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Trends Weddings 2016

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Sure, everyone wants an unusual andmemorable wedding, which would have the status of "special". Organizing a wedding - it's quite a complex process that requires detailed thinking through even the smallest of details. In this article you will find some tips that will help you organize the wedding. Here we consider the main wedding trends in 2016.

So the first trend of the wedding 2016 - iszest. Immediately it is important to decide on what will be the feature of your marriage, that is, the so-called highlight of the celebration. Simply put, this is what will form the basis for the entire wedding. For example, this may be a common hobby, your favorite movie, joint sport, etc. And then proceed from certain selected ideas and select a place of ceremony, wedding dresses, decoration of the hall, etc. Thus, you will make the wedding theme, unusual and interesting.

The second feature - style. Stick to a single style. Whether it's a romantic style, classic or vintage. Pick acceptable colors, consider the concept of celebration, wedding season - try to make sure that all your wedding consistent with this style.

The trend number three - sincerity. All material seem nonsense, if you feel restrained, too anxious and do not enjoy the moment. Seize the moment! Do not hold back his feelings and emotions, your wedding should be present!

The fourth feature of the wedding 2016 - isdecor. In recent years, it paid almost focuses as modern wedding - not just tablecloths, balloons, and floral arrangements, are true works of art! This exquisite floristry and fashion vase and creative solutions - from the smallest detail to a global decoration.

Number five - buffet. Serious feast is no longer relevant. Today more and more demand for wedding banquets fourchette type, normal reception may decorate the living statues that will offer drinks and snacks to your guests.

The last feature of wedding 2016 - Wedding forabroad. Of course, this will require very careful preparation, a lot of time and effort, but still worth it. And even if you suddenly have a question the legality of the marriage abroad, you always have the opportunity to re-sign at home. Weddings abroad - it is romantic and beautiful, in addition, it is an excellent option for those couples who dream of marriage together!

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