" "The complex of inferiority in a man: to know the psychology of the stronger sex

The inferiority complex of a man: to know the psychology of the stronger sex

inferiority complex


  • The inferiority complex and its types
  • How to deal with it

Many of the actions of men often womenremain unexplained. In fact, all of them are caused by features of male psychology. I'm sure most of our readers a man presented as a very strong one, which has unlimited possibilities and lack of weaknesses. But it is not so! Inferiority complex can be any person, even the most wonderful man. Therefore, knowing in advance the main syndromes, which at any moment might overtake your vote, you will not be left defenseless in the face of his "strange".

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The inferiority complex and its types

What is an inferiority complex? According to psychologists, this psychological feeling, expressed in the irrational thoughts about the superiority of the people around them and a sense of worthlessness. Continuing on a subconscious level, there is the idea: "I'm worse than others. I do not deserve anything. I am a loser".

Inferiority complex can be formeddue to a number of reasons. This usually occurs due to the characteristics of the parental family. Just imagine: growing a little man, and his mom and dad always point to his mistakes and the inability to do something perfectly. Gradually, he formed a deep belief in their own inferiority. Exactly the same effect have various psychological injuries at school, for example, when classmates teased hard baby. If in the future such a person will make mistakes (as it inevitably will), it will only reinforce the inferiority complex. Generally, any attempt to suppress individuality ends very, very badly for their object.

Inferiority complex is manifested in the fact thatPeople do not just unsure of himself - he is constantly seeking approval from others, seeking to compensate for the low adult assessment, he received earlier. At the same time he is trying to draw attention to their suffering by exposing them for show and playing the role of victim. Such people tend to be afraid of contact with others - their social circle is extremely narrow, have few friends. They feel constant stress and simply can not get rid of it.

The man, whose consciousness is living complexinferiority, is doing everything to avoid the slightest error in the course of life, as each of them shows his inferiority. Men are also often characterized by excessive arrogance (remember Napoleon?), Increased aggressiveness, the desire to prove their masculinity, desire for a status thing.

At the same time an inferiority complex mayhave completely different "faces". Because its causes and manifestations may be radically different from each other, psychologists have accumulated a lot of descriptions of different syndromes, the center of which is a deep lack of confidence:

  • King David's Syndrome. This biblical character to warm his aging body, enticed into bed young beauties. Many of today's men are also hoping to look younger with the help of a young partner. Perhaps some of them manage to start a new life with a young chosen one. But choosing a partner in a very young girl, a man to be ready for any trouble. Very often it takes around a pair of father and daughter, clouding their lives with various issues.
  • "Boss" syndrome. As a rule, this inferiority complex is put into the character of the future man practically since birth. Parents of toddlers, disparagingly referred to as "feminine" traits, thereby stimulating the development of "male" traits. Get rid of the syndrome of "the boss" is almost impossible, therefore, a man all his life to defend their superiority. For example, 70% of men suffer greatly, falling under the authority of women. 64% of men of the complex, if the chosen one earns more. 58% of men's lives overshadows envy to professional success of his life girlfriend.
  • Napoleon syndrome. For most men, a small increase is a real tragedy. However, this deficiency in most cases compensated by mad ambition and vanity. And such people in almost all are successful, because the desire with which they reach it, is very large.
  • The syndrome of lost time. There's nothing to be done, so the person is arranged: all he wants and as soon as possible. Therefore, it is often necessary to reduce the load and "reduce speed" after fifty years, 80% of men turns bitter disappointment. In such cases, most of the stronger sex is even more vulnerable.
  • infertility syndrome. The allegation that a man of any age "always ready" to sexual exploits - no more than a beautiful myth, which is responsible for the occurrence of more than one dozen of male neuroses. Every man, the older he becomes more and more afraid to "be not up to par." Therefore, any social failure does not go to any comparison with the disappointment in men's own forces.
  • Lot's Syndrome. After the destruction of cities and Gomorrah garden this biblical character, fleeing with his daughters in a cave, I went there the human race. Many fathers have adult daughters like that - unrealized dream. However, to cope with such a syndrome easily enough, especially since it appears extremely rare. And it is purely instinctive desire to be considered the father of his daughter chosen as the opponent, and not in the sexual perversions.
  • Hercules Syndrome. This syndrome occurs in men, falling into total dependence on women, forcing them to perform uncharacteristic things. By the way, in most contemporary families this is the main reason why there are conflicts.
  • Kotovskogo syndrome. What do you think, why men shave their heads? Because hair loss for them like a disaster. Hiding thus punched baldness, they are trying to escape from shame, closely linking it with the loss of male power. But in fact - from any point of view - this is absurd. Shaved head symbolized masculinity, although it is a reliable masking of hair loss on the head.
  • Don Juan syndrome. Perhaps, this syndrome is the most common. After throwing women - is "purely a man's job." Therefore, no man believes the gap love relationships privilege of women. As you can easily soothe the injured man's soul? Today everything can be attributed to the rapid development of emancipation.
  • Alexander Syndrome. This exotic syndrome men are ashamed most. Few people know that the best man is afraid that it will consider courageous enough, or rather a homosexual. Half of the men, even the suspicion surrounding them in a non-standard orientation can cause a lot of stress.

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How to deal with it?

If you find yourself in the elect at leastone such complex, do not hurry to sound the alarm. Psychologists believe that it is not always necessary to intervene in the lives of others - the person should want this itself, otherwise there will be no good. It is possible that by means of this syndrome man compensates for some other disadvantages, and at the moment the psyche system is in delicate balance. It is unknown what has "crept" from the hidden corners of the soul, if you now begin to actively "erode" existing systems.

However, if it is obvious that in this way a manreally spoils your life, then you need this to do something. Firstly, more often praise and support her man. Such is the function of women, and it is especially necessary to our uncertain elect. Emphasize that your partner do well, and that - just wonderful. About defects should be reported accurately and correctly, preferably in the form of "I-statements": "I feel sad when you're ...".

Most men believe that they need to bea sort of supermen, nothing and no one fearful. But this is impossible! Explain to your partner that this is normal, when it for something or experiencing something feared. Fear serves a defensive function and helps the person to go in the right direction. And those men who do not show, just hide it deep within him. Usually the situation is complicated by the fact that a person begins to fear his own fear, because it seems to him a sign of weakness.

You can even play a game of playful game called"Win a complex." When you find that prevents your partner live happily, do it as an enemy. Each time the complex will be manifested, man will not have to go at it on occasion. On the other hand, you will need to do something that will help him "naschelkat" complex on the nose.

Do you think it is easy to live in the world with such"Purely male" problems? We think not. Men - our support and strength, which can also have their weaknesses. So let us not once again overshadow them and so hard life!

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