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Review of the studio "a priori" Beauty

"A priori" - is a wonderful place where you can notjust put in order the hair, nails, face, and a massage (on this service, I will focus in more detail, as I consider myself already professional client of and practically the first movements of the master can determine whether it to me massages will help or not, but more on that later !).

Apriori Beauty Center http: // apriori-salon.ru / - is a place where rest the soul, it does not feel like a client, here you feel you know the person, because the atmosphere that around you reigns during the procedure, the session is so friendly and caring, that words can not describe it only needs feel.



In the "a priori" only work graduatesexperts who have extensive experience. For hair stylist came my mother, as she made an unsuccessful haircut in a nearby barber shop. After consultation with the master, "a priori" and correcting hairstyle, mum looked stunning. As for me, I'm wearing long hair, take care of that I tell you straight - not easy.

Haircut hot scissors just do. Once every three or four months, and crop the tips of his master works with my bangs. Of course, the cost of such a service is available not for everyone, but if you want to let a long and healthy hair that will not split and break, it's better to do a haircut hot scissors, which have a therapeutic effect. After such a haircut:

  • Visually hair healthy and beautiful.
  • All the moisture in the balance remains in it, as hair is sealed by heat.
  • No posechennyh and forked ends, and as a consequence the hair does not break.
  • The hair becomes manageable.


eyelash extensions

Unfortunately, I, like many girls, natureI cheated thick long eyelashes. But how do you want to have a distinctive and attractive look. Naturally, all the holidays, both public and private, do cilia extensions in the "a priori". In the studio, beauty professionals work fine, they are available in the customer's language, tell us what are the types of capacity, what effects there. Moreover, it is recommended that the best fit, so the client after the procedure did not look ridiculous.

Materials (cilia, glue) only VIP-class. Once cilia backfilled, experts will tell how to properly care for the donor lashes, so they last longer. When I master in the "a priori" building up lashes, I have not rented 4 weeks (correction do not do), as they are kept perfectly. Of course, everything depends on the materials used specialists, but the experience is very important.


Massage - an effective way to get rid of migraines

For several years, plagued by severe migraine attack becausepinched nerve, today it is quite urgent problem. As you know, with this illness is recommended held twice a year, special massages, but a qualified masseur hard to find. Believe me, I was looking for a long time, until after the next cut and migraines that plagued it in that day has not come by accident to the masseur in "a priori." Already two sessions took place (on 10 times) in the salon professionals. Of course, this first-class master of his craft, because just a couple of minutes after the session began a headache started to recede and finishing I went to the office a new man.

I like a simple client the studio "a priori" Beautycompletely unknown as a guide selects professionals, because some service, I would not have used, the result is always of the highest quality. Thank you very much to all the staff, masters!

Inna Malinin

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