" "Calathea, care and maintenance

Calathea, care and maintenance

Calathea care and maintenance

His popularity owes flirt Calatheaunusually beautiful leaves. As a peacock spreads its tail is wonderful, and it is pleasing to the eye cartouches patterned leaves. Like all beauty, it is quite capricious and whimsical. Therefore, it requires greater attention. And if you decide to have a house of Kalat, then be prepared for its whims. Let's find out what Calathea requires care and maintenance?

Calathea. Portrait

The plant is a small not call it highup to 80 cm. And the majority of its species large oblong leaves, collected in a compact basket. It is surprising, but they are always deployed to the sun, even though the plant is a shade-loving.

It comes from the tropical forests of the Americas. In the indoor horticulture Calathea is represented by several popular types:

  • Calathea colored (striped leaves are dark green with light in the middle of veinlets and bright trim around the edge)
  • saffron Calathea (dark-green leaf at the top and bottom of a dark purple)
  • CALATHEA ZEBRINA (velvety bright-green leaves with a wide dark stripes)
  • Calathea wonderful (sheet of wavy on the edge, pale green, spotted purple below)
  • Mako Calathea (thin silver leaves with dark green edge and the same pattern in the form of a pen, the bottom dark purple)
  • Lubbers Calathea (green leaves with long yellow spots).

Despite the fact that all kinds of Qalat is valuableas a decorative and deciduous, among them there are blooming specimens. Calathea saffron blooms with bright orange-red flowers on tall stalks. Calathea striped summer beats long boom with small purple flowers. Blossoms also Calathea Varshevicha. Beautiful she not the flowers and cream-colored bracts, like oblong rose.

Calathea Flower Care

Calathea. Climate control

Originally Calathea are known from the humid tropics (where her non-domesticated relatives violently grow to this day). Therefore, the content in indoor suitable conditions are required for these plants.

Kalat like heat and penumbra. Do not tolerate drafts, sudden changes of temperature and direct sunlight. For permanent decorative leaves they need good lighting. For good health and growth - the humid air. Qalat is best to grow in rooms with south-eastern and south-western windows.

Kalat winter should be kept in a warm roomat a temperature not lower than 18 degrees. At this time, the plant may suffer not only from a low temperature, but also by the lack of light. Therefore, if you can not locate it near the window, standing Qalat arrange for artificial lighting. In no event it is impossible to put a flower next to the radiator.

In summer the plant should be constantly sprayed andwiping the leaves with a damp sponge. In hot weather Kalat necessary abundantly watered, and put the pot in a container filled with vlazhnyi peat, expanded clay or gravel.

Spring and fall for these plants is the most favorable time. But this should not forget that period, they moisture- and light-requiring.

Calathea. Care

All marantaceae demanding content in the ambient conditions. No exception and Calathea flower self-care requires the right. In what it is expressed?

Watering. For irrigation use only a soft defend water at room temperature. The intensity of watering depends on the time of year. In the summer it must be abundant in the rest of the modest, but sufficient. With a lack of moisture in Qalat leaves begin to curl, and filling the plant, you provoke root rot.

Feeding. The growth period (April-August) Kalat be fed conventional liquid fertilizer for houseplants. This should be done every two weeks. And for flowering Qalat desirable also feeding special fertilizer for decorative and flowering plants.

Transfer. She needed every spring. Transplanted Qalat in shallow pots, since the root system they surface. Land should be loose and light, designed specifically for marantaceae (or azaleas). Plants older than three years transplanted at least - two or three years. During the transplant can also share a hive for breeding.

For the prevention of disease and pest controlCalathea requires, above all, comfortable conditions: sufficient moisture and proper watering. When pests (whiteflies, thrips, spider mites) need to remove the affected leaves and apply special insecticides.

These are the requirements for the content in thiswhimsical houseplant. When complying with them you will definitely be able to grow beautiful healthy Kalat. And she would try to be a worthy and rich decoration of your home.

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