" "Dog training at home

Dog training at home

training dogs

They, of course, clever, our dogs. In addition to the loyalty and courage have more innate intelligence. They are surprisingly savvy or even moderately inventive. And here is why any dog ​​that lives next to the person you need to educate and training - one of the main ways of its education.

Dog training exercise easy and difficultsimultaneously. Easy it because dogs are trained to be happy to give the joy of communicating with the person. Difficult because to successfully training one needs not only to establish contact with the dog, but also a lot of patience and some knowledge.

The basic rules of training

Remember that a dog - an animal with specialnervous organization. In their actions are guided not so much mind and senses, as instincts and reflexes. Although dogs are able to think and feel (who would doubt it?), The basis of training is to develop certain reflexes to the host team. Getting classes with your dog, remember the basic rules.

  1. Dog training is possible at any age. However, for a successful dog training is necessary to start education from puppyhood. This is the period when the foundations of understanding owner with his dog.
  2. During training you can not use violence against animals, and even more so to beat him. This will not only lead to loss of confidence, but also embitter dog.
  3. The effectiveness of training depends on the condition of the dog. So consider not only his wishes but also the mood and state of health of pupils.

Dog training at home

The main methods of training

The choice of method depends on the nature of the dog itself,and on what skill you want to teach it. Dog training at home and with the experts-cynologists involves the use of four main methods: vkusopooschritelnogo, imitative, mechanical and contrast.

  • Vkusopooschritelny method lies in the fact that the dog gets used to execute a command for a treat (food stimulus).
  • Imitative method is based on instinctfollow. Have you noticed that if a flock one dog starts barking, the rest are attached to it. In the process of training the instinct of imitation is used not only to other dogs, but the owner (who considers dog leader).
  • The mechanical method is that the dogaccustomed to respond simultaneously to the spoken command and the mechanical effect on the dog itself. For example, a dog trained to "sit" command: Speak commands and press against the animal's rump, forcing him to sit down.
  • Training of dogs contrast methodIt involves a combination of stimuli. For example, mechanical and flavor. This method can teach the dog the command "me": to say a command, gently pull on the leash, and then encourage the delicacy.

Using all of these methods are trained dogs veryvery many skills, ranging from elementary instruction and ending with the ability to perform intricate tricks and bear guard dog. However, the training of dogs at home pursuing quite prosaic purpose. Dressiruya their pets, we are making them obedience. And in order for the dog to obey his master, she should know what he wants from her. This is what we teach our dogs - to perform certain actions on the various signals.

dog training at home

The ABCs of home training

Any pet dog must know andperform a few basic commands. The very first team "place!" Easy to teach a puppy with his addiction to the name. Just putting the baby on a bed and loudly say the command. A reflex to secure further use promotion method.

How to teach your puppy command "to me!"? Just beckoning him to her, say, and this team. If the baby is suitable reluctantly and slowly, then quickly move away in the opposite direction. Do not forget to encourage your dog affection or delicacy.

A little later (around two months of age)You can train a dog to start the implementation of the other teams. To teach the puppy to the command "sit!", Raise your hand with the treat so that he could see only a piece of cake sitting. As soon as the dog sits, say the command and give rewards. If the animal does not want to sit down, help him, applying slight pressure on the base of the tail. The same way this team can be trained and adult dog.

The following command, which should know andcarry your dog, "lie!". Going it should be from a sitting position. To teach the pet to lie on the team, keep the dog's withers and gently tighten its front legs forward. And in order to teach your dog to get up on the team, say the word "stand" and at the same time lift the it by hovering your hand under the animal's belly.

For training the team "next!"A dog wearing a collar with a short leash and put near the host (in the left leg). Feeding command the dog to easily pull on the leash, causing the person to be around. Once the dog stands or sits next to the master leg (realizing what he calls her), it necessarily reward.

All this only a few teams who canteach your dog to any host. To dog training at home was effective, start their studies to prepare mentally and intellectually. A key to success in this difficult task will be your patience, perseverance, and love!

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