" "Cocktail party at home, holding a script

Cocktail party at home, holding a script

cocktail party

We have long been tired of the traditional feasts,when the table standing in the middle of the room bursts with refreshments and holiday in the end it turns into a banal and boring gatherings. Of course, there are situations when something else is simply not appropriate - the anniversary of my grandfather, for instance. But if you are celebrating new home, meeting friends or a long-awaited Friday usual meal can be turned into an unusual party, is only slightly dream.

Cocktail party - this is the option,which provides the flight of fantasy owners in question organize the event, and the guests a lot of positive emotions and unusual pictures that will decorate not only the albums of social networks, but will remain as a memory.

Party on the occasion of ...

The script of the cocktail party is dependentprimarily on the celebration. For example, you decide to throw a party in honor of the birthday or housewarming. These holidays are celebrated in a big way, so get ready for what will have to advance all think and prepare.

So, on a hot and salads you explicitly save,so you can afford to enjoy a colorful show of bartenders - flair. It is a popular idea in recent times is the barmen competition (or in a professional performance), who demonstrate their art of making cocktails, juggling glasses, shakers and bottles, put their pyramid, or simply rotated.

Many bartenders use fire in theirrepresentations, which, of course, looks very impressive. Flaring can be enjoyed in any holiday agency. Of course, do not apply to the first available, be sure to consult with your friends, or at least read the reviews of the agency to whom you entrust your holiday.

For example, we dealt with the highlight of the program. What else should be considered? Subdued light, the music, you can add lighting effects. For example, disco ball - like a minor detail, but the look of the room, which will host the celebration, becomes markedly more original.

Among the competitions are popular cocktails own recipes, sure each of your guests to have a drink. And in the end - tasting to determine the winner.

You can hold a contest for the best name forcocktails. And if you still ordered flair, you can help the bartender, he, for example, will give a master class in cooking or cocktails on the construction of the pyramids. Guests will not notice how time flies.

cocktail party at home

Party for no reason ...

If the cocktail party organized for less than a grand occasion, such as a meeting of friends, a wide scope is not required. But here it is necessary to work out the details, so that no one got bored.

First of all, the dress code. You - the owner and you choose the form in which you want to see my friends, but as the cocktail party and your guests will likely young people will let this swimwear. And if your meeting is taking place in a country house with a swimming pool - the fun will be able to fame, believe me! After this appearance itself has to easy communication and fun.

Once there any special reason for the meeting andNo hero for the day, we can all agree to come with symbolic gifts, a set of liqueur glasses or funny scarf, for example. Put all these gifts in a big bag, like Santa Claus, and let each guest with his own hand pull yourself a small gift. In this case, guests generally exhibit the wonders of imagination, so everyone will be satisfied.

As to the table?

Cocktail party at home is good that the hostess did not have to mess around in the kitchen day, circling around the plate and cutting boards. You have to take care only of snacks.

The most optimal option has always beencanapés - skewered on a stick pieces of cheese, olives, salami or fruit. Also today, the actual cook sushi, but they can be and book. You can still make a lot of small sandwiches with various ingredients. Do not forget about dessert - cookies, candy and ice cream just will not superfluous.

Selection cocktails may depend, for example,the time of year. If the celebration takes place in the cold season, no one will refuse from the hot fragrant mulled wine, if the window heat - there is nothing better mahito. You can also prepare such is not complicated cocktails like Pina colada and margarita or one of your own original recipe.

Do not exclude the fact that someone of your friends will not drink alcohol. Juices, mineral water or soft drinks appreciate all who are driving.

In conclusion I would like to add that the thematicparty - it's a win-win option for many celebrations. Of course, originality is not without responsibility, but you forgive any shortcomings and will be grateful for having fun in an unusual setting. After all, instead of once again gorged itself, sit in a chair and dreaming of bed, your guests will actively communicate and dance.

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