" "Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The rhythm of modern life is very, very high. Our life is such that a person on vacation are left with no time. This problem affects absolutely all ages, from toddlers Sadowski age, and ending with retirees. Kindergarten, school, tutoring, sections, exams, college, work, build a career, and the like - all of this requires a modern man of enormous energy expenditure.

As a result of this rhythm of life is very widedistribution has received such a thing as chronic fatigue syndrome. Surely, all at least once in his life heard about this phenomenon, but not everyone is taken seriously by this disease, not counting it as such at all. Despite the denial, this phenomenon is very common, especially among residents of large cities, ecologically unfavorable regions. And if a person has chronic fatigue syndrome treatments for it simply must be, otherwise it is possible to develop sufficiently serious negative health consequences, up to the development of serious diseases.

Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome oftenare very high and quite vague, moreover, they tend to occur in the complex. Doctors have identified a number of core symptoms that appear when a person has chronic fatigue syndrome:

  • The constant feeling of fatigue that occurs during the three weeks or more, that persists even after long and complete rest and after load reduction.
  • The feeling of muscular discomfort. Sick man complains of a feeling of weakness, pain in the muscles, similar to those that occur on the day after increased physical exertion.
  • Also, a person suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, often complains of a significant reduction of memory and even depression
  • In severe cases of chronic fatigue in a human patient may experience fever and swollen lymph nodes large enough tenderness.
  • Violation of normal sleep - appearance as insomnia, and on the other hand, excessive sleepiness.
  • Pain in the joints that occur for no apparent reason.
  • Constant headaches of unknown etiology.

All of the above symptoms in the absence ofadequate treatment progressed, but their progression is not due to the presence of comorbid medical conditions that can cause similar symptoms. Even with careful clinical examination of the body doctors are unable to identify any deviations from the normal state, laboratory tests also do not reveal any deviations from the physiological norm.

There are no pathological changes in the composition orblood or urine. On the X-ray images and the doctor did not note any abnormalities, do not have them, and by ultrasound. Biochemical parameters of blood in its clinical trial remain within the normal range, there is no change on the part of the endocrine system.

Typically, people suffering from the syndromeChronic fatigue, give any diagnoses of neurotic reactions or banal vegetative - vascular dystonia. Treatment is usually given in such cases, does not bring absolutely no positive result, the state of the sick person is deteriorating rapidly, there may be significant changes in memory and psyche, and even changes in the electrocardiogram.

If we talk about chronic fatigue syndrome,reason necessarily need to be called. Although accurate, single cause of chronic fatigue symptoms have not yet been identified, doctors still called several precipitating factors that may cause the disease.

causes of chronic fatigue syndrome can cause the following:

  • Viral diseases that cause nonspecific activation of the immune system.
  • Psycho-physical factors such as constant fatigue and stress situations.
  • Accommodation sick person in a metropolis and ecologically unfavorable regions.
  • Defective or irregular eating sick person, leading to the emergence of acute or chronic vitamin deficiency.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Thus, the diagnosis is clear - a chronic syndromefatigue, how to treat it? Currently, the official medicine, there are several ways to treat chronic fatigue syndrome. The most favored by doctors is intravenous immunoglobulin G. However, lately this method of treatment provides more and more complications.

In order to cure chronic syndromeFatigue has been effective, it must be comprehensive. If you do not treat the disease itself, and its specific symptoms, improve human patient to achieve is simply impossible. In the complex treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome in the following mandatory measures must include:

  • Normalization and strict control over the rest mode, and level of physical activity of the patient man.
  • Normalization of nutrition and dietary therapy.
  • Vitamin - mineral therapy. A person suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome should receive a full course of B vitamins and vitamin C.
  • If possible, to treat the complex you need to add a massage and water treatments.
  • Any sick person available methods of normalization of psycho - emotional state.
  • Therapeutic exercise is also able to significantly improve the condition of the person in the presence of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Applications common action imunnokorrektorov who possess adaptogenic action.
  • The use of a sick person enteresorbentiruyuschih drugs, such as "enterosgel".

During treatment, it is important to systematicallysystematic medical monitoring of the human condition of the patient, and in the case of severe illness, it makes sense to think about the patient treatment to prevent the development of complications.

Inpatient treatment is necessary for a fullnormalization of rest and physical ill person loads. Perform this treatment would be best in neurological departments of hospitals or the specialized health centers, dispensaries or in which it is possible to create the necessary conditions for a sick person.

A person suffering from chronic syndromefatigue, must necessarily make obligatory walk in the fresh air, and their duration should not be less than two hours per day. A sick person should try to choose to walk as much as possible clean place, preferably in the green areas, where the air is much cleaner than in the industrial zones of the city. However, if for some - for reasons it is impossible, even a simple walk in the way home from work can bring huge benefits.

Therapeutic physical training is alsoan indispensable tool for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. A set of exercises for therapeutic physical culture should select a trained health worker. These exercises allow you to keep fit, but sparing the body without overloading it.

Homeopathic medicines

Very good for chronic fatigue syndromehelp homeopathic medicines. The main positive feature of homeopathic remedies is a complete absence of any side effects and was contraindicated, which makes possible the use of this drug in patients of any age group of people, from children and ending with the elderly.

Listed below are the main ones used in chronic fatigue syndrome homeopathic remedies:

  • Hininum arsenikozum

This drug is given to people whoThey complain of fatigue, headaches, watering eyes and photophobia. These pathological states are accompanied by anxiety, chronic insomnia, tachycardia, weakness in the legs, and in addition can be low-grade fever.

  • Atsidum fosforikum

This homeopathic remedy designedespecially for teenagers. In the development of the drug pharmacologists have taken into account all the features of adolescence, such as intensive growth, hormonal, physiological and psychological changes the body, improve mental stress associated with the educational process. The use of this drug eliminates problems with concentration, perception of new information increases stressoustoychivst.

  • Gelsemium

This homeopathic remedy is designed tothe use of the elderly who complain of ailments such as the common pronounced weakness, dizziness and trembling of the hands, as well as in post-infarction rehabilitation.

Treatment folk methods

chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms

However, all of these funds is notthe only way to cure chronic fatigue syndrome. If you have chronic fatigue, treatment of folk remedies will quickly make you feel better. Here are the main means of traditional medicine, is most effective.
Therapeutic diet has always been a faithful companionTraditional Medicine and is a prerequisite for success in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. Diet is absolutely simple and does not require much effort from the sick person:

  • The diet of a sick person must be present as much as possible of foods containing large amounts of animal protein, such as seafood, chicken and other lean meats.
  • Also, a person suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, must be excluded from the diet of any carbonated drinks, strong tea and coffee.
  • It is also desirable to include in food products as much as possible, containing iodine - feijoa, laminaria, walnuts.

In addition to diet, there are many folk recipes medicine:

  1. If you feel the appearance of a permanentfatigue, you should immediately start taking grape juice. However, for the treatment of chronic fatigue usually prepared reconstituted juice is not suitable. You need before each reception of juice to squeeze it from fresh grapes. Take the juice must be twice a day, after meals, three tablespoons. Treatment should continue as long as you do not feel the disappearance of the symptoms of fatigue.
  2. Ordinary potatoes are also able to help with thechronic fatigue syndrome. For the treatment of potatoes you need to do the following: wash thoroughly under running water, two potato tuber medium size, pour them a liter of water and simmer until fully cooked. It should be taken orally on an empty stomach, once a day over a glass of potato broth. Take this decoction you need in a day, for 14 days, after which you need to make a week break and, if necessary, repeat the treatment.
  3. For preparation for the treatment of the followingchronic fatigue syndrome, you'll need two hundred grams of shelled walnuts and two hundred grams of any of honey. Carefully grind the walnuts and mix them with honey. Divide mixture into equal parts and take three days before breakfast. As a rule, on the second day of sick people report significant improvement in health.
  4. If accompanied by chronic fatigue syndromeunpleasant symptoms such as tearfulness, irritability, depressed mood, a sick person can help a decoction of valerian root. To make it, chop a hundred grams of dried valerian root, fill it with a liter of boiling water and simmer for one hour. After that filter the using gauze cloth and pour into a glass dish. Take a decoction of the night, for half a cup. The course of treatment should not exceed 10 days. In the case of chronic fatigue syndrome is accompanied by insomnia, a warm bath with a decoction of valerian root to help solve this problem. Just add a cup of broth valerian bathroom. Remember that the water in the bathroom should be warm, but not hot. Hot tub may lead to quite the opposite effect.
  5. No less effective for chronic syndromefatigue and acts broth motherwort five lobes. To cook 100 grams of dry grass Leonurus pour into a thermos and pour one liter of boiling water. Steep it for at least three hours. Drink infusion is necessary in the morning on an empty stomach, for half a cup for a month.
  6. The following recipe has a tonic and restorative effect immunity. To make it, you will need: 10 lemons, half a glass of cranberry juice, 3 tablespoons sugar.

    Because you need to squeeze the juice of lemons, mix it withcranberry juice and add sugar. The finished mixture is put juice in a glass bowl and place in refrigerator for at least three days. Take this mixture is necessary before each meal, one tablespoon. The treatment should continue as long as a full recovery will not occur.

  7. Chronic fatigue syndrome is not lesseffective action has a mixture of the following juices: half cup fresh lemon juice, a half cup of fresh apple juice, 1 cup of fresh carrot juice, sugar.

    All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, addsugar to taste, pour the mixture into a glass bowl and place in refrigerator. Take half a glass before dinner, until the complete recovery.

  8. If you suffer from headaches and sleep disorders, you will help bath with mixtures of oil 2 teaspoons of almond oil, 3 drops of geranium oil.

    Mix the oil and add to water. Water should be roughly about 37 degrees, and the reception bath should be about 15 minutes, no more. The course of treatment should be continued for 15 days.

  9. Pine needles are able to eliminate the symptomschronic fatigue after a few weeks. For the preparation of this tool, you will need two table spoons of pine needles. Needles rinse thoroughly under running water, spread on a baking sheet and place for 15 minutes in a preheated to two hundred degrees oven. After the needles are dry, chop it, put in an enamel container and fill a glass of water. Bring needles to a boil, simmer for an hour, then tightly wrap a towel, add three tablespoons of any of honey and leave to infuse for about an hour. Take the resulting broth a tablespoon at bedtime. The course of treatment should last for ten days.
  10. Common chamomile is able to provideinvaluable in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. To this end, the sick person should take half a cup of broth for 10 days. To prepare the broth you will need to chop three tablespoons of dried chamomile flower clusters, fill them with two cups of boiling water and infuse for at least three hours. Then strain through gauze fabric. Keep the solution should be refrigerated.
  11. Aloe capable greatly strengthenhuman immunity, suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. For the preparation of the next tool you'll need: 10 leaves of aloe tree, cut and soaked in the refrigerator for ten days, 500 grams of shelled walnuts, 3 large lemon.

    Press the juice of three lemons, carefully rubwalnuts, mince the leaves of aloe. Mix all the ingredients of a homogeneous mass, and place in a glass container with a tight fitting lid. Store mixture in a refrigerator. Take it should be after dinner, two tablespoons. The course of treatment should be continued for 21 days.

  12. Broth clover eliminate the feeling of weakness andpain in the muscles. To prepare the broth you will need 300 grams of heads of clover, one hundred grams of sugar and one cup of water. Water should be brought to a boil, pour into it head clover and boil for 10 minutes. After that, remove from heat, strain using a gauze cloth, add sugar and stir until it dissolves. Take three teaspoons once a day, at any time for a sick person. The duration of treatment should be at least two weeks.
  13. berries and leaves a significant potentialtone up the body and strengthen the immune system a person suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. To prepare a decoction of healing you will need: a tablespoon of leaves, cranberries, a tablespoon of strawberry leaves, half a liter of boiling water, 4 tablespoons of any of honey.

    Leaves cranberries and strawberries is necessarychop, put in a thermos and pour boiling water. Add the honey, stir well and leave to infuse for a day. Take broth must be a third cup in the morning, before a meal. The course of treatment should last at least a month.

  14. Raspberry also able to boost immunity andlife human tone, suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Place in an enamel bowl, two hundred grams of fresh raspberries, fill them with liter of boiling water, tightly wrap with a towel and leave to infuse for a day. Take the infusion of raspberries for half a cup once a day. The course of treatment should last at least one week. If the state of the sick person was no improvement after a three-day break, you must repeat the course.
  15. It is equally useful for a weakened organismperson, especially those living in environmentally disadvantaged areas strawberries. To prepare the strawberry infusion you need three tablespoons of dried fruits strawberries Pour one liter of boiling water, cover bowl and put in a warm place. Infuse the broth should be for one day, then strain using a gauze. Do not store the finished decoction of more than three days. Take it should be for half a cup twice a day. The course of treatment should be continued for two weeks.
  16. If a person is suffering from a chronic syndromefatigue, increased physical complains of fatigue, strengthen its status will help ordinary broth oats. Please note - it is oats, but not oatmeal. To prepare the broth wash three cups of oats, pour them in three liters of water. Bring water to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Then tightly wrap the dishes and leave to infuse for two days. Thereafter, the resulting broth, strain using cheesecloth, pour into a glass dish, add two hundred grams of honey and store it in the refrigerator. Take broth necessary for half a cup three times a day, before meals. Before use, the broth is desirable to add the lemon juice to taste. The course of treatment should be continued for a month.
  17. If the result of chronic fatigue syndromea human patient largely weakened immunity and, as a result, quite often arise various viral diseases and common cold, it may help to remedy. Ten cloves of garlic mince, place in a glass bowl. After that, pour the garlic 96% alcohol, mix well and close the lid. This mixture should insist in the refrigerator for 10 days. Thereafter, the resulting mixture should be overcome through a thick cloth. Take the mixture must be as follows: the first three days - once a day for a teaspoon, pre-diluted in a glass of milk, the third and fourth day - one teaspoon of the mixture, also pre-diluted in a glass of milk. On the sixth and the seventh day you must take a break, after which treatment must be repeated. Total such courses should be five. However, it should be borne in mind that this tool is strictly contraindicated in children under 14 years of age, and persons suffering from any disease of the digestive tract.
  18. We have already described the recipe of one of the meansAloe, however, should also be in no case can not ignore. To make it, you will need: 10 sprigs of aloe, also pre-aged for a week in the refrigerator, 5 tablespoons of dried herbs yarrow, 10 spoons of any honey.

    Yarrow should be placed inan enamel bowl, pour a half cup of water and bring to a boil in a water bath. Meanwhile, aloe leaves mince. By this time you probably already boil broth yarrow, which is necessary to drain and mix with the leaves of aloe, adding to the same pre-prepared honey. The mass must be mixed thoroughly, bringing it to a homogeneous state.

    Take the resulting mixture should be at halfteaspoonful, after each reception of food for 30 days. After that, a person suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, should make a week break and repeat the course again. The maximum number of courses - three. However, as a rule, a considerable improvement occurs after the first course.

  19. Very nice relaxing and calmingeffect gives an old, proven over the years and loved by many generations of the recipe. To cook it you need: half a tablespoon of dry inflorescences of chamomile, 1 cup of cow's or goat's milk, 1 tablespoon of all natural honey.

    The inflorescences of chamomile put in a smallan enamel bowl, pour a glass of milk and bring to a boil over low heat. As soon as the milk starts to boil, remove from heat, dissolve it in a spoonful of honey, then strain using a gauze. This must be drunk a glass of milk before bedtime. This means not addictive and can be used even in young children, as often as necessary.

  20. No less useful decoction of a mixture of leaves and twigsblueberries and raspberries. Take 100 grams of branches and leaves of blueberries and raspberries, pour them a liter of boiling water, cover tightly and wrap a towel. Insist this facility during the day. Then strain the broth using a gauze fabric, add the twenty drops of alcohol tincture of valerian.

    Take this broth for a third cup twiceday - in the morning, on an empty stomach, and at bedtime. The course of treatment should be not less than one month. In the event that no improvement occurs, it is possible to repeat the course of treatment without making breaks.

After reading this article, you have a basic knowledgeof such diseases as chronic fatigue syndrome, the symptoms, the treatment you are also familiar. But in any case we must not forget the timely visit to the doctor, even if your health has improved to a great extent, and the symptoms almost completely disappeared.

Remember that chronic fatigue syndromecan very effectively masquerade as other diseases, and often does occur almost asymptomatic, exposing the human body to a serious test. And only an experienced doctor is able to determine the course of the disease and the patient's state of health at the moment. And only a doctor is able to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular method of treatment. And remember that the prevention of chronic fatigue syndrome is much easier and more effective than its treatment.

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