" "From what to wear ugg boots?

From what to wear ugg boots?

what to wear with ugg boots

A few years ago, ugg boots were someexotic, which even the most fashionable girl looked askance. Now they have become very popular "inhabitants" of glossy magazines and respected inhabitants of almost every girl's wardrobe, especially since the buy unique boots no longer a problem. But the big question still remains: what to wear with ugg boots?

It would not want to look ridiculous and sillytrendy boots. Consisting of close relative of the boots of Russia, such sassy shoe simpletons who do not leave the pedestal of fashion, very fond of, even Hollywood stars. They do not want to part with them, not only in freezing and snowy winter, and hot in summer.

It would be worth noting that originally this shoeI loved by surfers, but they wore them just to warm the frozen waves of the legs after a long swim, and not to stand out. Some celebrities are not just allowed themselves to combine these boots with a luxurious evening dresses. Naturally, such a blindly imitate fads, because in his "nature" ugg boots - kezhual, so it is in a style they fit better and look best.

These boots have gained the title of universalfootwear, thanks to its unusual, we can say even unique properties. They can be worn in the cold and in the heat. The secret, in fact, that sheepskin, which is made from a shoe, has unusual properties: in the heat gives a sensation of coolness, and in cold weather warms. The most favorable temperature for wearing ugg - frost from -34 to +24 Celsius. The properties of these boots is often compared with boots, but unlike the latter - the rigidity and ugg boots, on the other hand, is very soft and pleasant.

Photo uggs what to wear

How and what to wear with your favorite ugg boots?

  • According to the world's most famous stylists andfashion, short and long ugg boots are best combined with skinny jeans ( "bananas" skinny, "carrots") and leggings, ie leg must be narrowed down, which helps to balance the figure. Skinny pants very easily tucked into boots, and as such you can safely go for a walk with friends, go shopping or to school.
  • If you pick up more discreet top and jeans, thensuch a combination may even look very formal. Wide pants also can not be ruled out, although such an option will not look so impressive. If you choose exactly slacks, it is best to combine them with short uggami, but do not fill the leg in boots.
  • When again there is a question - what to put on ugg boots,there is always a simple answer: this shoe is perfect for any elongated sweater, tunic, pullovers, cardigans and any short knitted or crocheted dresses. Harmonious and at least the original version - boots with pretty skirt folk style. Their combination with short dresses, trapezoids will slightly adjust the shape, making it more slender and graceful.
  • Any uggs, even unconventional, perfectlycombined with thick and thin tights. With kapron knitted boots look great. Fashion designers are advised to choose the color of tights under your favorite shoes, especially better for a couple of shades lighter or darker. Also ideal bright tights with ethnic patterns, or with severe scar.
  • The most controversial option of all - this is a ugg bootsshorts. Many notice that even among the well-known international designers unity is not observed in this regard, therefore, looking at a photo uggs, what to wear with them - once you decide.

uggs what to wear

What to wear ugg boots in the cold?

I would also like to say - before you buyugg boots, think, do you have any suitable clothes for them; likely to wear them you will be in a frosty time of year. Perfect under their ponchos, free cut coat, sports jacket, short coat fashion, surround coat, jacket or short sheepskin coat in Rock 'n' Roll style. On cold days, a great addition would be an unusual novelty of the design - ugg hand. Even it happens! This long gloves of sheepskin, which will not leave any chance of frost. Important successfully pick the color of their boots, that there was no discord.

what to wear with ugg boots

Fashion ugg boots 2012

Trendy colors for 2012 are completely different. Starting from ordinary beige shades and pumping bright vivid colors, such as turquoise, purple, magenta, green, violet, complemented by a variety of finishes. It is equally fashionable UGG boots will be embroidered with sequins. These models are best worn in sunny weather or in the evening, because they are very beautiful sparkle in the sun or in the evening lights. You can wear them with a fur vest and thick tights. At least it looks beautiful feminine boots with different patterns. At the peak of popularity all also remain high ugg boots with buckles. This model is more democratic, so you can feel free to wear it to school or work.

A summer uggs, what to wear with them? Combine summer ugg boots can not only with narrow trousers and short skirts, dresses and sarafans made of light fabrics, such as cotton or linen. On the other texture is better to be more cautious, as not all silk will look good with our unusual boots.

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