" "Congratulate my mother on the anniversary

Congratulate mother on the anniversary

congratulations on the anniversary of my mother

When approaching the date of his mother's birthday,It is in a quiet stop to think how best to congratulate the nearest person who gave you life. Do not just banal wishes and traditional congratulations, a bouquet of flowers and some material present, and try to prepare for my mother a real surprise. Remember that the value of the gift for the mother moves to the latter plan, so think over your actions that can really surprise and cause a storm of emotions.

If you think about how to congratulate the mother andAnniversary unconventional way, a fence of a loved one from the household chores and take the process of preparation for the holiday itself. Round date - a kind of milestone in a person's life, so mum anniversary should pass at the highest level, even if you do not want to rent a banquet hall and invite professional artists for the event.

Preparation for the holiday

To make my mother a surprise, can be purchased forher subscription to the beauty salon, and while your own people are preparing for the holiday, improving hair and making manicure, decorate an apartment balls, electric garlands, bouquets of flowers and other festive attributes.

Plan the holiday table and the number ofguests, a list of which should be prepared in conjunction with the birthday girl. Relatives and friends are well you can ring up my mother's girlfriends on their own, let them know the date and time of celebration, when you are planning an event in the family circle.

If the anniversary is planned at the restaurant, orderthe development of an interesting scenario in the specialized agencies for organizing events. But when choosing a musical accompaniment for the party better give up the modern tunes as my mother will like the music period of her youth, under which she danced, fell in love, and even sad.

To decorate the room - an apartment or banquetHall, you can make interesting wall newspaper with congratulations in the verses and stick her mother's photograph, showing all of her most important life stages. It can be stored in black and white baby photo cards, where it is displayed in a school uniform with white bows on her head, wedding photos and images of children in their arms. If you fail to pick up the old family album desired image, simply draw on Whatman paper suitable pictures and glue them to the carved face photos. So it will be more interesting and unusual.

I like to congratulate the mother on the anniversary

Choosing a gift

To be interesting and not ordinary to congratulatebirthday mum, gift should match and also be interesting and even unique. It is not necessary to buy a ready-card with pre-printed greeting. It is better to use a hand-mejk, decorating it with dried flowers or beautiful ribbons cooked with his own, and wishes in verse form, you can write your own. This card should give, together with a bouquet. Drawing up of a beautiful flower arrangement entrust professional florists, which it is necessary to tell, what colors prefers your mother, as some women like exotic orchids, while others can not imagine their birthday without the traditional bouquet of red roses.

If your mother, despite his age, lovesextreme events, give her a balloon flight, so that it can together with you to admire the beauty of his native city with a bird's-eye view. Such an anniversary without a doubt, it will be remembered for a lifetime, and it is a thrill to remember the most unforgettable emotions from the flight.

It is better to avoid the banal gifts - kitchenutensils, perfume and cosmetics, household appliances, and even more money in an envelope, as such items are unlikely to be a real surprise. Choose something deeply symbolic, gift, which will affect the deepest strings of the soul.

For example, you can order a paintingmom surrounded by family and friends, or a stylized family book where old photographs will be processed on the new computer technology. On the pages of this album it is recommended to present a biography of the family, as well as to draw the family tree, where the mother is given a central place.

Be sure to connect the fantasy and make every effort, and then my mother's anniversary will be one of the brightest pages in her life.

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