" "Acute bronchitis treatment, symptoms, folk remedies, antibiotics, classification

Acute bronchitis treatment, symptoms, folk remedies, antibiotics, classification

What is acute bronchitis?

Acute bronchitis - a diffuse inflammationmucosal or even the entire bronchial wall. The main factors causing the disease are infectious agents, which include viruses, bacteria, and combinations thereof, the physical effects such as hypothermia, inhalation of large amounts of dust, chemical agents (caustic substances pair). There will also be wrong to ignore the predisposing factors of acute bronchitis, which include smoking, work in hazardous environments, and some heart disease and the presence of infection foci, which are located directly in the nasopharynx, oral cavity and tonsils.


Acute bronchitis treatment which should pick updoctor-pulmonologist, can rightly be called unpleasant, and sometimes even dangerous disease. If a person has a disease like acute bronchitis, symptoms of this disease include: anxiety and a burning sensation in the chest, a dry cough, weakness, and sometimes a feeling of "weakness", fever, pain in the lower chest and abdomen. These bodies are directly connected with the strongest overexertion of muscles that occurs with coughing.
Dangerous disease - acute bronchitis in children,treatment and classification of which is shown below. Bronchitis are: acute (simple bronchitis), more severe obstructive bronchitis in children whose treatment is lengthy, difficult to treat obliterans, bronchiolitis and recurrent bronchitis.

Acute bronchitis - Treatment

Acute bronchitis in children may occur in different forms. Among them are mild, moderate and severe forms. Good to treat acute bronchitis in children, the treatment of which is as follows.
To begin with the patient mode is set. Mode on the background of acute manifestations of respiratory virus infections polupostelny appointed, then - home. The patient is necessary to provide excessive drinking. Liquids, drunk with bronchitis patients should be so much that it exceeded twice daily age requirement. The liquid can be consumed 3-4 cups of broth sweatshops of herbs such as sage, mint, linden blossom, elderberry and honey.
When it provokes acute bronchitis, classificationwhich is very different, it has proved popular tea with raspberry fruit dry or frozen - no difference, except the jam. Some days you need to starve at this time is only allowed to use the orange juice and water. Further, in order to simplify the separation of thick mucus, it is desirable to drink warm water or warmed milk. You can also use the juice inside the onion, it is an excellent expectorant.

In a balanced diet must be patienttranslate gradually. The patient should be put on a diet. The diet should be lacto-vegetarian, which excludes the use of extractive dishes also need to reduce the intake of allergenic foods. Patients received antiviral therapy - namely, the use of the drug or intranasal interferon in aerosols 5 drops 4-6 times a day. If the patient has observed acute effects of SARS, he administered immunoglobulin and ribavirin for 3-5 days. Note that in the treatment of the person who has acute bronchitis, antibiotics are not included. In other words, not shown antibiotics in acute bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is a useful application of the aerosol soda or soda-salt inhalation. Also very useful is the use of expectorants. These include marshmallow, and iodine-alkaline medicine, drugs "Lasolvan", "Bromhexine" and others. Recommended postural drainage and vibration massage with copious sputum. Opinions on the usefulness of cans, mustard plasters and the like remain unconfirmed, as, indeed, and the clinical effect of these manipulations. You can also use electric procedures, such as electrophoresis, but not necessarily.

Treatment of folk remedies

Good treat acute bronchitis folk remedies. Here are a few recipes for the treatment of acute bronchitis by means of alternative medicine:

  • Recipe №1. Take the 0.5 kg of onions and chop it. The prepared onion should be mixed with 400 g sugar and 50 g honey. Next on the recipe - add 1 liter of water and the chopped onion. The resulting mixture should boil for 3 hours. Take inside of 1 tablespoon of several (4-6) times a day.
  • Recipe №2. One cup of boiling water pour 1 tablespoon of finely ground rhizomes of Primula. This mixture must be heated using a water bath and stir. Ostuzhennoy and strained mixture to take 1-2 tablespoons every 6 hours and certainly before eating. Efficacy is very high in the treatment of chronic bronchitis.

Be healthy!

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