" "Protein diet for pregnant women: a range of products, diet

Protein diet for pregnant women: a range of products, diet

correct protein diet during pregnancy


  • The relevance of protein nutrition
  • Description diet for pregnant women
  • The useful protein diet
  • Summary, conclusions, recommendations,

To date, this is very developed industry,as medicine, and in particular one of its destinations - obstetrics. Pregnancy - is a very important and crucial period in the life of any woman. One of the fundamental rules here is correct, balanced diet. When pregnancy is used so-called protein diet. Its advantages compared to other diets is that it provides the mother and fetus complete proteins. Many are aware of the fact that from the food in this period of time depends on the health of the woman and the unborn child. If the diet is not enough protein, then the child may be born weak and then get sick often.
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The relevance of protein nutrition

Very important is the fact that the exchange of pregnancysubstances increases sharply, and the power consumption is just for two people. Therefore, doctors recommend that all pregnant women are strictly comply with the protein diet. Protein - is the most important nutrients. They are part of cell membranes, are involved in the formation of antibodies, enzymes and hormones perform transport functions (hemoglobin), and energy sources are useful amino acids. Consider further that is a protein diet for pregnant women.

Products with a protein diet

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Description diet for pregnant women

Diet for pregnant women characterized by the followingcharacteristics: amount of protein consumed per day should be 100-120 g, which is about 2 g per kg body weight. As for fats, then the rate of consumption of 80-100 g, 20 g of which must be of plant origin. The proportion of carbohydrates, since the second half of pregnancy is reduced to 300 g should be limited to flour, cakes, juices From this moment on. Protein diet for pregnant women limit consumption of salt water. Excessive fluid intake can cause swelling. The diet eliminates eating fried, spicy dishes. The most optimal would be to cook for a couple or a cook.

To get the necessary proteins, with eachmeal should be consumed 1 serving of the following products: 200 g of cheese, 6 egg whites, 150 grams of fish or chicken, 120 grams of red meat, 250 ml of milk or dairy products. So, all these products are most valuable for the expectant mother. The day a pregnant woman should drink 500 ml of milk or dairy products. This is very important because in addition to protein and it contains more calcium.

power mode and the list of banned products

Eat the expectant mother should be regularly throughsome breaks. Best Mode - This five meals in small portions every 3-3.5 hours. This will contribute to a better absorption of protein and other nutrients. Diet includes the range of the so-called forbidden foods. These include fatty meats, herring, mayonnaise, mushrooms, alcohol, fast food, hot spices, canned goods, concentrated broth, condensed milk, pastries, fried foods, strong tea or coffee, sugar. Limited and salt intake to 5-6 grams per day.

Calorie daily diet should bedistributed in the following order: breakfast should account for 30% of daily calories at lunch - 10%, for lunch - 40%, lunch and dinner - 10%. In addition to the foregoing, it should be noted that the pregnancy should eat as many fruits and vegetables, do not neglect multivitamin complexes, which contain all of the vitamins necessary to the child and mother. Do not abuse the fruit such as bananas, grapes, as they boost blood sugar and thereby improve appetite and calories - it's not so good.

fruit during pregnancy are very necessary for the woman's body

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The useful protein diet

Many moms mistakenly believe that the more theyeat, the better for the child. In fact it is not so. Excess body weight will help to ensure that more nutrients will flow through the placenta to the baby. This may contribute to the development of so-called large fruit with a high birth weight.

That, firstly, the flow will cause complications generaand secondly, in a subsequent child will often suffer from rooting either endocrine and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, a large children often reduced immunity. Diet for pregnant women to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, which help adjust the desired weight. In addition, complete proteins help to increase muscle mass, increase the tone of the uterus, ligaments, promote proper growth and development of the baby, enhance immunity, and much more.

When pregnancy is very important to know that there are some contraindications to the use of this diet. This is primarily the liver and kidney disease, such as renal failure.

Therefore, before organizing protein diet during pregnancy, you should consult a doctor. He will give advice and tell you what food is the best.

protein diet menu for pregnant women

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Summary, conclusions, recommendations,

Based on the above we canIt concludes that in pregnancy the optimal and balanced diet is a protein. It allows you to fully make up for the lack of proteins, including those of animal origin. Of great importance here is played by the fact that the overall structure of the protein consumed by pregnant the proportion of animal protein should be at least 60%. And animal protein sources are animal products: meat, milk, eggs, cheese. Also important vegetable protein. Its source - it is legumes and nuts, which also need to periodically enter into the diet during pregnancy. Besides all this, the proteins contribute to the strengthening of the placenta and birth canal, ligaments, enhance immunity, regulate the full growth and development of the child.

All this plays a decisive role in the development of the fetus andthe further life of the child. Protein diet for pregnant women - a versatile diet, it can be used in many other cases. When using it you need to remember that food steamed or boiled, in the form of such a protein is the most valuable and digestible. It is of great importance and diet during pregnancy. There should be 4-5 times a day in small portions at regular intervals. It is not recommended to eat at night. Therefore, if you are pregnant, eat complete proteins!

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