" "Yorkie dogs and glamorous clothes for them

Yorkie dogs and glamorous clothes for them

Yorkie dogs and glamorous clothes

The fashion for small dogs has alreadyseveral thousand years. Even Cleopatra held at the court of the Maltese lapdogs that too in its own way glamorous dog. In ancient Rome, great ladies wound up currently Melita. In XVIII-XIX centuries socialites appear at events, holding under his arm miniature companions. Our age is no exception. Dogs accompany their mistresses at social events and trendy hangouts, restaurants, nightclubs and long trips. Fortunately, they are perfectly placed in a small bag female.

The rocks, enjoying the love of modern secularlady, quite a lot. Happy owner of "living jewels" pamper them as they can. Shih Tzu, Chinese crested, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Yorkies, glamorous clothes for dogs and are selected according to the latest fashion trends. Almost all the high fashion houses create a special collection for the four-legged pets. Kids buy jewelry, manicures, hairstyles, and, if necessary, lead to a special "dog" psychologists.

Glamorous dog, which is filled with picturesglossy magazines and the internet, draw attention to its owner of not less chic dresses and glittering decorations. They are - a symbol of success, wealth and accessories to the "high society". This baby ceases to be perceived as an animal. And so, according to many, from friend and pet gradually turns into a luxury item.

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"Darling of fortune" or "fashion victim"?

In fashion at the glamorous dogs have a lot ofopponents. Many animal rights groups believe that such treatment of a living being is absolutely unacceptable. For example, in the UK RSPCA plans to introduce a penalty for the home side, "dress up" their pets. It is believed that the hats, shoes and overalls may cause harm to small animals. But "unhealthy lifestyle" undermines their nervous system.

On the other hand, it is no secret that almostall dogs - no matter large or small - has its own "destiny". There are hunting, patrol and special fighting breeds. Dogs "are" in the police and customs, "work" border guards and lifeguards. Work glamorous dogs - the owners to accompany their social events. It seems that this is not the sad fate.

However, there is another problem. Fashion - a capricious thing. Today one breed is at the peak of popularity, tomorrow - another. And if Glamorous dog - just an accessory, how to be "out of fashion with the" creature?

This question seriously attended toGreat Britain. There appeared firm providing "for hire" educated and groomed dogs most fashionable breeds. So ladies who want to show off at a reception or a party with a "living toy", spared virtually from all worries. The service is a success, and may soon appear in Russia.

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A little happiness

However, it seems that for most peopleaddicted to glamorous dog - not just a fad. Loyal, trustworthy, affectionate and amazingly cute creatures simply can not fail to love in return. These kids are perfectly relieve stress. They are able to cheer and improve your mood even in the most difficult moment. And because of their tiny size happy housewife can not part with their little miracle for a minute.

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