" "Learning to be beautiful

Learn how to be beautiful

Learn how to be beautiful

One of the main components of feminine beautyis correct posture. How to teach your boss to go to the movie "Office Romance" Secretary Vera? You remember? So, to walk was flying, you need to work on yourself, to train and create all the conditions of the house.

It is believed that the correct posture is similar to femalethe soldier, the one in the Russian army entered A. Suvorov. About it also says the heroine Akhedzhakova "chest - a, the back - an all - in yourself." To just such a walk was relaxed, it is necessary to regularly perform special exercises. For example, in the Russian army soldiers tied to the back of the board, and on the shoulder straps attached a glass of water - with drill they had to march so that water is not splashed. all a bit different in the modeling business. Beauties are taught to go strictly on the line drawn straight on the podium, and to make a flying gait, put shoes in the sink. However, in everyday life it is not necessary to resort to such complicated methods, quite regularly walk around with a book on his head by an imaginary line.

Another important point that should be taken into accountat work on the correct posture beautiful - conditions for sleep. To effect was at night, you need to order a mattress, orthopedic, one that creates optimal conditions for rest and does not harm the spine. Do not dream of aerial feather, which in the tale could not sleep the Princess and the Pea, because too soft foundation leads to spinal deformity. Being in the wrong position, your body does not relax and rest, so sleep does not bring much benefit, how much should. Sleep well in the solid only at first strange, then you begin to feel the same as it is convenient and right.

If you have to sleep on a hard unbearable, thenbetter to resolve this issue with special bedding. For example, mattress covers Ormatek also give a good orthopedic effect, but soften the mattress itself. They are made of modern materials such as coconut coir, latex and memorix. This mattress covers easily take your body shape and create optimal conditions for recreation. Use them better supplied with orthopedic mattresses. If you require more conservative methods to correct posture, it is best to choose a mattress increased rigidity, it does not allow the spine "drown".

Another important point - the right pillow. It should have an anatomical shape to the neck and head were in a comfortable position. Modern orthopedic pillows shop offers a lot of options. The most considered correct cushion in the form of ridges or recesses for the head.

In addition to the above, do not forget aboutproper footwear, from which also depends largely on the beauty of posture. The main principle here - no extremes. The best option - it's shoes with a stable heel of medium height, in them, and comfortable, and beautiful.

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