" "How to receive visitors?

How to receive visitors?

how to receive guests

Every woman, inviting friends to his house andrelatives, wants to look the best hostess in the world. And experiencing the excitement associated with waiting and reception guests, we scroll in his head many nuances about the upcoming holiday: what dishes to file, what drinks as to lay the table, but may be worth it to decorate an apartment decorations in the theme of the forthcoming meeting? And so on to infinity. Certainly, every woman learned here your thoughts and feelings.

And to these questions are not tormented you, lettry to understand that the all-still is the key to a hostess and receive guests in his house, so that all were satisfied?

Create a festive atmosphere

The most difficult and troublesome part of the holiday - aStart. Therefore, we must try to finish all the preparations at least forty minutes before the arrival of guests. So you will have time to relax a bit and get away, for example, listen to good music. The one that will cheer up, for the festival success directly depends on the owner. Your mood will be transferred instantly guests, and if you are lethargic and irritable, even the most delicious food will not save the evening of boredom and depression. By the way, after the arrival of the guests is not necessary to turn off the music, let it quietly sounds like a nice and easy "background".

Waiting for the guests certainly ventilate the room,to get rid of all smells a little cool air. You can light a short while scented candles, because the fresh air filled with pleasant and unobtrusive smell much nicer than the flavors of the cuisine, hovering after the preparation of festive dishes.

If it's damp weather, the owner canpuzzled - as if to offer guests pereobutsya in slippers? The answer can be only one - not. It is simply contrary to etiquette. In this case it is best to remove the floor carpet. After all the guests will come to you in a smart house, and slippers just spoil all the charm of a holiday mood and the guests, and especially the female half.

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We serve an table

The most common reception is associated with a significant foryou or your family event. Therefore environment must comply with the holiday and please the eyes of all present. And here the main role played by serving and decorating the table. In this regard, there are several current rules, the use of which will help you to be on top in the organization of any holiday:

  • Set the table in the most convenient place in the room, that nothing prevented the guests coming to him.
  • also need to seriously approach to a choice of seats. They should be the most comfortable. The most optimal variant considered the chairs, which give each person at the table about sixty centimeters of personal space.
  • For important events best suited white tablecloth, well ironed and starched.
  • Choose dishes in the same style, and never use a chipped plate. The main thing to remember - the whole situation is to look harmonious and match the room.
  • To make the celebration of sophistication, you canused to decorate the room and the table fresh flowers and candles. Flowers are placed in a low vase with a wide neck, and after the guests rassyadutsya in its place - lit candles.
  • Do not forget the napkins, they should be in harmony with the tablecloth. Very well will look napkins folded in the shape of a flower. They can be placed directly on the plate or slightly above.

Despite the fact that the invitation was scheduled forspecific time, some of the guests are delayed by at least fifteen minutes. So you have to remember how usually take guests who have come in time for the holiday and did not give them a miss. It may help easy appetizer and snack. For example, the fine will look three-tiered bowl of different cheese varieties, all kinds of nuts and fruit.

No need to apply for an aperitif strongalcohol. A couple of kinds of fine wine will be enough. Creating, thus, an easy and uninhibited atmosphere, you're sure to come before all the guests wait for the latecomers a casual conversation, while maintaining a positive attitude.

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At the table

If you do everything according to the rules of etiquette, it is necessaryConsidering that the most honor are place in the middle of the table instead of at the end, as many believe. And if the table is in front of the door, the place that was looking at her, and will be the main. Of course, at home does not necessarily adhere to the rules of the landing, which was adopted at the major diplomatic events.

However, we should remember that birthday everIt takes the place of honor. Next to him is seated close to him. And if some of the invited guests there are older people, they need to sit down as far as possible from the edge of the table. It should also draw attention to the fact that the woman did not sit next to a woman and man to man. The husband and his wife also have to sit apart.

Any hostess probably wondering howwelcome guests in such a way that they do not get bored? How to behave at the table, nothing to talk about, someone to pay attention to? If you know well the invited people, try to seat them depending on the characteristics of temperament. Those who like to listen to, plant next to those who like to talk and can be interested in conversation.

The mistress should never show hisbad mood. Whatever you were concerned - move the problem into the background. Who is for you the main thing, the mood of people gathered in your house. It depends on you how it will unfold the conversation, if it became necessary, direct the conversation back on track. Do not let visitors talk to dull threads connect to the conversation of all those who, in your opinion, was bored and did not know what to do.

Never stop your attention on oneof the guests. You are the mistress, which means you need to pay equal attention to all those present. And if you notice that one of the guests became interested and bored the rest of inappropriate conversation, tactfully and politely try to change the subject of conversation.

If you have come to you with children ...

How to take away the children? The question is not an easy task. In this case, you need to exercise caution, tact and, of course, affability. For many children hesitate at the sight of a great company of adults do not know how to behave in a given situation. In this case, it will be easier if at least three children. Just give it to "the mercy of" a separate room, where a small table set with food and drinks. Take care of the entertainment for the kids, but if you know in advance that you are expected to visit the children's room for them can be decorated with balloons, colorful stock up on interesting books, cartoons and fairy tales.

But do not forget that you need togo and see to the kids - to see if they met as a relationship, if they are bored. If your family has its own child, he is the owner, can take responsibility for their guests themselves. About a day or two before the holiday Gather the family council, in which the word and let your child. Let him figure out how to entertain friends, tell him a few fun contests, prizes beforehand please be unpretentious.

Taking advantage of all the tips givenabove, and showing little imagination, you will always look in the eyes of the guests the most hospitable hosts. And the question of how to take in his house guests will be able to answer easily - joy, sincerely and enthusiastically!

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