" "Fashionable sports shoes 2011-2012 remains a favorite of the season

Fashionable sports shoes 2011-2012 remains a favorite of the season

fashion sports shoes

Sports style every season alwaysIt is present in the collections of fashion designers. He impresses with its practicality and convenience. Looking back on the fashion trends of spring-summer 2011, designers of sports shoes in 2012 offer us the best of the trends of the previous season, not forgetting the fresh veyaniyah.Sportivnaya shoes traditionally represented sneakers and sneakers. What are the model adequately take their place in our wardrobe in the 2012 season?

  • At the peak of popularity of sneakers will be the boldest of colors: pink, turquoise, purple, yellow. Black and white are also held in high esteem. It is fashionable to be a bright orange color.
  • Special attention is paid in the next season shoelaces - they must be of different colors and always bright. Designers offer original models of shoes with lacing behind.
  • Fashionable shoes and sneakers are with bright prints and three-dimensional drawings. Sports glamor in fashion, too: sneakers and shoes decorated with rhinestones and sequins.
  • For girls who prefer a sporty style, but do not want to give up high heels designers in the coming season offering sport boots and shoes with heels on a high platform sole.
  • Leather, suede, velvet, dense fabric - a material for sports shoes for the autumn-winter season.
  • Much attention is paid to detail: lightning, decoration, different inserts.

Among such a variety of easy tochoose a model not only for the creation of daily sporting image, but also to choose original shoes that emphasize individuality and give the opportunity to experiment with styles.

Casual and sporty chic

Sports things to wear comfortable and convenient, theyeasily fit into the style of «casual». It goes well sports shoes with skinny jeans, dresses and skirts in the style of "sport." Through relevant in the next season sneakers bright colors and kedam with original prints, this outfit will not look boring.

Fashionable sports shoes in 2011 was in the more traditional style. In the autumn-winter season, designers offer to experiment and try more daring options:

  • Short classic shorts, blouse or shirt, a long cardigan made of light fabric, coupled with fashionable sneakers will create an unusual and stylish image.
  • It is interesting to look at sports shoes long skirt with a classic topom or full skirt to the knee and a T-shirt with large print labels or amusing.
  • Bright leggings, short dress and shoes Wedge - this outfit definitely attract attention and make your way very original.
  • Sports shoes with heels or wedges can be combined even with a cocktail dress or suit with concise notes classics.

Designers labeled clothes in this style, as "bold urban chic." So add imagination, mix styles, boldly wearing fashionable sports shoes.

Sneakers autumn-winter 2012 collection ofknown brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas will soon appear in specialized stores. Basically this bright two- or three-color model, as always stylish and comfortable. Nike company designers this season added dusty shades of pink, turquoise, blue and gray.

Special attention should be fashionable sportsshoes from the brand Y-3: very beautiful shoes, embroidered with sequins, leather shoes, bright yellow, pink and blue. Heath collection are very feminine boots on a high platform sole, like sneakers.

Sports style every season moreIt penetrates into casual clothes, becoming a favorite among people of all ages and social status. Its elements - clothes, shoes, accessories - are becoming more elegance, glamor and femininity. Be aware of the latest fashion trends is essential.

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