" "Boots stockings are back!

Boots stockings are back!

boots stockings

Overcast in the street, and a cold wind chillsthrough. On what to choose to look fashionable, stylish, glamorous and sexy, and still be warmly dressed? To do this, designers have created a new collection of boots, stockings, which are in vogue again. Boots stockings help to attract admiring glances of men slain on the spot length and slenderness of your legs erotic.

You will see a large variety of models 2016, if familiar with shows of famous designers. In order to choose the right winter boots, you need to know the important details:

  1. From snow that could fall into the ankle, perfect protection boots, stockings with an outer fur.
  2. Comfortable movement on slippery surfaces provide a non-slip boots with grooved soles of natural rubber or foam rubber.
  3. In icy conditions shoe with a heel is better to prefer tankette.
  4. Comfort and warmth during walking provides mild ankle, which will never afflict your feet. Shoes, in which the upper part is made of suede and the bottom of the skin is considered ideal for the winter.
  5. Much faster wear boots with zipper, than those who do not. Most importantly, the lightning was made of quality material.
  6. Feet perspire much less in shoes with natural fur.
  7. Do not crack in cold strong boots, stockings of genuine leather.

There are many models of boots, stockings: from black leather with zip and platform heels, finishing bright scarlet soles.

Fashionable black boots, stockings, made ofgenuine leather, with great pleasure can be worn under shorts, mini skirt, short dress, long sweater and leggings, short coat or jacket. They can be worn tucked, it is also very easy to turn into boots stockings, deploying them in full length.

With wonderful, very high with a slightly round off the toe, high heel or platform shoe-stocking of bright colors can create a unique image.

Those who want to look original and not spend a lot of money, can buy cheap boots from Italian producers, who often do not differ from well-known brands.

Looking through the catalogs, pay attention to that,the shoes winter collections 2015-2016 year stands out the variety of bright natural colors, except for the classic black, gray and brown. Chains and ribbons decorated with many models.

boots stretch stockings

What kind of boots to choose?

Think about where you want them to wear:

  • For special occasions are likely suede boots with high heels.
  • For daily use is better to buy leather boots stockings on a stable heel, while black or brown leather and looks gorgeous.
  • From the rain, cold and piercing wind gusts will protect you in this fashion season winter boots made of suede for cold weather with wool lining.
  • White or beige boots with laces on high heels will suit those who plan to spend the winter wedding. They will perfectly blend in with the short wedding dress and a fur cape.

boots stockings boots

How to choose shoes that fit to the shape of the feet? This issue is most relevant among women. For extremely thin and very full toe shoes to choose the hardest.

Boots stretch stockings are perfect for suchfeet. They look very elegant and perfectly fit a foot. Beautiful knitted socks can be safely put on by a shoe. On thin legs will look great boots with lacing. They quickly adjusted to size of eggs.

It is impossible in any case to buy narrow bootsif your calves are very full, as they compress the shin. Not too high or special inserts model suitable for such legs. In the event that only full ankle quite suitable platform shoes. But keep in mind that this model makes full legs even more massive.

Stretch boots are suitable for any calf completenessand emphasize your individuality and harmony to visually lengthen the legs, due to the elasticity of the material. To hike to the party or any celebration, they fit perfectly. Since the boots very air, you have to be very convenient. You will feel like a star of every party, especially since they can be worn at full length.

Boots boots stockings maximum lengthvery fashionable this season. It is best to buy boots neutral shades. These colors like blue, purple, eggplant, orange, red, and pastel shades will appeal to those who prefer extravagant things.

But the girls of low growth, boots boots look ugly. Visually shorten the leg footwear having a strap around the ankle.

When buying shoes, you should consider whether they will be combined with your wardrobe. If you already have the boots of classic black or dark brown in color, you can experiment with other colors.

Boots stockings will give you a special attraction, if you slender beautiful legs. Remember this!

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