" "Vintage Spirits and selective perfumery

Vintage perfume and selective perfumery

Vintage and selective fragrances

Perfumes, which we "wear" - a kind ofthe story of each of us. In the fleeting scent of human, others can understand many things. Perhaps that is why people (especially girls!) So scrupulous in the choice of perfume!

That's just in our time, many well-known perfume -even the most marvelous - made a pipelined manner. This means that buying an expensive bottle once we join the army of fans of a popular brand, and not become as dreaming, unique and mysterious stranger, wrapped in a loop amazing flavor ...

"Breathing spirits and mists ..."

Touch the last atmosphere, breathethe flavor of bygone eras, feel beautiful lady with paintings by old painters help modern women vintage spirits. This is a whole new trend in perfumery today is gaining more and more popularity.

Vintage perfume - a scent of a certain era. They must fully meet the fashion and the mood of the time chosen, harmoniously complement the image in "retro" style. In the wake of the public interest in the culture and fashion of the past, such flavors simply could not become popular!

Of course, the retro-aromas - especially thoseIt was popular a few decades ago - it is quite expensive. Vintage perfume - something unique, luxurious, and therefore its cost is quite high.

But those who are interested in a particular era, or just like to experiment with vivid images, inspired by the past, and has long appreciated the perfume of yesteryear.

Vintage and selective fragrances

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However, and without resorting to the services of the famousmasters of the past, today it is possible to buy a perfume, which will be your unique calling card, find your unusual, memorable, wonderful flavor.

In this age of advanced technology and massproduction, for those who do not agree to be "like everyone else", invented selective perfumery. Such spirits are truly unique, also called niche. Quaint, inviting and unique - they are the only ones of its kind.

Famous perfumers, alone or in groups,They are working on these songs for years, and at times - for decades! Selective perfumery to create favorites, and therefore, the very process of working on such tracks can not stand no rush and bustle.

Of course, these flavors are appreciated much more,are - much more expensive than mass! However, selective buying perfume connoisseurs not only pay for work of perfumers. In addition, using only natural components in the production of such fragrances.

Sometimes they go searching for months, theirseek out in the most protected parts of the Earth, and then waiting for months or exotic flowers bloom very favorable moment for the collection of rare herbs. Sometimes only a preparation for the creation of another selective composition requires several years and several million dollars!

However, despite the apparent affiliationthe category of luxury goods, such spirits are not widely advertised, on the contrary - around them carefully preserve an aura of mystery. Thus, the buyer, acquiring niche perfumes, feels elected.

Vintage and selective fragrances

Anyone can be chosen

Selective spirits - is a luxury and conceptualliterally "in one bottle"! And selling such spirits are entitled to only a few hundred stores worldwide. Fortunately, in recent years to buy a perfume for the elite it has become possible in the online perfume store. It is very convenient for those who have not yet made such purchases and want to choose, without haste.

In our country, vintage, and selectiveperfumes sold only a few online stores. For example, in BIGZIPPER.RU. This online seller can offer selective perfumes By Kilian, Bond No. 9, Amouage, Honore des Pres, Houbigant, Nasomatolecules, Acqua di Parma, Alexander McQueen, Eutopie, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, and the best vintage flavors.

Of course, such a purchase - is a serious step. Abandon the bestselling fashion for the benefit of surprise, a rare, but little-known flavor will not be all. But if you do make such a choice, regret it you would not have to.

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