" "New Shoes Puma Ignite return one hundred percent of the energy

New sneakers Puma Ignite return one hundred percent of the energy


Manufacturers of sports shoes recalledconsumers that the male and female shoes and sneakers - it's shoes for the sport. The famous brand of sports equipment Puma Ignite introduced novelty spring-summer season 2015 - shoes on a special sole, which, as the creators say, returns energy!

New remarkable sneakers tried UsainBolt, American athlete, the world champion on the run. The presentation was organized in the form of the show: Times Square in New York City were placed cross trainers, and moving walkways diligently running enthusiasts. The world champion did not run himself, and walked in the branded sneakers Puma Ignite and gave explanations. On the electronic scoreboard displayed the numbers - the longer the race, the greater the number; when lit up the figure of 100, the athlete explained comers, that is one hundred percent of the energy that springy soles returned to their owners.

Some audience members questioned the one hundred percentenergy return. Especially as runners, despite the return of energy, obviously tired and out of breath. But it was noted that men's and women's shoes in the new version allow for better push off from the ground and perfectly quench strikes a hard surface. Physicians are advised to use shoes with cushioned soles when urban jogging when you have a route on asphalt and concrete.


But what do the numbers at the gym?

Frankly, they were not countersrecovered energy, but quite the contrary. The principle of operation of simulators: a man running through the tape drives the rollers transmitting the rotation of a small electric generator; the amount of electricity generated is reflected on the scoreboard. It can be seen the value of electrical power that depends on the running speed. The total amount of energy associated with the total energy consumption during the run. To show was more dynamic reading of all racetracks summarized and displayed on a large display, and it is fixed that the day enthusiasts healthy lifestyle assailed by 100 kilowatt-hours.

Why does an athlete, a champion, a favorite of the fansUsain Bolt said that on the scoreboard displayed the energy that has returned? This is a joke and a way to attract the public's attention, publicity stunt. But experts agree with the main thesis - new sneakers Puma Ignite ergonomic, wonderful spring and damping gently. It is fast running shoes rather than walking shoes; acquisition requires to run a marathon or even run around the house.

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