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Hypotension treatment

hypotension treatment

Very often, turning to the doctor with complaintsfeeling sick, sick man hears the diagnosis of "hypotension". What is hypotension, symptoms of which there are more than half the world's population? In fact, this concept is a little vague and refers to a number of different ailments.

In this article we will talk about arterialhypotension, bearing the abbreviated name of hypotension. However, once again draw your attention - in cardiology, the disease is called it primary hypertension. In this article, the condition is called hypotension because this name is the most widespread among ordinary citizens are not familiar with medical terminology, which, strictly speaking, this material is intended.

Remember also that all information in thisArticle provided for guidance only. Do not try to put a diagnosis on their own - the disease is rarely an independent - often it is accompanied by some - some other more serious disease that may need serious treatment. Hypotension is a variety of reasons.

So what is hypotension? In this state, the upper pressure does not exceed 100 mm Hg. Art and the lower pressure -. less than 60 mm. Hg However, in some cases, absolutely different sources may vary, but is not particularly significant. Also, it is sure to be taken into account and personal physiological characteristics of each individual.

Hypotension may develop in completelyhealthy people, for example, in adolescents and children or in people who have got in a hot climate or overdo it with sports. Furthermore, many diseases cause systemic hypotension such as:

  • liver disease
  • A malfunction of the endocrine system
  • Violation of the full functioning of the hormone system
  • Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer
  • Note - suddenly developed hypotension may be indicative of this terrible disease, which threatens the life of the sick person - acute cardio - vascular insufficiency

Hypotension can occur for a long timetotally asymptomatic - sick people do not even realize the presence of the disease as long as accidentally not measure your blood pressure, such as a routine inspection. However, in other cases, people suffering from hypotension, may complain of the following ailments:

  • General muscle weakness unrelated to other factors
  • Regularly occurring headaches that persist even after taking pain medication
  • Increased heart rate is not associated with physical activity
  • Pinching pain in the sternum, or heart pain
  • You may experience sleep disturbances - increased sleepiness, or, on the contrary, insomnia
  • In humans, the patient can greatly disturbed emotional state - increased irritability, tearfulness, and even depression
  • A person often appears excessive sweating - secreted sweat tends to be sticky and cold
  • If hypotension patients with advanced stage, people often notice numbness in fingers

If you mark at severalthese symptoms, you should contact a doctor. Before you begin treatment, you need to establish exactly what was the cause of the disease.

For example, shape adaptive physiological hypotension occurs in perfectly healthy people, for example:

  • Do professional athletes
  • Hypotension in adolescents
  • Hypotension in children
  • The people living in the southern regions with hot climates

In that case, if this group of people haveno concomitant diseases, and people do not complain about what - or malaise, hypotension does not require treatment. This type of hypotension is fully compensated.

hypotonia disease in children

Hypotension in children and adolescents in recent yearsIt is becoming increasingly common. Today, approximately 30% of children and 40% of adolescents doctors diagnose hypotension. Parents should be wary if they discover a child's symptoms of hypotension following:

  • Recurring vertigo
  • The emergence of even single syncope, not to mention the repeated loss of consciousness
  • Headaches, especially arising in the morning
  • Violation of both mental and physicalChild health - to lose the ability to concentrate, increased fatigue. Very often, it is resulting in largely deteriorating performance in school
  • Disruption of normal circadian rhythm

In children and adolescents with hypertension inlargely disrupted the normal biological rhythm - the child wakes up in the morning sluggish, complaining about the lack of sleep, and headaches. Approximately two hours after awakening mood and well-being of the child is improving. But by noon the child feel worse again.

Parents in any case should not be ignoredexisting problem, shallow, that the situation will stabilize over time on their own. In fact, children and teenagers hypotension is not so harmless. In addition to the attendant discomfort, hypertension is dangerous for its complications: syncope, social dezadoptatsii.

Timely treatment of parents for medicalhelp enable as quickly as possible to diagnose the presence of a child hypotension and start adequate treatment, thereby further docked disease at a very early stage.

To eliminate the disease is very important to correctly determine the cause of its occurrence. As a rule, most of the children's and teenage hypotension caused by the following factors:

  • Genetic predisposition, most often transmitted through the maternal line
  • Low blood pressure in women during the whole period of pregnancy, particularly the last trimester it
  • Physical and mental fatigue
  • The presence of comorbidities
  • Bad social - living conditions, poor nutrition

hypotension symptoms

Hypotension women waiting for a child

Hypotension during pregnancy is alsofairly widespread. A pregnant woman always has a tendency to low blood pressure, but sometimes it can be reduced to critical numbers that may cause severe negative consequences for women's health and fetal development.

In that case, if hypotension in pregnant womenexpressed strongly enough, and lasts a long time, a woman's body gradually begins to feel the lack of oxygen. As a result, the fetus also begins to feel fetal hypoxia. As a result, at times it increases the risk of spontaneous abortion or preterm birth.

That is why if the woman and topregnancy had a tendency to low blood pressure, hearing about. As soon she will become a mother, should be particularly closely monitor the level of your blood pressure. In addition, it is absolutely necessary to notify about problems your doctor - a gynecologist.

However, though most of hypotension in pregnant womenwomen does not cause the most severe adverse effects in a child. However, the mother can deliver a lot of very unpleasant moments. In order to reduce the symptoms of hypotension, a pregnant woman should avoid situations that provoke it fits:

  • Prolonged exposure to the legs
  • Being in a stuffy room or a crowded road transport
  • Prolonged exposure to hot tub

Chronic primary hypotension

Do doctors there such a thing aschronic hypotension. Most often this phenomenon is observed in young people 18 - 25 years. Manifested in the form of hypotension, vegetative - vascular dystonia that occurs due to the expansion of blood vessels and, consequently, slowing down the normal blood flow. This occurs most often as a result of the endocrine and neural regulation of vascular tone.

The result of the blood flow, and hencenutrients and oxygen to vital organs, including the brain and significantly reduced. In humans, the patient a feeling of weakness, dizziness, fatigue. Young people often stimulated by the development of hypotension chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep deprivation and constant stress. Often, to get rid of hypotension is necessary to resort to the help of psychologists and even of psychotherapists.

Treatment of hypotension

In any case, hypotension treatmentIt requires prompt and serious enough, no matter who is sick - whether a child or as hypotension in the elderly. There are a number of terms required for a successful and speedy disposal of this disease:

  1. Drug treatment of hypotension.

    In some situations, in certain forms ofhypotension, physicians have to resort to medical treatment of this disease. we are not security reasons in this article list the drugs with hypotension. Remember that the blood vessels and blood pressure are extremely sensitive issue. And in any case, can not engage in self - as this could jeopardize not only health but also the life of the sick person.

    Only a doctor, based on a comprehensivesurvey the state of the sick person's health, as well as all clinical data and taking into account all comorbidities may prescribe pharmacological treatment of the disease. Only the right drug in the right dosage chosen is able to bring relief to the sick person, and not, on the contrary, aggravate the disease.

  2. Nutrition for hypotension.

    In the presence of hypotension in humans is crucialHealthy food. Meals should be regular, it is advisable to take food fractional - small portions, but often. Under no circumstances should there be any starvation was - whether voluntary or involuntary same. If a sick person excommunicated from home for a long period, it is necessary to find a way to eat.

    Food should be rich in vitamins andtrace elements, especially a protein and iron. Also, in any case can not forget about calcium - dairy products in the diet of a sick person should occupy the last place.

    But different energy drinks,including coffee and caffeine - containing, doctors use when hypotension is not recommended. The people believed that they could raise the pressure to a great extent. However, this information is a little one-sided - caffeine is a coin of two sides. On the one hand - really fast caffeine raises blood pressure. And on the other side - effects of caffeine is extremely short. After a short time, the pressure falls before a lower mark than to the use of coffee.

  3. Lifestyle sick person.

    Not last place in the successful treatment of hypotensionand takes life a sick person. Sick people should observe the exact day regimen. It is unacceptable to bring the body to a chronic lack of sleep - sleep is necessary not less than 8 hours a day. The same applies to chronic fatigue syndrome - do not exhaust yourself completely - you need to give yourself a break to relax.

    To quickly get rid of extreme hypotensionit is desirable that the sick man threw bad habits - smoking and alcohol consumption, if any. Moderate exercise also will benefit a person suffering from hypotension - a walk in the fresh air can be the best option.

hypotension Treatment of folk remedies

If a person hypotension, treatment of folkmeans able to greatly improve the condition of the sick person's health. However, before giving a sick person - either traditional medicine, be sure to follow to make sure that it does not have a tendency to allergic reactions to any of the components. And, besides, it is advisable to consult your doctor who will be able to objectively evaluate the usefulness of the selected recipe. Folk remedies hypotension bring fast enough, but lasting results.

  • thistle leaves will not only help raise low blood pressure, but also to stabilize it

To prepare one tablespoon of grindspoon dry thistle leaves, put it in a thermos and pour a half liter of boiling water. After that, the thermos tightly cover and leave to infuse for a day. Take broth necessary for the half cup in the morning, not getting out of bed. The course of treatment should be 21 days. Despite that improvement, usually occurs at 3 - 4 hours, it is not recommended to stop the treatment - in which case it will not have the disease, and action should return again. Herbs hypotension tend to act at once, but surely.

  • Coffee, honey lemon

Grind 50 grams of beans, 400 gramslinden honey and the juice of one lemon. The resulting mixture was mixed thoroughly and place in a glass bowl. Store in the refrigerator means you need to tightly close the lid. Take it should be for half a tablespoon before each meal. The course of treatment can last as long as necessary.

  • Green tea with hypotension

The healing properties of green tea are knownhumanity is not one hundred years. Green tea helps to get rid of a large number of diseases - including from hypotension. The patient was a man recommended to replace substantially all of the liquid to green tea. After just one week, the state of the sick person is stabilized and well-being - will improve.

In any case, if the human arterialhypotension, especially chronic hypotension, treatment should begin as soon as possible and only under close medical supervision. All proceeds from hypotension should be taken only with the approval of the treating physician. Also, do not forget that the prevention of hypotension often does more good than its subsequent treatment.

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