" "How to teach an adult cat to the tray?

How to teach an adult cat to the tray?

how to teach an adult cat to the tray

  • Choosing a place for the toilet
  • Select tray
  • To accustom the cat to the toilet
  • Possible problems

Cats - wayward creatures. And the nature of them, frankly, strong. Despite the natural intelligence and ingenuity, these animals often suffer because of their own stubbornness and unwillingness to put up with the rules established by man. For example, they are prepared to ignore the latrine tray and hard defecate in a place that will choose for yourself.

Most cat owners are not a problemIt occurs when the animal lives in the house almost from infancy, and in the same age it was accustomed to the tray (kittens generally easy to train to walk in the tray). If your house settling adult cat, which had previously been accustomed to the tray, it is likely, she quickly realized where her new home is the toilet and will use them properly. However, this may not happen if the change of residence of the animal cause real stress, and the rejection of the tray will become a form of protest.

To accustom to the tray and have an adult cat,taken from the streets or simply accustomed to go to relieve himself on the loose, not in plastic cuvette. So the question is how to do it, is not idle. For many cats refusal to use a tray becomes a stumbling block in relations with an animal. As a result of an unsuccessful struggle for human upryamitsy are at best move to live in the private sector, and at worst are all in the street. We will not argue about the morality of such behavior stubborn owners of cats, and talk about how all the same to try to teach an adult cat walking in the tray.

Choosing a place for the toilet

Cats - delicate creatures. As latrine they choose nooks hidden from prying eyes. Therefore, for the tray in the house also need to choose a location. The most suitable location for the cat tray in the apartment will be a bathroom or toilet, and a balcony (loggia), if it is insulated. Also, do not forget that an animal at any time should be able to freely go to his toilet. This allows you to quickly and easily teach your cat or cat a new toilet.

Categorically not suitable for cat litterkitchen and hallway. Firstly, it is unacceptable from the point of view of hygiene flat. Agree that the toilet (even the cat's) no place in the kitchen where food is prepared or in the hallway, where people dress and shoes. Conditionally suitable place can be considered a storeroom, if it is convenient for you and your cat. Secondly, the cat may refuse to use the toilet, where often there are people: she, as already mentioned, being delicate.

how to teach to the tray adult cat

Select tray

If an adult cat before they settled inyour house, did not know that such a tray, then he should please her: to be quite spacious and comfortable, so she recognized it as a toilet. What is a handy tray? First of all, deep: he designed for the adult animal. Tray depth must not be less than ten centimeters. This will allow the cat to dig in it, to prepare a place for an intimate process, and then hide the results. In addition, high disc tray will make it impossible to get enough sleep on a floor filler. And the width and length of the tray should be large enough for the animal in him fully fit.

An alternative to tray-cell will be specialhouse-toilet, which will be useful cat and ease your care for cat litter. The fact that such houses are equipped with special filters to clean the air from the natural odor that it remains after the visit to the cat. And if you do not have time to time to remove the tray, the filters neutralize the smell. Cats, too, with great pleasure begin to walk to relieve himself, using the houses as such toilets are equipped with a roof and walls and completely hide the cat from prying eyes. Yes and place such an indoor toilet can be not only in the bathroom, and even in the hallway - a cat or a cat that does not confuse.

To accustom the cat to the toilet

Very often animals intuitively understand, forwhich is prepared for them a tray. Still, some effort you have to exert to teach an adult cat to the new toilet. Incidentally, the conventional wisdom is that the cat accustomed to the tray is easier than a cat, is not true. Yes, of course, driven by the instincts of the male cat, according to which he should mark territory known method. Therefore, it is often in the new environment the animal begins to leave marks. But the cat is more capricious. And if she does not like the place, it will stubbornly refuse to walk in the tray and select the location for the toilet itself. But let's start from the beginning.

Firstly, you need to watch out for animals. Cat wants to relieve themselves soon after a meal. Although we note they can endure for a long time. By the way, introduce your cat to the toilet, you can immediately after its appearance in the house. As we have said, the animals are often intuitively understand purpose tray. If in your case and what happened, then the problem is solved: once to descend in the tray, the cat (or cat) will begin to use them constantly.

But if the animal is not immediately be recognized in your traytoilet, then wait until it need arise. Want to use the toilet, the cat will begin to look for a private place to relieve themselves. Noticing this, take an animal, take the tray and put in it. Stroke, calm and move away. Most likely, the cat will begin to dig the vehicle, the bridge and in the end will do its job in the tray. If it jumps out of the chute, and tries to run away, again and again return to it in the tray until it fail there is need.

Another variant. Seeing that the cat had chosen the place and the bridge has to pee or poop, quickly put the tray on this place, and set it in the animal. Being already practically in the process, the animal will continue the work, being in the tray. Do not change the filler: the next time the cat will begin to search for a toilet by the smell. If it is to go back to its original location, then take it to the tray. Feeling the familiar smell, the cat will use for its intended purpose tray.

If the animal still returns to the previousplace, put it on the tray while it is there, and begin to move it slowly back to where you originally intended to place the tray. It will take time, but the animal a process of moving will not be visible. And another tip.

If you took the cat from the street, then the first timePour into the tray filler, and conventional ground or sand: the familiar smell and texture that is in the tray, the cat will help to understand what is meant cell. If a pet in your absence shit in a secluded corner, blot wipe the puddle and put the napkin on the tray. If in addition to animal puddles left behind a more visible traces of these "traces" of the same move in the tray. The place chosen for the cat toilet, generously treat with ammonia or vinegar essence: a strong and pungent smell will force the animal to ignore this place.

As an adult cat accustomed to the tray

Possible problems

It happens that the force has to go to the trayadult cat, which to a certain point willing to use it. Before you scold the animal, contact your veterinarian: this behavior can be wake-up call and talk about the problems with animal health. This behavior of the adult cat or cats can also indicate to him uncomfortable tray or the wrong place for a toilet. Allow the cat to choose the location for the tray and Organize toilet there. Even cats can squeamish crap tray. Some animals myauchat demanded, drawing your attention to this issue, while others ignore the dirty tray silently, just find a new place where you can go to the toilet.

Not many cats want to go to one trayother animals. And if your house does not live one cat, then for each animal purchased separately tray. Generally say exactly how easily you will be able to accustom the cat to the toilet, it is impossible. It all depends on the character, temperament and intelligence of the animal. But nothing is impossible does not exist. With enough patience on your part cat will sooner or later recognize the tray to place the toilet and begin to walk in it. Be persistent and creative, and you are all sure to succeed!

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