" "What kind of flowers to give to the man on holiday?

What kind of flowers to give to the man on holiday?

what flowers to give to the man

Somehow, it is believed that the flowers as a giftsuitable exclusively for women. But remember luxurious bouquets that give concerts and performances of artists. Or awarding ceremony of athletes with medal when they get a bouquet of flowers. Or honoring veterans with delivery of flowers and gifts.

Flowers like everything. Therefore, to give them can (and should) everyone: women and children, and men. The question is how to do it. Problems with the choice of colors for women are not there ever anybody. But the question of what kind of flowers to give the man many baffled. Let's find out what rules and traditions should be followed when choosing colors for men.

What do the rules of etiquette?

According to the rules of etiquette classic woman does notIt should give flowers to those men who are younger than herself. And yet, these rules state that a woman can only give flowers to a man who is the culprit celebration. Modern etiquette such restrictions no longer sets. So giving flowers to young and mature men, loved and respected, with or without cause. But it still follow the standard rules.

  1. Handing a bunch man needed his left hand (for right to freely leave the grateful male kiss).
  2. Presenting flowers, say a polite phrase or a compliment. You may also want an easy bow.
  3. Presenting flowers to the man, next to which is the spouse, hand her a bouquet.

With a very close men (loved ones, relatives, friends) can not comply with all these rules and behave quite freely and naturally.

On what occasion you can give flowers to a man?

Holiday February 23 - is not the only reason forpresentation of the bouquet. Male managers give flowers on professional holidays and anniversaries. In addition, you can give a bouquet in the case of successful completion of any project, the iconic corporate events.

Flowers are a great gift formale victor. It may be noted his personal success or any achievement in school, in sports, at work, in the works. Man-hero of the day, too, can not be left without flowers. However, you can give a man a bouquet for every birthday, without waiting for the date of the circular.

And if we talk about the man she loved, hereYou can not look for a reason. Give them flowers when you want to do this. And, of course, on St. Valentine's Day, Day's wife, as well as the wedding anniversary or the beginning of a romantic relationship.

When it comes to loved ones and dear to people,a flower to give to the man, and for what reason tells you the heart. And in other cases (or if the heart is silent) is guided by the established traditions.

what colors can give a man

What kind of flowers to choose?

Let's see what colors you can giveman, and what better not to give? When choosing colors, consider the features of the individual recipient of the bouquet. Do not leave without attention to his age, temperament, profession and hobbies. This bouquet will emphasize the individuality of man and, certainly, it will be accepted with great gratitude.

What do they say about men florists colors? Male flower - the flower is bright and catchy. Therefore, give up delicate flower colors (except white). For men fit blue, maroon, purple, red and orange flowers. When choosing flowers of a certain color and be guided by the individual characteristics of males. Expressive and energetic representatives of the stronger sex suit bouquets of red or purple flowers. For moderate and sensible - more soothing colors: blue, dark pink, dark orange.

Male flower has to be a symbol of strength,confidence, stamina and power. Male flowers is considered callas, gladiolus, roses, tulips, carnations, dahlias, chrysanthemums, gerbera, orchids, anthurium, lily. However, there are some features.

Young men do not give such conservativeflowers like roses and carnations. These flowers are more suitable solid and mature men. They will also be able to appreciate bouquets of gladioli, chrysanthemums and dahlias. Young should choose tulips, irises, gerbera.

For a gift boss, colleague or business partnerit is desirable to choose exotic flowers: anthurium, birds of paradise, leukodendrony, banksia. You can accentuate and bouquet of flowers. Symbol Activity - red and crimson. The golden color symbolizes prosperity and yellow - cheerfulness.

It is not necessary to give men small flowers on short stalks - lilies, violets, hyacinths. Such a gift will make a man feel prim young lady, that it is unlikely to cause a special delight.

If you are going to present as a gift to oneflower, stop your choice on a flower with a long stem. In a single composition will look good big chrysanthemum or rose, gladiolus, or feces. If you want to give a bouquet, remember that the flower bouquet shape for men are also selected according to certain rules.

If the bouquet, then what?

To start with give up the belief that bouquet forman must be discreet and modest. Conversely, suppose that it is different brightness and originality, delights the eye and soul. This masculine bouquet should look restrained and stylish. Let it be a cold and stacked, with vivid colors and dense vegetation. But it is inappropriate presence of many small details: bows, ribbons, butterflies, curls. As a decorative additions is better to use dried flowers, reeds, cane.

The shape of the bouquet should be strict lines to beelongated, square, or triangular. It is better if a bouquet of flowers will be the same type and color (monobuket). However, you can give a man and a flower arrangement of several types of flowers.

A good gift would be and flower basket. It is appropriate in addition to a basket of flowers add a nice bottle of good cognac (whiskey, wine) or fruit.

Do not be indifferent to man and thematicflower arrangement. Especially if it is related to his hobbies or habits. It may be, for example, a bouquet in the shape of a soccer ball, car, sailboat or sport weight.

Men in general are not spoiled bouquets. Although, according to sociologists, most of them would love to receive a gift of flowers is. So, try to correct this injustice, knowing what kind of flowers to give to men. And you make sure to touch a man's heart is easy. Flowers can say a lot, they help to express feelings and perfume life of love and sincerity.

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