" "Beauty in the mirror

Beauty in the mirror


A woman always likes to please others and yourselfitself. It's so nice - to catch yourself admiring glances of men like charging extra energy, and to see in the mirror every Met this beautiful, well-groomed, stylish and without any apparent age-related changes!

But nature has come up with the aging process, and the man- Passport offices (age). And when the pages of the passport date of birth is gradually shifting to the past, every woman wants to look younger. So, it is necessary to help yourself and your beauty shine as long as possible.

What is beauty and help prevent damage to your health?

How does age

A woman's age - a relative term. Whatever did not think employees passport offices, the woman's age - not what is written in her passport, and that reflect the mirror.

What promises us time? If you give up on her hand and let it go, nothing good. Sooner or later we will see in the mirror a tired face, note Emerging bags under the eyes, skin laxity note and cute, but those we do not need "crow's feet" around the eyes ...

The reason for these changes in biochemical processes,in the body of each person, the Earth's gravity (like a "sag" a face and tends to the ground), photo-aging and not enough proper care.


What to do?

When the age-related changes are not "erased"conventional creams, homemade masks, lotions and serums, many women are thinking about going to a plastic surgeon. It would seem that the p-time - a couple of professional scalpel strokes, and biological clock shows 10 years ...

But not all so simple. After all, plastic - it is a full surgical procedure with anesthesia, a long process of rehabilitation, contraindications, risks and, finally, the usual women's fear of a knife.

Thanks to modern cosmetology - today in women aged 30+ have a great alternative that allows you to permanently postpone the trip to the plastic surgeons!

Choose alternative

Alternative non-traumatic rejuvenation techniques being embraced today, thousands and hundreds of thousands of women - a delivery to the deep layers of the skin substances that could rejuvenate it from within.

The most common tools include the use of Botox, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Let's talk about each of these methods.

  • Botox. Using this method, the impactIt does not occur on the skin and muscles located underneath. With directional paralysis of the facial muscles - the ones that are responsible for the "crow's feet" around the eyes and forehead wrinkles - botulinum toxin are temporarily immobilized. This helps to reduce wrinkles ... exactly the time which is valid botulinum.
  • Hyaluronic acid. Intradermal application of hyaluronic acidIt called biorevitalization. Hyaluronic Acid - a powerful natural skin moisturizer, and its use allows to achieve a long-term moisturizing effect. And with it the visual facial rejuvenation. Perhaps the only important and minus hyaluronic acid is that its application is not able to stimulate the body independently to produce this important element. On the contrary, the body relaxes, and after several courses of the amount of hyaluronic acid product generated by the body, can be somewhat reduced.
  • Collagen. When injected into the deep layers of skin collagenspecially treated and approximate in structure to human, there is a very important process: the body with renewed vigor begins to independently develop their own young collagen fibers, which fill the skin, leaving it smoother, firmer and younger. A good example of a collagen product - a unique gel COLLOST®. It consists of 7% or 15% animal collagenorigin, purified from extraneous and fiber and processed by a special patented technology, which is at the XXIII International Exhibition of Inventors Great Gold Medal was awarded in Switzerland.


Features COLLOST gel® almost limitless. It improves skin, tightens and makes clearer facial contours, smoothes uneven skin relief, makes it less noticeable not only small, but deep wrinkles and visibly smoothes the complexion.

And COLLOST® characterized by long-lasting effect, manifested bygrowing - which means that for 2-4 months after application of the gel COLLOST you every day will look younger and younger. So, as if your biological clock is reversed.

COLLOST®: Is not this the dream of every woman?

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