" "Garden on the windowsill; Garden on the windowsill

Garden on the windowsill; Garden on the windowsill

garden on the windowsill

Summer season is closed, but that's no reason to be sad gardeners gardeners. Until next spring, you can continue to care for plants and harvest from the garden on the windowsill.

This is not only exciting, but also veryUseful for health hobby. For crops grown with their own hands, does not contain any chemicals, and is also rich in vitamins. Regular consumption of fresh vegetables from his garden improves and normalizes digestion. And the greens added to salads, meat, fish dishes helps in the absorption of animal protein.

At room conditions on the window or the balcony (loggia)can be grown early maturing leafy and spicy taste vegetables and fruits of cucumber, tomato, sweet or hot peppers, greens expel from bulbs, roots, rhizomes, grow leeks, cauliflower and other vegetables. Under these conditions, the seedlings grown for hothouses, greenhouses and open ground.

The conditions necessary kitchen garden on the windowsill

The main factor that ensures growthplants and vegetables in obtaining housing conditions, it is light. Various places in the living room covered differently. The greatest amount of natural light enters the balconies, loggias, terraces, window sills. On the domestic windowsill light intensity decreases rapidly. Windows and balconies facing south, southwest and southeast of better and longer illuminated. If the window has a double frame, the luminance is halved.

In late autumn and winter it is very difficult to create the desired lighting conditions that require most light-loving vegetable plants. During this period they can be used for artificial illumination.

Such light sources may bedaylight fluorescent lamp and white light. They give the light very close to the sun, but emit little heat and therefore they can be placed near the plant.

Another important condition for a rich harvest,which will bring a vegetable garden on the windowsill is the temperature of the surrounding air. It depends on several factors: the outdoor temperature, the heating method, the number of windows, the thickness of external walls and the properties of the construction materials used. It is therefore very important to monitor the temperature, protecting the garden and the garden on the windowsill from overheating, frost and cold snaps.

The following condition - is humidity,which should be above the level of 60 ° C. Handling it is possible, airing the room in which the plants are located. Raise the humidity can be, putting the dishes in the garden with water or moist sand, spraying plants with water and using a room humidifier.

It is important to water the plants correctly and on timein the home garden. This should be water, snow or rain water and water from springs or wells. The purest and the best for watering houseplants is snow and rainwater. It has a slightly acidic or neutral reaction and does not contain harmful salts.

For a good harvest it is also important to use the correct primer for each type of plant and on time to feed them with fertilizers.

a vegetable garden and a garden on the windowsill

Vegetable garden and garden kindergarten windowsill

Cultivation of vegetables in living rooms and more useful in that it contributes to the development of curiosity and observation of children, it helps to better understand the plant life.

This interest is often used in the pre-schoolinstitutions, cultivating a vegetable garden on the windowsill for children, a photo of his original design remain in kindergarten archive. Since this garden each year is obtained through various different scenery and imagination of children and teachers.

Very often, competitions between groups, whose garden was more beautiful. In competition mode, children develop more imagination more.

All the plants in the home garden look elegant and perfectly combined with decorative plants. They are decorated in an original way of life, and each deliver aesthetic pleasure.

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