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Feysbilding exercise

feysbilding exercise

Everyone knows how to make a beautiful, tonedbody. We need special exercises, what has been said and written a lot. But is it possible to "build" a person? Of course you can! After we build the body by training the muscles through sport, and that person can also be constructed with the help of special exercises, a set of which is called feysbildingom, maybe you've heard of him. Facial muscles, as well as the body's muscles, with age and lose tone decreases in volume, resulting in deterioration of the oval face, the appearance of bags under the eyes, wrinkles. Since facial muscles is closely connected with the skin, the skin repeats each muscle movements. With feysbildinga facial muscles can be trained, so can be easily achieved improved facial contours and the disappearance of wrinkles and facial skin becomes smooth and elastic.

Feysbilding translated to English means "construction of the person." In other words, feysbilding - eternal youth of the skin.

Feysbilding exercises strengthen the muscles of the face,so that the force of gravity acts on them less negative, excess body fat burn and the skin begins to more densely and evenly encircle the face muscles. In just a few months of regular exercise feysbildingom face younger for 5-15 years.

Feysbilding face after only a week provides the first visible results - improved skin color. And for visible results to improve facial muscles need at least two months of training.

A distinctive feature of feysbilding-exercises is that they can do on their own at any time when taking a bath, clean, cook, or watch TV.

Feysbilding exercises for the face consists of threedozens of exercises. Each exercise should be performed 3 times 15 minutes in the morning and the same evening. For better effect, before exercise should be easy to do a facial massage. It is not necessary to perform all the exercises at once, they can be divided into morning and evening. Most importantly, feysbilding set of exercises requires regularity, that is to miss classes in any case impossible. Anyway, the reason for the start of classes feysbildingom very much. Firstly, it's very funny - do the exercises in front of a mirror and a few minutes of laughter are guaranteed, because of some of the exercises are obtained such funny faces! Second, in spite of the gaiety of the process, the result of feysbildinga very serious. Third, Sports feysbildingom not need sports equipment and some special training.

History of feysbildinga

Home Development feysbildinga put plasticsurgeon from Germany Reinhold Benz. He was familiar with a famous dancer, a talent which was immensely impressed. Naturally, as a dancer, she had trained young gorgeous body. But the person has filed fingerprints of different experiences and hard work, it was very tired. A woman was forty years. Benz was immensely surprised when he learned of her age - either the body or the face of this age she was not given. The body says that the dancer much younger, and his face - much older. Why there was such an imbalance? The answer is simple: a dancer exercise regularly, the muscles of the body has always been in good shape, it could not be said about the face muscles. But to exercise the facial muscles and the time and physical efforts need less because they are much weaker than the muscles of the body. All this prompted Benz at the beginning of the development of special exercises for the face.

In place of the German surgeon in developmentfeysbildinga was our compatriot, Elena P. Ivanova, which brought the technique to its logical conclusion. Elena as coach feysbildingu of this method gives the most optimistic reviews. She currently is a leading expert in the wellness-school practical image "Vanessa".

At what age to start training?

With the skin begins to age over time. The first signs of aging can be seen after 25 years. By the age of 30 "fatigue" of the skin becomes more noticeable, and for 40 years on the face wrinkles - wrinkles around the mouth, on the forehead, around the eyes, sagging cheeks, and there are additional chins. This state of affairs is due to the deterioration of blood flow to the muscles of the face and to preserve the elasticity of the muscles of facial movements become normal enough. Therefore feysbilding exercises for the face is recommended for all who are older than 25 years.

As we have said, is essentially afeysbilding exercises for the face. And to this gymnastics was more effective to use a high quality expensive cosmetics, because good cosmetics to accelerate positive results from feysbildinga.

Not for nothing they say that class feysbildingom -bestow eternal youth face. This is true. From regular classes feysbildingom restored tone facial muscles, they increase in volume, and improves blood circulation in the subcutaneous layers. As a result, the skin is tightened, the complexion improves on increased muscle fade unwanted body fat and wrinkles disappear. Just using feysbilding of bags under the eyes, you can gradually get rid of.

You can also get rid feysbildingom of bags under the eyes? During the exercises in the skin to produce collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin elasticity and firmness.
Feysbilding set of exercises is contraindicatedpeople with disorders of the facial nerve during periods of hypertensive crisis, and in cases of severe hypertension. Also, there should be no exercise after plastic surgery facial for two years.

Feysbilding exercise

All exercises can be divided into feysbildingeseveral categories - in the zones of the face. That is, exercise improves each category, respectively, the state of the corresponding zone of the face. Thus, the zone "Feysbilding: nasolabial folds" removes the corresponding disadvantages, and "Feysbilding cheek" complex can improve the condition of the cheeks. So, let's look at all currently existing exercises.

Feysbilding forehead:

  1. From vertical wrinkles on the forehead must be 3middle fingers pressed together and place them on either side of the vertical wrinkles. Unnamed fingers should be placed at the bottom, before the start of the eyebrows. Then follows the fingers pull the skin, spreading his hands apart. Do not release the skin, keep it taut manner and at the same time try to move her eyebrows and keep them in this position a few seconds.
  2. To get rid of the horizontal wrinklesindex fingers should be put above the eyebrows, repeating their shape. Then he should raise his eyebrows in surprise, while putting these movements finger resistance.
  3. To combat wrinkles between the eyebrows should move his eyebrows tightly. And in order not to crease formed between his eyebrows, eyebrows should be slightly pressed middle fingers.
  4. Horizontal facial wrinkles on the forehead. Fighting with them should be like this: the tips of three fingers should be placed as close to the hairline. Moreover, the fingers should be located as uniformly as possible across the line of growth. Thumbs up, in turn, must be at the end of the eyebrow above the temples and gently stretch the eyebrows. Using your fingertips, that the hairline, you need to tighten up the skin of the forehead, to the extent possible, and then stay in this position. The muscles of the forehead skin seek to move in the opposite direction.
    feysbilding eternal youth of the skin

Feysbilding for the lower eyelids and upper eyelids:

  1. Eyes must be open. This situation should raise the lower eyelids upwards, the skin around the eyes at the same time should be a little to rise up as if you have to look at the sun.
  2. Upper eyelids should pick up as much as possible, and the eyes should be kept open. There must be a visible white eye over his iris.
  3. Unnamed fingers must be imposed on the outer edges of the eye sockets, then you need to close your eyes. Fingers should move to the center, which should not be discouraged.
    feysbilding reviews
  4. Thumbs up in clenched hands should be set aside and put fingertips to the outer corners of the eyes, and then lightly press and look up.
  5. Pointing fingers should be uniformlypositioned throughout the area above the eyebrows, and then gently push and a little push to the side. Eyebrows should be fixed in this position and open his eyes, after which you need to press your fingers on the eyebrows and keep in this position a few seconds.
  6. Place the ring fingers under the cilialower eyelids, middle fingers to put on the eyebrows, elbows dissolve in hand and look up, eyes wide. At the same time you should feel that the lower portion of the eyeball is pressed against the fingers. The head must be horizontal and your eyes should not be extended too far.
    feysbilding face

Feysbilding: nose

  1. Expand nostrils, wrinkling her nose at the same time, and so that no wrinkles, you need to put your middle and index fingers on the inner corners of the eye to the corner of his lips.
  2. Middle fingers should be placed on the nose tobridge zone, and the tips of the fingers - in contact with each other. From this position, you need to slowly pull the skin down and hold for a few seconds in this position.
    feysbilding nasolabial folds

Feysbilding cheek:

  1. Pointing fingers impose on nososchechnuyu fold so that they are perpendicular with the line of the mouth, lips and stretch.
  2. The tips of the middle fingers should be slightly pressed to the corners of the mouth, then it is necessary to impact the lips.
  3. For this exercise, you need to lower the lower lip so that the lower teeth became visible, and the corners of the mouth should be raised.
    feysbilding of bags under the eyes

Feysbilding lip and neck:

  1. It is necessary to strain the neck muscles while lowering the lower lip. If the exercise is done correctly, the neck muscles will be clearly visible.
  2. Lift the chin to the lower lip, so if you're offended.
  3. Stretch the language of the upper palate. Repeat several times.
    feysbilding for the lower eyelids

Feysbilding for the neck, chin and jaw:

  1. His tongue hanging out and try to reach out to the chin as far as possible.
  2. Support the chin with his hands and open the jaw, trying to overcome the resistance of hands.
  3. Lift the chin so that the skinon his neck tightened. Back when this should be straight and your shoulders - straightened. Somknite jaw and tongue push the lower gums inside. During this exercise you should feel the stress of cervical and sublingual muscles.
    feysbilding set of exercises
  4. Starting position - as in the previous exercise, only when pressed tongue on the gum should be slightly open the lips and teeth.
  5. Fold the bottom lip of the bottom row of teeth, and the lips and the chin muscles should be stretched, and the head - a little laid back. You should feel the tension of the neck muscles.
  6. Tilt the head back enough to feelvoltage under the chin, then should not rush to see, first over one shoulder, then through another. The mouth must be slightly open at the same time a little bit, pulling the lower jaw forward. At every turn of the head, hold the head for a few seconds.
    feysbilding cheek
  7. Place your thumbs in your mouth so that his hands were like shape of the letter V. This is followed by zipping his lips, squeezing the fingers, and care must be taken so that no wrinkles around the lips.
  8. Middle and index finger, place the lowernumber of teeth and jaw lower. Freeze in this position for a few seconds and then try to close the jaw, giving thumbs resistance. Mouth at it all the time should remain open.
  9. Hands should be turned back to each otherside and index fingers should be inserted between the cheek and lower teeth. Promote your fingers deep into the mouth until until you feel your fingertips kind of "cushion". Teeth should be tightly closed, too, should not extend to the cheeks and can not push the corners of the mouth. This position should be slightly bent fingers and hold them for a few seconds.
    feysbilding exercises for the face
  10. Tilt your head back so that the skin was stretched and the chin to the collarbone. Pull the lower jaw and hold this position for a few seconds.
  11. Tilt the head back, bend the bottom lip of the bottom row of teeth and tighten the muscles of the chin and lower lip. At the same time you should feel the tension of the neck muscles.
    feysbilding nose

So we looked at all the exercisesthe construction of an ideal, the young person. Do not forget that feysbilding reviews has only positive, because it is not harmful, accessible to all and provides real results.

By the way, the effect of feysbildinga can be increased many times, if we combine it with special rejuvenating mask with NTC-complexes. We recommend MOND'SUB mask

Engage feysbildingom face regularly, use MOND'SUB mask, and then you will be the envy of all your girlfriends, and men can not take my eyes from you.

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