone has natural blonde hair and a thin thread barely visible eyebrows. Owners of light-brown and red hair are often literally fused to his whole life with paint for eyebrows and eyelashes. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, because every woman wants to look attractive, without getting lost in the crowd, like a gray mouse.

Some people prefer to dye eyelashes and eyebrowsyourself at home, and some trusts this procedure professional staff salon or barber shop. In no case do not use hair dye to dye eyelashes with a view, because they are harmful to eyelashes and eyebrows up to the risk of loss. Around the eye skin is very delicate and vulnerable, so the paint should be of high quality, according to the choice-brow brush and solvent is approached with full responsibility for their own health. Usually, one tube of paint is enough for long term use.

In the shops you can find an abundance of shadesColors: black, dark blue, blue-black, brown, graphite, light brown, blue, etc. Optimally place to buy just two shades with a move to one semitone - separately for the eyebrows and eyelashes separately.

Selection of the source of eyebrows and eyelashes color

On the issue of how to paint eyelashes painted an importantrole original color. You are lucky enough if nature endowed you clear and bright eyelashes and eyebrows. But the problem is the choice of paint colors is very relevant for natural blondes and redheads beauties. Often, dark-haired woman, wanting to change the way, resorting to hair dye in a light tone. In this case, the paint for the eyebrows and eyelashes can become a loyal ally in the struggle for beauty.

Of course, it is recognized that, if desired, can bearm carcasses, pencils and connector, changing their color when needed. But this arsenal has a big disadvantage - the need for daily waste valuable time applying and removing cosmetics. In addition to all the constant manipulation of the eye damage the delicate skin of the eyelids. If you are caught outside the storm, you will not escape the mascara and smudged eyeliner. During summer trips and vacations are also inconvenient to always use cosmetics and much more optimal paint eyebrows and eyelashes resistant professional paint for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Eyebrows and eyelashes with age experiencing not the bestchanges. Changing their internal structure, they quickly burn out, turn gray and thinning. In such a case, it becomes very relevant question of how to paint paint eyelashes.

Almost any hairdresser you canfind a wizard that will make for you a professional selection of colors according to the color of hair, your image and the way it will also help to determine among a vast selection of the best paint for eyelashes and eyebrows. Beauty Salons are not only all the necessary tools for the staining procedure, but also an invaluable experience.

However, if you are confident in their abilities, thenyou may well paint eyelashes at home, especially since the procedure is essentially quite simple. Especially easy to paint eyebrows. But initially it is better to explore all the nuances of this process.

Choosing paint and equipment

Thus, the paint for the eyebrows and eyelashes - primary, begin their experience with paint selection. Differences in shades we have noted, so you should immediately determine what exactly the color you need.

Next nuance - it is necessary to determine thedesired paint structure - crumbly or pasty. If we talk about ease of use, the paint for eyelashes feedback is better, if it has a gel structure. In addition to the gel-dye mix easier, you are guaranteed to not make a mistake in proportions. Carefully review the composition of the chosen color. Of course, if you're not a chemist, it is unlikely that you will say something abstruse definition, but you can safely take the product if it contains castor oil and vitamins.

Typically, the paint has a different packing. You may choose a set on its discretion - either for a single or for multiple uses. And be sure to check the expiration date of the goods, never risk, otherwise you can get allergic to dye eyelashes. We have already talked about this, but just in case I repeat - never use hair dye to color the eyebrows at home, and even more lashes. Hair dye is much more severe and can cause serious damage to the structure of hairs of eyebrows and eyelashes, also in situations inappropriate application of paint there are chemical burns of the skin, especially around the eyes. Before most paint eyelashes and eyebrows, you must select a separate small packaging of the eyebrow (eg, brown) and separate packaging of mascara (brown eyebrows to better paint eyelashes in black). The most natural and standard version - classic: black eyelashes and brown eyebrows. But the choice of color - is an individual right of every woman.

The main rule exists as to how to properly painted eyebrows eyebrow shade should be 1-2 shades darker shade of hair, at the same time the eyelashes should be slightly darker eyebrows.

The kit comes with the paint often necessary for dyeing equipment. In any case, you should know that to work you will need:

  1. plastic, glass or ceramic container for mixing paint;
  2. cotton swab, stick with grooved end or clean mascara brush for applying the paint;
  3. latex gloves;
  4. any protective agent for skin: petrolatum, fatty cream, leaves of absorbent paper or cotton pads.

Remember that any eye diseaseincompatible with the paint for eyebrows and eyelashes! Before you apply paint, it is necessary to conduct a mandatory test on your skin's sensitivity to the chemical. For this is applied to the fold arms slight amount of a colorant to 15 minutes, then washed off paint. If you will not for a day allergic reactions have an effect, you can safely use paint to the destination.

Is it possible to damage the paint use?

Many women who want to resort to coloring eyelashes and eyebrows begin to doubt and worry, and is not harmful if dye eyelashes? I tell you frankly, it is not useful.

In cases of incorrect application of paint from time to timedermatitis occurs, can fall out eyelashes. However, we should recognize the fact that in the overwhelming number of cases, the paint has no effect on the skin. Harmful whether to paint paint eyelashes one can check only on itself, because the reaction of a single organism will always be individual. Modern cosmetology has kept pace with women's desire to be attractive, so a new generation of inks do not contain in its composition hazardous substances.

Before you paint paint eyelashestaking the standard security measures - on the skin around the eyes and eyebrows are applied a thick layer of fat cream, which serves as reliable protection against scalding. Only then commence immediate color.

dye eyelashes reviews

How to paint the eyebrows and eyelashes?

Having defined the paint, inventory and read the safety, you are bound to get up before the question of how to paint the eyebrows and eyelashes?

Remember that the paint is prepared before dye eyelashes and eyebrows. Initially, the mixture has a lighter shade, but in the subsequent application to the eyelashes and eyebrows, it starts to get dark.

Carefully read the instructionsmaking dye mixtures. Basically, all the colors have a standard procedure for the preparation. The pre-cooked small container squeezed from a tube 1-2 ml creamy paint, then add 5-10 drops of 10% hydrogen peroxide, which is included in the kit. If the package peroxide is missing, you can replace it gidroperita tablet, which should be dissolved in 1 tsp lukewarm boiled water. The paint should be thoroughly mixed an applicator to form a smooth creamy consistency.

How to paint the paint eyelashes? Before applying the paint is applied to the protective layer of cream under the eyes. Barrier cream should be applied so that it does not enter the eyelashes, otherwise they do not succumb to discoloration. Then, under the eyelashes need to enclose napkins. The paint is applied to the eyelashes thick layer, the eyelids squeeze as tightly as possible, and the head is tilted slightly forward so that the paint will not fall into the eye. If the penetration of paint could not be avoided, the eye should be rinsed thoroughly with water.

To properly paint eyelashes at home, paint on hairs stand 15 minutes. In contrast to eyelashes for coloring eyebrows enough 5-10 minutes.

First, paint the lashes, and after - the eyebrows,After the allotted time to wash the eyes and eyelashes from the paint with warm water. When washing in any case can not rub the eye. If the paint still gets on your skin, you must apply to this place rich cream, massage stained area and rinse their small "sins" of water.

If you learn how to paint eyelashesand his eyebrows, then you become the owner of luxury cilia, not reaching any comparison with colored ink. Paint is able to paint even those individual hairs, which are usually left out attention.

After the painted eyelashes and eyebrows,Try as much as possible how to use cleansers less: tonic, lotion, mask, soap, scrub, peeling, etc. by respect for the cilia will directly depend on the duration of the life of the paint on the eyelashes.

We told you, dear young lady, how toto dye eyelashes and eyebrows independently. Still, there is an opinion that in the cabin, this procedure is performed more accurately and efficiently than at home. Now we want to present you an overview of proven colors. However, a final decision - which dye eyelashes better - you'll have to yourself.

Natural dye eyelashes

For those women who are afraid to use chemicals, you can offer a choice of natural colors for the eyelashes and eyebrows.

The most popular today is thefirming cream paint for eyebrows and eyelashes based on henna - graphite, brown and black henna. Special applicator and creamy consistency of the paint allow you to conveniently and quickly paint over the eyelashes and eyebrows. We dye eyelashes positive feedback, because it gives a high quality and reliable results, marked by many women. Henna helps to effectively cope with the problem of lackluster eyelashes, eyebrows with paint at home henna is very simple. Standard packaging inks based on henna contains a tube of cream, which is enough for 10 applications for blade manufacture, and application of creamy and a bottle with a 3% activator. Natural dye eyelashes gives a result no worse than the professional paint - eyebrows and eyelashes are perfectly accentuated.

No less effective natural remedy - Juiceusma. Usma dyeing (aka arugula) is a herbaceous plant of the mustard family. In different countries usma has many names - fenugreek, Indus, fenugreek, eruka timber and salad, arugula, rocket salad, mushroom herb rugetta, rucola. It is believed that the most suitable for coloring fruit juice prepared from top leaves of the plant.

As most paint eyebrows and eyelashes usma? This amazing plant can be found on the eastern markets. Of course, you can grow at home and the most cherished grass on the windowsill, but for this usma that is able to paint expressive hair requires a bright southern sun. Plant with a window sill, unfortunately, will contain too little coloring pigment. It is better to try and find a real usma. Before most paint eyelashes and eyebrows, you will need to squeeze the juice from the green grass, which instantly darken before your eyes. Then, using the above-mentioned security methods, you can paint over the hairs by standard methods.

Popular paint

Today, in the sale is a huge range of paints of various firms. For you we have prepared an overview of the most popular and sought funds for coloring eyebrows and cilia.

  • Paint for eyebrows and eyelashes Igora Bonacrom

Many women are rightly considered that the best paint for eyelashes and eyebrows made proven on the world market cosmetics company Schwarzkopf.

Paint for eyelashes Igora Bonacrom managesto paint every hair in just 5-10 minutes, providing excellent results. How to paint eyelashes at home using paint Igora Bonacrom Schwarzkopf? Very simple! Components of ink are easy to dose, with an oxidizing agent and dye are mixed without problems. Igora palette offers shades of blue-black, brown and black colors.

Kit staining procedure is completedpaint, an oxidizing agent, convenient applicator and a bowl for mixing and coloring, as well as protective sheaths for the eyes and the instructions for use of the coloring composition. Paint for eyelashes Igora recommended to use in tandem with a protective cream Igora Skin Protection Cream.

  • Paint for eyelashes ESTEL

Paint for eyelashes Estel - a professional paint for eyelashes, presented on the market in four main colors: graphite, black, blue-black and brown.

The kit for eyebrows and eyelashes Estel Only Looksenters directly paint bowl and fluted wand for mixing and subsequent application of the composition. A distinctive feature of the eyelashes Estelle dye is that it has a neutral pH and contains not contain perfume oils. For this reason, an allergy to dye eyelashes Estel Only Looks excluded.

Judging by the statements on women's forums paintEyelash Estelle has positive reviews: shade after dyeing procedure keeps unchanged for 3-4 weeks, the paint is easy to use and gives a very beautiful shade hairs. A package Estel Only Looks enough for a year of regular use.

  • Paint for eyebrows and eyelashes RefectoCil

Some women on the question of which painteyelashes better answer without hesitation - paint RefectoCil. This is the world's leading brand in the world market Austrian company Gschwentner Haarkosmetik, which for more than 80 years engaged in the manufacture of innovative cosmetics at the highest level.

RefectoCil products considered professionalpaint for eyelashes and eyebrows, have proven their quality million customers in 50 countries around the world. However, production of the well-known brand is not only professional, but also for home use.

Hypoallergenic paint RefectoCil gives stablepainting, will make the look more expressive and profound. In addition, this paint allows to realize not only classical, but also extravagant customer requests because RefectoCil paint can be combined, boldly mixing with each other.

In addition to the company engaged in production of paintsaccessories and preparations for the care of eyelashes and eyebrows, prone to staining. Each drug is being developed in our own laboratory with the use of advanced scientific achievements. In the manufacture of the paint used RefectoCil high quality raw materials that meet the highest quality standards and obtained in-house Gschwentner Haarkosmetik

Strengthens lashes and eyebrows after staining

No matter how wonderful you did not use paintthe question of the possible dangers of the paint is always relevant. Eyelashes and eyebrows coloring subjected somehow get their micro-doses of chemicals that will eventually begin to weaken the delicate hairs. To prevent this from happening, painted eyebrows and eyelashes need to be strengthened and prevention of weakening and thinning.

Daily massage brush with warmoils (olive, castor, peach) supplemented with vitamins A, D, E and F promotes uniform growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Eyebrows are usually massaged in the direction from the nose to the temples, at first brush, and then average the fingers using light stroking movements.

For massage cilia on the index fingerapplied a drop of oil, tilted her head towards him and with the help of Blink moisten the ends of the upper eyelid lashes. Then eyelash comb brush in the direction from the base to the ends, first at the top, followed - on the lower eyelid. Brush after drinking washed with soap and water, thoroughly dried and stored wrapped in natural fabrics in the case.

In this article we have tried to elaborateyou how to paint eyebrows at home, what protective measures should be taken in the dyeing of eyelashes, dyeing preparations have proven better use of what supplies you need to get before you paint to paint the lashes, and how to care for the hair, which are subject to constant staining.

Using natural and professional paints can easily carry out their correction by the tone and brightness according to the shade of hair, creating a harmonious way.

We hope that with our advice you incredibly attractive and unique!

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