" "BB cream Nivea face that can give your skin glow

BB cream Nivea, able to give your skin glow

BB cream Nivea, able to give your skin glow

Shining, soft and velvety skin of the face - the dreamevery woman. And in order to make that wish a reality, the modern ladies need to choose a cream that can withstand the searing rays of the sun and other natural threats. After all, they dry the skin, leading to premature aging, "drawing" eye mesh of wrinkles and pigment spots covering his cheeks.

And to every woman couldprevent the appearance of signs of withering, moisten your face, even out its tone and conceal the slightest flaws (redness, under eye circles, and so on.), experts say the company Nivea creates innovative BB cream "Perfect skin". That means 1 in 5 different light texture, delicate aroma and a maximum content of natural ingredients. Due to such features new cream ideal for women of all ages, regardless of the characteristics of their skin types.

A further advantage of the consideredfunds - the lack of effect of the film remaining on the face after applying the other moisturizing formulations. BB cream Nivea face contains trace minerals that do not clog the pores, providing a full breath of the skin. Special mention deserves the combination in this part of toning micropigments black, brown, red, and yellow colors. They guarantee giving the skin a light shade of light that is indistinguishable from its natural tone. Moreover, every woman is able to select the optimum suitable means to her, from light to natural shades of beige.

Through the use of cream makerspatented Hydra IQ technology, it becomes possible to stimulate the natural moisture of conductors - the so-called aquaporins. They prevent the skin drying out, which can lead to premature aging.

But extra care is provided by the following ingredients in the cream:

  • provitamin B5, is responsible for moisture retention and stimulation of regenerative processes. With this component it is possible to complete the update and hydration of the upper layers of the skin;
  • oil extracted from Shea tree fruits, saturation dermis provides all necessary vitamins (in particular, such as A, E, and F) and its full hydration;
  • factor of SPF 10 to prevent desiccation of the skin sunlight.

All these components guarantee the BB cream "Perfect skin" marginal efficiency!

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