" "How to get rid of internal acne treatment and prevention

How to get rid of internal acne treatment and prevention

Internal causes of acne


  • Hormonal changes in the body
  • Medical causes of acne
  • The rest of the reasons that you need to know
  • Internal Acne Treatment
  • Prevention of internal acne

Internal pimples - it is smallinflamed bumps on the skin. Our skin is covered by the sebaceous glands that secrete oily secret necessary to protect and moisturize the skin. But when allocated a lot of fat secretion, sebaceous glands become clogged and inflamed, thus creating a favorable environment for bacteria. These spots are called subcutaneous boils.

Internal pimples really spoil the appearance of the face, and not only physical pain, but also cause a number of complexes. But do not be discouraged, because every situation there is a way.

And if you take care of your skin all the time, know how to properly take care of it, be prepared for prevention and treatment, then the internal acne is quite possible to cope.

To get rid of acne domestic firstit is necessary to find out the cause of their appearance, and then start the appropriate treatment. All causes can be divided into hormonal, medical and others.
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Hormonal changes in the body

The most common cause ofAcne is a hormonal spike, always accompanied by age-related changes of the body. These spots are called steroid hormones, and they appear in adolescence due to an increased level of androgens. But keep in mind, and genetic heredity hormonal. Therefore, one of the many causes of acne in adolescence is considered a hereditary factor.

Hormonal pimples appear in connection withviolation of the production of sex hormones. It is necessary to examine the body fully, if acne appeared after 30 years, as they are provoked, most likely, hormonal disorders. In women, acne occur after abortion, pregnancy, a week before the start of the menstrual cycle, and after the cessation of the use of contraceptive pills.

Depression and stress are closely related to hormones and contribute to the deterioration of the disease, and hormones are known to cause the appearance of various rashes and inflammation of the skin.

care for your skin every day

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Medical causes of acne

Connected with any internal disease of the body, due to which there are internal and pimples. These diseases include:

  • hyperkeratosis - occurs when a lack of vitamin A, long-term toxicity, skin pressure and friction. There is an increase in the upper layer of the skin. Hyperkeratosis may appear under the action of hormones.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - lead to violations of the intestinal microflora and decreased immunity. Wrong diet leads to excess sebum and acne.
  • Failure of lipid metabolism.
  • Violations of immunity.

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The rest of the reasons that you need to know

One of the main causes of acne is bad microflora of the human skin. Our skin is constantly exposed to various influences, and under certain conditions, the bacteria cause inflammation of the skin.

The cause of acne can be a cosmetic,containing sulfur, lanolin, red pigments D and the C, so when buying cosmetic products for problem skin should carefully study their constituent components.

Those whose professional activity is associated with toxic substances such as oil, dioxin, lubricating oil, may suffer from the appearance of the skin of various inflammations.

As strange as it sounds, but the appearance ofinternal acne causes frequent washing. If you wash more than twice a day, facial skin is dried, and thereby reduced its protective properties, resulting in inflammation and redness appear. But hands should always be clean, because the touch of dirty hands to face the inflammatory process is only getting worse.

You can not squeeze pimples yourself, from thisthey become even more so as the infection gets on clean skin and inflames them. Do not use a scrub if your skin has inflammation. To get rid of acne it is best to contact the experts.

For the rest of the reasons include the humid climate and the heat, so the summer of this problem appears in an even greater number of people.

Internal treatment of acne

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Internal Acne Treatment

After the examination, and to determine the causes ofAcne can begin and treatment. There are various methods of treatment aimed at getting rid of the problem. The most modern method of treatment is ozone therapy.

Internal pimples fear ordinary oxygen. The mechanism of action of ozone therapy is very simple, and the result is like any patient. Ozone actively resists germs, relieves swelling, redness of the skin and pain, restores the body's production of collagen and elastin. And most importantly, after this procedure, the skin does not leave any spots or scars, maturing domestic pimple occurs in just a few hours.

Treatment with Elos-technology is theeffective and painless metodom.Ono is exposed to intense pulses of blue light in the subcutaneous inflammation. As a result of the impact of skin cells are updated, fade scars, red marks, seals, narrow enlarged pores. After this cosmetic procedure, there is no sensation of dryness, irritation, flaking skin.

If for any reason there is no possibilityaddress to the doctor for treatment, you can use folk remedies to get rid of internal acne. But at the first opportunity should still consult a doctor.
The following procedures should be used in the home:

  • on the inflamed area regularly apply compresses of saline infusions every two days to 5 minutes;
  • bath with sea salt;
  • internal pimple cauterize iodine;
  • wipe affected skin with anti-inflammatory masks and lotions made from natural ingredients, prepared with his own hands;
  • using herbal lotions.

Such procedures at home to help improve the condition of the skin, get rid of the swelling and redness, making acne less noticeable.
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Prevention of internal acne

To avoid internal acne, should be the prevention of their occurrence. It is necessary to monitor their skin constantly cleaned, moisturize it. It is not necessary to open the boil yourself as possible the spread of infection and exacerbation of disease.

It is necessary to revise your diet and eliminate out of it, smoked, and fatty foods, sweet, salty and spicy.

The skin must be a sufficient amount of oxygen, therefore it is necessary every day walks in the fresh air.

If, after the appearance of internal acne immediatelyconsult a doctor and undergo their assigned examination and treatment at their disposal, as well as to monitor their skin problems, observe the preventive measures, the problem of internal acne will pass quickly and the skin becomes clean and healthy.

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