" "Exaggerated female boots: the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

Hollow boots for women: the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

hollow female boots

Came the cold, and every girl startsto think about what kind of shoes to choose for this season. Of course, it should be quite warm, fashionable and extremely convenient. But to collect all these qualities in a single model was very difficult before the shelves were exaggerated female boots. This term means boots with a look as if they were inflated with air - hence the name.

It is believed that the great-grandmothers were Dutikow bootsAstronauts often called "rovers". Fashionable they began in the 80s of the last century. While exaggerated clothing and footwear produced in very large quantities. Now to the "Pouter" actively show interest in small and large snow-covered cities. And if the understanding of such shoes do you associate with the old ladies in the bus or preschool children, time to change the stereotypes. These boots have ceased long ago to be a "march" or "Ski" option, now it's cute and fashionable.

Advantages and disadvantages of inflated boots

Hollow female sew boots made of waterproof material. Unlike other shoes, they do not get wet and do not become deformed after drying.

  • The upper part of these boots often made of different synthetic materials, suede or knit fabric.
  • Quilted have Velcro - it is very convenient, because you can adjust the width of the shaft. There are also models with laces. The sole of these boots quite thick and massive.
  • These shoes can retain heat even in the cold of winter, for example, in the north, where the intense cold - a common phenomenon.
  • Also, between the fabric layers can be placedinsulation. For this approach both natural materials, the type of down and wool and synthetics, in plain syntepon and special "space" materials.
  • Pectoral Sandpiper - a versatile winter shoe thatIt fits all. They are well used for winter sports. These boots are extremely light and flexible, foot in them feels quite cozy and comfortable.
  • Thick ribbed outsole makes them very stable on slippery surfaces, and water-repellent materials, coating them well protected from the slush and sleet.
  • In addition, hollow boots Female winter - a great "box" for the design of experiments, and if you like to stand out from the crowd - select "Pouter"!

sham women's boots

Suffice it difficult to single out the negative aspects in this shoe, but still these are:

Firstly, during the severe frosts Pouter artificial surface can crack that spoil their appearance.

Secondly, these shoes goes well withsports and street style. On the evening dress or business suit strict they can not be put on. But complete with jeans, leggings, jackets inflated or fur vest Air boots will look great.

How to choose the right sapogi- "Quilted"?

If the climate is warm and humid, thenbetter to give preference to the boots with a waterproof coating. In the case of frosty winters better to choose the textile and synthetic "Quilted", but should pay attention to their soles. It should be thick, grooved, soft and with a little roughness.

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