" "How do you know the baby's sex by blood renewal?

How to find out the sex of the child by blood renewal?

how to find out the sex of the child by blood renewal

  • Sexing blood: Fact or Fiction
  • The main essence of this method
  • Features of the blood of renovation
  • How to calculate the sex of the child
  • How to schedule the birth of a boy or girl?
  • Find out the sex of the child by blood group

The most important and long-awaited event in the life ofevery woman - the birth of the baby. And if the sex of the first child may have absolutely no worry, the answer to the question, what will be the second floor, I would like to know much in advance. And in some cases, and to forecast. Plus, in families where there is already a boy, my mother wants to have a nice cat-daughter. And vice versa.

We now know a great number of waysdetermine the sex of the baby. There are scientific methods, and popular superstitions, and beliefs. In this regard, a large number of modern mothers studying different literature, runs tests, compares the results obtained in the search for truth. So let's look at how you can find out who you will be born - a boy or a girl - by the method of blood rejuvenation. Some moms say that it really gives almost 100% result. But is it really?

Sexing blood: Fact or Fiction

What is the theory of determining the sex of the baby,based on blood rejuvenation? As experts say, each person after a certain time there is a process of renewal of the mucous tissue and the blood itself. In this case each floor, these different intervals. So, for example, a woman's blood rejuvenation takes place once every three years, but in men only 1 time for 4 years. In fairness it should be noted that this method does not apply to scientific methods, and therefore the accuracy of the result can not be guaranteed. Its effectiveness, as scientists believe, is only about 2%.

find out the sex of the child by blood renewal

The main essence of this method

A method of determining the sex of the baby on updatingBlood may at first seem completely reasonable and quite interesting. A large number of researchers have concluded that once human blood is completely updated for several years. So, to find out who will be born to moms - girl or boy - it is necessary to find out, as they say in the test, one of the parents' blood was replaced later. In the case of my mother my father's blood is much younger, it is born, most likely, a girl. Conversely, if the parent's blood has passed the update later, it will be a boy.

Features of the blood of renovation

As I mentioned earlier, in the blood rejuvenationwomen held only every three years, the man - every four. But despite this, the blood can be updated and completely in other circumstances. Therefore, if you decide to find out the sex of your baby, be sure to write down on a piece of paper, whether you or your husband is, that could contribute to the upgrade. For example, this is:

  • during a blood transfusion;
  • during the delivery of blood transfusion stations;
  • in the case of large blood loss during delivery, operations, abortions, injuries, miscarriages, and so on.

Do not forget that all of these factors need to bebe sure to take into account when calculating. This is to ensure that the result will determine the sex of the future creation of tiny blood using the method of rejuvenation was more authentic. That is why the calculation must be carried out from the day when the event occurred, which led to the renewal.

In addition, it calculated the floor and blood. Rh factor expectant mother, too, is of great importance in determining the sex of your unborn baby. If the mother Rh negative, then the floor crumbs will depend on whose blood has changed before.

How to calculate the sex of the child

In order to find out who you will be born -the next boy or girl - it is necessary to use all the data, which are based on cyclic rejuvenation of the blood of men and women (depending on the exact date of their birth). The calculation is done on the basis of the exact age of the future parents at the time of conception. In this age of the Pope should be divided into 4, and the age of the mother - to 3, with 4 and 3 - times blood updates in men and women.

Let's take a closer look at how we candetermine the sex of a child, of course, using the method of blood renewal. So, who will be born to men aged 30 years and women 28 years? Age mom divide by three. As a result, we get 9.3. Age of Pope divide by four, the result is 7.5.

In this case, taking into account the residuereceived numbers: age dad - 5, much longer than the age of mothers - 3. Therefore, a woman much younger than the blood that may indicate that the light is most likely a girl will appear. But to accurately predict the sex of the child is unlikely to succeed.

Another more complex and interesting example. In the event that the remains will be equal to zero, may be born twins or twins. Mother - 24 years. Father - 28 years. 24/3 is 8, equal to 7. 28/4 seriously, it should be the case, if such kind have been cases.

a girl or boy on the Blood

How to schedule the birth of a boy or girl?

Date of birth of the father of the day - in 1983, and his mother -1987. Then we take the average age at which some of the fair sex are planning to have a baby - 20 years. Consequently, the male blood will be rejuvenated in 2003, then in 2007. In the case of conception in the period from 2003 to 2007, the light is likely the boy will appear. In the period 2008-2011, the girl will be born. In 2011, the mother's blood and the father refreshed, so the light of this year may appear twins. Gender twins impossible to guess by this method.

Of course, the determination of sex of the child (withUsing the method of blood renovation) it is subjected to enormous criticism and discussions. For if the blood rejuvenation really happened because of her transfusion, then what? And if the couple were born in the same year? Then how to make all the calculations to get an accurate result?

The question arises: Is there really the probability of successful prediction method using the blood of rejuvenation? As mentioned earlier, one can not 100% guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the method. So, this realistic forecast ranges from 68 to 88 percent. However, some sources are fully assured that this method is truthful by 50 percent. In addition, the lower the difference in computation, the lower the accuracy of the result. Therefore, if you want to know the sex of the child has yet to try more serious options. For example, ultrasound.

Find out the sex of the child by blood group

It is believed that the blood type can be determinedthe sex of the child. For this test and should not be taken too seriously, since it gives only a fifty percent result. It is not yet scientifically proven, as this may affect the way that, for example, a boy was born.

So, if Mom and Dad blood refers to the firstgroup, the chance that the parents will be a girl, is high. The same applies to the second group. The representatives of the fair sex it somehow like. But the boy is born, if the partners 3rd or 4th. Will my daughter, if the Pope refers to the blood group 2, and my mother - in the 4th group. If the Pope in this case will be the 1st or 3rd, wait for my daughter.

But before you start to count,think about why you are so important to know the sex of the unborn child. If you are a boy, you'll be less of his love? Or do you want that kind of heir and daughter become a burden? Nowadays, gender identity is not so important. The girl - a mother's joy, the assistant and the closest person. The boy becomes a defender, earner.

By the way, why in the eastern countriesIt is forbidden to go to the US in order to learn the future baby's sex. After the boy to them - the best thing that can happen. And from the fairer sex ladies trying to get rid of. But, as experts foresee in the near future the situation will change when women will be sorely missed. And then the child's sex becomes less important.

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