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Rejuvenating apple



  • You "already ..." or "more ..."?
  • Why start a new life?
  • "Rejuvenating apple" of firm Vision

Dreams sometimes come true. Did not you know? One has only to want very much, and I was convinced of this on their own experience. Today is my anniversary and beautiful bouquet of 45 white roses and black royally stretched on the table in my bedroom. I decided to sleep under the awesome-fresh smell, here and moved closer to the flowers themselves. Roses with neglect glance at my jars and bottles with night creams, lotions and other anti-aging agents. And for good reason. After all, to be beautiful and desirable in 45 years - it is an art that requires a lot of effort.
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You "already ..." or "more ..."?

I wonder why he gave me was black andRed roses? He hinted that the impossible is possible, and life beats black and white fountain? With the dizzying ups, when it seems that you can everything and even more. With a period of severe depression, where every new wrinkle turn into a tragedy, especially when you're already 45. Stop! - Or only 45?

Let's completely throw the phrase: "I have ..." and replace it with: "I still ...". After all, a woman of any age can look queen no matter it twenty or fifty. I, like you, I use anti-aging creams, go to gym, drink dietary supplements and look perfectly. But this is not enough! I want to look more beautiful and feel better, especially when you have an affair with an interesting man.

By the way - I never use cheap fundsto care for him, and the spirit can not bear any "chemistry". And, even in periods of lack of money (and they are, unfortunately ... there were) is always allocated finances for myself, not to the detriment of their rebyatnya course. But the children grew up, finished the universities and have got their own families, and I finally got the opportunity to do them and start a new life.


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Why start a new life?

Why start a new life? With self-care, the favorite! - And a review of cosmetic novelties on the web. Interestingly, there have interesnenkogo for women who "slightly over 40"? Generally, I go to the selection of new products carefully, choosing only the best natural. I deserved in the end, the right to beauty and love! - During the years of the eternal time pressure, frantic pace of work, sleepless nights ...

Looking at the trends, always pay attention tobrand. After all, nowadays often found fake and solid firm will never work to the detriment of their reputation. Found! - I am very interested in the new anti-aging drug LivLon '(LiveLon' +) from the renowned company Vision, which includes the 10 most powerful antioxidants in the world. Company Vision ensures that after the month of application, the effect is there, or rather - on the face. Tempting ... consider what components it is "rejuvenating apple"?


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"Rejuvenating apple" of firm Vision

A few words about antioxidants, and what canbe, not everyone knows what kind of "this little animal." Antioxidants - a special class of natural products that relieve your body from the negative effects of free radicals. But then you might ask: what is a radical? Radicals - a by-product of cellular metabolism, which causes premature aging. In other words, the radicals - is a waste cell of our body.

So, tireless antioxidants huntharmful radicals aki hunter game, completely sweeping all the "harmfulness" of ours, tormented by stress and bad ecology, an organism. Taking antioxidants, we look much better, losing weight and look younger, much energy there is - more than enough! But antioxidants antioxidants - discord, let me tell you what is "useful" part of the LivLona?

"Fountain of Youth" - an extract of acai berries

Acai berry is legendary ... youth, which givesus harmony in private life, as miraculously increases sexual activity of men and women. In addition, the "magic" acai extract has just the same "magical" effect on our body: gently cleanses from toxins at the cellular level, improves immunity, promotes regeneration of muscle and has a much more useful functions. The antioxidant activity of the extract acai - (!) (!) LivLona main component, 5 times higher than that of natural chocolate and 20 times greater than that of the grape fruit.

"King of Longevity" - resveratrol

Do you like natural red wine? - Enjoy! Extremely useful drink, which contains resveratrol, and - an extract from grape seeds. One bottle of red wine contains 10 mg of resveratrol, and one capsule contains LivLona already two bottles of red wine! - 40 mg resveratrol. "King of Longevity" is 20 times more effective than vitamin "C" and 50 times more useful vitamin "E"! In addition, resveratrol activates the vital functions of the cell system of the person at the gene level, increasing life expectancy and slowing down aging. This amazing antioxidant "on the vine" is blocking the development of cancer and miraculously improves vision.

"Doctor vessels" - Quercetin

Quercetin (source - sea buckthorn), not onlyheals our vessels and capillaries is capable of regenerating. Picture this: in our vessels, thanks to the "magic" effect of quercetin, miraculously "sprouted" new capillaries oxygenated and antioxidants. When there is such a miracle, there is a rejuvenation of the whole organism. And the name of this miracle - quercetin. In addition to anti-aging effect of quercetin saves us from inflammation, lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease and has many other advantages.


"Gift for the skin" - Amaranth

Amaranth - herbaceous annual plant, medicinalproperties which are widely practiced more ancient Maya Indians. The structure LivLona includes an extract from seeds of amaranth, which contains a huge amount of squalene - a substance that can make your skin flawless. As a powerful antioxidant, amaranth nourishes the skin with oxygen, it maintains its firmness and elasticity. Amaranth seeds are called "golden grains of the gods", because this wonderful component LivLona allows our skin to "breathe", carefully updating its epidermis (the top layer).

"The enemy of wrinkles" - astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is an organic pigment withthe most powerful antioxidant activity. It really smoothes even deep wrinkles, helps to maintain our muscles toned and perfectly protects our cell system from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Astaxanthin - a favorite drug of the famous Madonna. Maybe, thanks to him, it keeps youth and beauty for many years? The structure includes a hood LivLona astaxanthin from microalgae gematokokksus environmentally friendly, littered the Liaohe River Delta in the unique Red beach in China.

"Elixir of youth" - ubiquinol

Ubiquinol is the active form of the famouscoenzyme Q10. And in the part of his LivLona extract of wheat grains that have not been heat treated. Ubiquinol significantly slows the aging process in the body, promotes cell regeneration, prevent hypoxia. It acts as a natural stimulant of our physical and mental activity. Ubiquinol referred knowingly "an elixir Youth" capable infuse human a 'new' life. In Europe, it is commonly taken continuously after 30-40 ka years for prevention.


"Food for the brain" - an extract of green tea leaves

The extract of green tea leaves - a reala treasure trove of organic trace elements, vitamins and an excellent bio-, immuno-, energostimulyator. In preparation LivLon 'extract of green tea leaves is responsible for the metabolic processes of the brain, stimulates the heart activity, it helps to eliminate toxins from the body and performs much more useful functions.

"Antibacterial protection" - chlorophyllin

Chlorophyllin - this extract from green leavesplants, acting as an antioxidant, which is so powerful that it is able to protect our DNA from damage at the molecular-cellular level. Hrolofillin stimulates metabolism, promotes the renewal of blood vessels, gently cleanses our very intoxicated body of toxins. In addition, it provides an excellent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. No wonder the wise koalas, lifetime chewing eucalyptus leaves rich chlorophyllin, never complain about life and do not get sick.

"King of carotenes" - lycopene

Lycopene is the most powerful carotenoidantioxidant which naturally circulates in our circulatory system. But (!) When the amount of natural lycopene in the blood is reduced as a result of smoking, disease, malnutrition, stress and so on, our body "gives failure." In order to avoid this, you need to regularly take lycopene. Best - in combination with other drugs.

Lycopene is a beneficial effect even on a fairlydry wrinkled skin and is able to significantly reduce its pigmentation. Taking lycopene on a regular basis, you will have skin Gorny, as the baby's ass. :) Also, it regulates body functions at the gene level, boosts our immune system and stimulates the regeneration of tissues. And the stronger sex on the order increases the activity of sperm and their number.

"Selenium Source» L-selenomethionine

L - celenometionin - a new amino acidgeneration, within which contains selenium, which protects our cells from oxidation "harmful" and the radicals of the strain. Of L - celenometionin cherishes women's health (especially - in menopause), and increases sexual activity of men. The drug is able to rid the body of radionuclides and heavy metals. Selenomethionine, which is part of LivLon ', made from the fruit of the Brazil nut, which grows in the clean area.

Impressive spisochek turned out, is not it? Who of us does not want to get a second youth, beauty and health?

I want to look younger for another five years! - Buy!

LivLon '- a comprehensive rejuvenation of the body

Feel younger!

Visible results after a month of reception.

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