" "Depression during pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy


  • Understanding Depression
  • Risk factors for the development of depression
  • Causes of depression
  • depression Symptoms
  • The behavior of the native
  • Tips future mother
  • Postpartum depression
  • conclusion

It would seem that pregnancy - this is the happiestperiod in the life of any woman. But, alas, this is not always the case. Emotional instability for future mum normal. The woman can then cry, then laugh - and all this for a very short period of time. So bad mood expectant mother is difficult to surprise anyone.

But just in a bad mood - not the worst. Much worse, if the expectant mother was faced with the scourge of depression. Depression during pregnancy - a phenomenon that is very common. But, unfortunately, very often depression remains without due attention. But it is fraught with serious consequences.

Understanding Depression

Depression is a seriousdisease. It is characterized by depressed state of mind. As a consequence, a person consistently bad mood, a negative vision of the world, pessimistic perception of reality. Simply put, a person suffering from depression, I am sure that everything is very bad, and nothing will change in the future, and he's just not able to somehow influence the situation.

By the way - therapists, doctors say that women suffer from depression twice as often as men. There are two versions of this explanation:

  • Features of the female psyche

Women are much more likely to share theirexperiences with others, in contrast to men. That is why the diagnosis of depression in them is much easier. So, and the statistics fall is the fair sex.

  • The relationship's emotional state and hormonal

The psychological state of women directlyIt depends on the hormonal levels. As a prime example - the infamous PMS. And the main distinctive feature of premenstrual syndrome - emotional instability. But the hormonal changes before menstruation and not so strong. What can we say about a pregnant woman? Indeed, in its organism there are very real hormonal storm!

Of course, depression during pregnancythere is not every future mother - only 20% of all pregnancies. And depression occurs in pregnant women is much softer than that of the others. But leave it unattended in any case can not, because depression increases the risk of pregnancy complications.

Risk factors for the development of depression

Of course, it is very difficult to predict whether it will affect your depression. However, there are a number of specific risk factors. These include:

  • Depression before pregnancy

Very often with depression while waitingChild women face, which before pregnancy were prone to depressive states. Especially if the drug treatment of this disease has been interrupted because of the pregnancy.

  • Genetic predisposition

In the event that any of the relativesthere were cases of depression, the expectant mother much more than others exposed to the risk of developing depression. Their relatives and friends need to be especially careful.

  • unwanted pregnancy

Very often depression in the expectant mother developsin that case, if a pregnancy is not desired and a baby is perceived as a negative event is able to greatly complicate life.

Causes of depression

In that case, if a pregnant woman broke up withthe father of the unborn child or the child's waiting period was the mountain - a serious illness or death of a loved one, or even some really unpleasant event, the depressed state of the reason is clear. But, fortunately, these are serious reasons are rare.

More often depression occurs - at first sight- For no apparent reason. And she expectant mother feels good, and the pregnancy is ideal, and the future Pope blows dust from his wife, and at work - understanding and support. But to enjoy life does not work, the mood is getting worse and worse. Why does this happen?

Doctors say that during pregnancyDepression arises from the combination of two factors - physical and psychological. With all the physical entirely clear - during pregnancy there is a global restructuring of the hormonal background. And because of this there is the emotional instability that can be maintained throughout pregnancy.

In addition, during pregnancy the expectant mothera lot of psychological stress. And no wonder - because the normal life of women during pregnancy is changing dramatically, all life is subject only to child bearing. In that case, if a woman is before pregnancy and led passive, home life, these changes are not particularly strongly affect her psychological state. But in that case, if the image of the life of the expectant mother prior to pregnancy was active, such changes will become very severe stress.

Furthermore, easy and has to those womenwhich impose themselves too high demands. They believe that they have yet to have time, to keep everything under control - and work, and household and family situation. But during pregnancy to deal with all of this it is not so easy. And the expectant mother begins to lose optimism and mope.

Depression during pregnancy

depression Symptoms

Thus, the causes of depression, we more orless clear. Now let's understand what the symptoms of depression that most makes itself felt. It is only aware of the symptoms, it is possible to notice the disease itself, and thus provide the expectant mother with all necessary assistance.

  • Low mood

The first sign of depression - it is constantlylow mood. Future mom is not happy almost anything, even those things which pleased her before. Of course, a bad mood sometimes replaced by a good, but not for long, and rarely enough. And if the treatment of depression is not started in time, like "bright spots" will be less and less.

  • Increased anxiety

Of course, every expectant mother is worried aboutthe health of their future baby. However, this anxiety depression takes hypertrophied form - the woman is afraid of literally everything. Fear of premature termination of pregnancy becomes a true obsession. The woman has lived as "on a powder keg" waiting for trouble. As a consequence - a very strong emotional instability, tearfulness. Tears flow for any reason, and sometimes for no reason at all.

  • Apathy

A woman loses interest in everything happeningaround. In severe cases, even preparing a dowry future baby becomes an interesting woman. A pregnant woman can sit or lie down for hours, staring at one point, completely lost in sad thoughts.

  • self-flagellation

Sometimes depression leads to the fact that a womanstart to blame yourself for all possible sin, over and often without it. Mom feels a burden to their families, worthless creature. She was sure that her mother would be useless, will not be able to cope with their responsibilities. And such thoughts can completely deprive a woman of peace.

  • sleep disturbances

During pregnancy, uncommondisrupt the normal sleep rhythm. It can be as hypersomnia or insomnia. Moreover insomnia occurs more frequently - dark thoughts simply do not give the woman to fall asleep. Incidentally, the constant lack of sleep is also very negative impact on the emotional state of women. It turns out a kind of vicious circle.

  • wanton aggression

Sometimes emotional instability manifestednot excessive tearfulness, and wanton aggression. Future Mom becomes a real fury, terrorizing all around. However, she herself is very strong suffers, because he understands the inadmissibility of such behavior.

The behavior of the native

Very often, even the closest people, not to mentionall the rest of others, just simply do not understand what is happening with the future mom. They get nervous or even angry. Pregnant woman hear advice like "pull yourself together". Believe me, if the expectant mother could, she would certainly have done it.

When depression is very important help of loved ones. And it is needed, even if the woman of this aid does not ask. It may even she did not realize that he needs help. And it was the correct behavior of native people can help the woman get out of the depression as soon as possible.

It is very important to close people did not respondthe mood of the pregnant woman. Of course, depression - it's not the flu, by airborne droplets, it is not passed. But the pessimistic mood earn very possible. Therefore, be sure to observe certain psychological distance - and remind ourselves and future mom that depression - a temporary phenomenon, and very quickly her condition normalized. In no case do not criticize a pregnant woman, and even more so do not reproach her for anything. On the contrary - constantly remind her that this state - it is not the fault of the woman, but a real illness that requires proper treatment.

But in any case not Concentratethe whole family is in the doldrums of the future mother. It is much wiser to try to provide a woman as more positive emotions as possible. After all, you probably know what it is possible to please a loved one? Dare - you certainly will succeed.

In addition, under no circumstances should you try tosuspend future mother of all possible cases. Of course, a pregnant woman should rest as much as possible. But if you are completely exclude women from the family, it may feel abandoned and useless. And it will only worsen the emotional state of the expectant mother.

Tips future mother

Below is described as the most useful tipsthe expectant mother and her family. Under these rules depression, if it will overtake the future mother will proceed more smoothly. Yes, and it will take place much faster.

  • Timely response

First, always remember that the soonerdepression will be seen and taken the necessary steps, the easier it will be to cope. Begin to act immediately as soon as you notice the first symptoms. While the condition has not worsened, we must act. Try to have fun and relax a little more.

What do you like most? Go shopping? So, it is time to shopping. Love nature? Why not go on a picnic? And, maybe you have long dreamed of the warm sun and gentle sea? In any case, your positive emotions should stand in the foreground. Everything else - wait. In the end, nothing bad will happen to your husband, if he will reap dumplings.

  • mode

Of course, we are all people, adults and wellWe understand that it is impossible to get all 9 months of continuous enjoyment. Life does not stop, and things you need to do in any case. But in order not to get bogged down in their "head", you need to plan your day. This is best done in advance, in the evening. But try not to get on their same hook - schedule should not be too hard. Otherwise, a high risk of something not enough. And in this case, the depression will only get worse.

  • Complete rest

In no case can not forget about thatpregnant woman is very badly in need of a rest. Do not take on all the household chores and care - leave most of the house. They are not active? Ask for their help! Maybe they just do not realize that you need it.

Because fatigue is a waiting period of the childthe most important enemy of the future moms. Fatigue has accumulated property, which means that sooner or later will have an irritation, fatigue and depression. And here too depressed to almost within reach.

  • The diet of a pregnant woman

Everyone knows that the nutrition of timePregnancy - is the key to the health of both mother and unborn child. However, not everyone knows that poor nutrition causes the development of depression. While depression itself suppresses appetite. So sometimes the expectant mother sometimes has to make over a certain effort, but still eat. Otherwise, we get a vicious circle, which eventually will sooner or later have to break.

  • Motor activity woman

Depression in almost all cases leads tothe emergence of apathy. This means that physical activity decreases - a woman most of the time is in an inactive state. In this case, appropriate saying "like cures like." Try to move as much as possible - of course, within reason, harass themselves in any case impossible.

But gymnastics for expectant mothers, aqua aerobics,or even the most ordinary walking tour can greatly improve mood expectant mother. And the overall positive impact of physical activity on the body of a pregnant woman is very difficult to overestimate. Certainly your body will thank you.

By the way - on the pedestrian walks. Make it a rule to walk at least two hours. Being away from home is also a very positive effect on the emotional state of the expectant mother, especially during the third trimester. After all, the monotony is very tiring. Although in any case can not forget about caution.

Coming out of the house, do not forget to bring your passportand exchange card, a certain amount of money. Make sure that your mobile phone has always been charged. And it is in any case does not go on long journeys - in the third trimester deliveries could begin at any moment. They should not catch you by surprise.

  • The appearance of the expectant mother

A woman in any case is always a woman. A woman always wants to look good. And if it looks messy, depression only worsen. So try at all times to find time for yourself. Alone hygiene is not enough. Go to the barber shop, buy a new blouse you liked, do makeup. Surely the feeling of their own attractiveness largely lift your mood.

Depression during pregnancy symptoms

Postpartum depression

Talking about depression that may occurduring pregnancy, not to mention - at least briefly - and postnatal pregnancy, so she did not catch you by surprise. Many women who have recently become mothers, there are post-partum depression. This depression is associated with social, psychological and chemical changes in the life and body of any woman that occur after birth. In addition, it is the emotional and physical changes that occur in the life of a young mother.

Most often, this occurs on the third depressiona week after the birth. And no wonder - for a pregnancy rate of almost all hormones grows about 10 times. And after childbirth is sharply reduced, quickly returning to normal - around those same three weeks. It goes without saying that such surges can not affect the physical and emotional state of a young mother. Because of hormonal it depends very, very much.

Moreover - otshumeli congratulations and delightfamily donated the flowers wilted and began weekdays on which a young mother previously could only guess. Time to sleep less, responsibilities - all the more. Especially if the baby cries a lot. Of course, the young mother is very scared - because accurate advice on how to calm or at least differentiate the cries of the baby, there is no can not be.

Whirling around the house, like a wound, Mom allstill does not have time, knocked out of the forces. All goes wrong, and feeling unappreciated its glorious feat only worsens her condition. That's where Mom gets into the swamp of thinking about their ineptitude and krivorukost.

Opportunities for dialogue among young mothers are not somuch more so if that is not fashionable now and walk with prams, grouped in heaps, as it was before. And it was in this circle of associates can and should find support, to understand that you're not the worst, and similar problems faced by any woman who has given birth.

To prevent this type of depression can - askingassistance and allowing your family to help you. Also, try not to focus on just one kid. Continue to pay attention to her husband - you do not have pushed it into the far corner, temporarily useless thing in the economy? Your man is also very difficult, so try it a little support. And then he probably treat your condition with greater understanding.

And about yourself, your favorite, you can not forget. To carve out a little time for their hobbies, sports or recreation - it is always possible. Try to do something that for a long time going, but you did not succeed. Even simple things - a balanced diet and morning exercises - can help you to improve your condition.


Remember where to begin our conversation? That's right, with the approval of that pregnancy is one of the best periods in the life of any life. Therefore, in no case should not be allowed to spoil this very depressed period. As you can see, to cope with this disease is quite real, it would be the desire and a little knowledge.

But if you feel that you haveit is impossible to cope with depression on their own, be sure to consult a psychologist. Very often women refuse to go to the doctor for fear of ridicule and condemnation of others. And very much in vain - Today's visit to the psychologist is not something shameful. But such professional assistance will help to avoid a great many problems.

Including post-natal depression. After all, it is also not the most pleasant event that can lie in wait for the newly made mummy. It is in those first weeks and months after the birth of the mother requires maximum efficiency and attention. But even if to avoid occurrence of postpartum depression and you do not succeed, do not despair. Cope with it is quite possible. And quickly. All alarms and troubles will pass very quickly. And the happiness of motherhood will remain with you for a lifetime!

If you are aware of it, none of depression will not be afraid of you. We sincerely wish you a positive pregnancy, childbirth light and happy life.

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