" "Oedipus complex - what kind of animal?

Oedipus complex - what kind of animal?

Oedipus complex


  • "Oedipus Rex"
  • The essence of the psychological complex
  • What affects the appearance of the Oedipus complex

At the beginning of the life of every newborn recognizesthe authority of only one person. His mother. Still would! She will feed, and change clothes, and sleeping bed. Where really there to the rest of the family to this fragile woman. Take, for example, that stokilogrammovye man with a newspaper in his hands. Apparently, he is the weakest family. How come, so just sat in a chair. Even the food was brought to him there too. Apparently, the father quite weakened after work. But the woman was not eating. So very strong, since the food is not necessary. I'll get a minute I'm in such a case, even breast milk.

Approximately discusses virtually every newcitizen of our country. Lives currently placidly sipping milk, requiring dry diapers and know not know what the world crisis or the Oedipus complex. And if the first term it still have to learn sooner or later, the Oedipus complex is often quite unexplored in modern society. Although proven extras, this psychological rejection subject to almost 80% of the world's population. Do not believe me? And for good reason. To verify this, it is enough to dig into their own subconscious, there is still in the books on psychology and history. The fact that well-known Freud in his theory is based on the famous ancient Greek tragedy "Oedipus Rex".

"Oedipus Rex"

The myth tells us that one day Lai - the king of Thebes- Oracle foretold that he would die at the hands of his own son. And the fact that the offspring in addition to the throne also encroach on his wife (my mother). Heard so scared ruler that he ordered to give up newborn Oedipus to the wild beasts. But fate decided otherwise, and the boy picked up a compassionate shepherds. They raised him, not knowing who is in front of them. Therefore for adult Oedipus his title, and parents' names remained unknown. In principle, he did not try to find out about their ancestry. However, the royal blood was taking its toll, and the young man decided to conquer Thebes. The idea failed daring soldier, who in the heat of battle kills his own father (the first part of the prophecy has come true). Further, all came out of the scenario. Oedipus falls in love with his own mother and marry her. In fairness it should be noted that the couple have lived together for a long 20 years. And then the hero learns, with whom he shared the marital bed, and who by his fault now lying in the tomb. Oedipus blinds himself and inconsolable mother commits suicide.

Here's a sad story. You are probably now ask, where does the psychological complexes? But this we are now going to talk in more detail.

Oedipus complex

The essence of the psychological complex

So what is the Oedipus complex, and how hestruck more than half the country's population? Everything is very simple. It is a psychological deviation of both women and men. More precisely it affects girls and boys between the ages of 2 to 5 years and is expressed in the irresistible sexual attraction to the parent of a child of the opposite sex. That is, the girls introduced the cult of adoration of his father, and sons feel affection towards his mother. This same-sex parent perceived "hostility." My daughter is jealous of his father to his mother, and the boys feel aggression toward mother dad (greetings to you, Lai, from the depths of generations).

It is understood that neither a murder, unlikeOedipus already mentioned, children are not able to, but the complex can take root in fragile subconscious and affect the whole person for life. Here you and infantile girls and slender ranks of dependent men, referred to as a mama's boy. And all because of the Oedipus complex is not only eradicates but also encouraged parents. Dad dutifully wore a beloved daughter in her arms and laughed at her innocent statements that she would only marry him. Moms same (often receive less attention from the necessary male peers) spoiled favorite sonnies, giving them the last.

With regard to sexual differences, the Oedipuscomplex in girls and boys, there is little difference between them. It is just that girls are more carefully concealed ardent feelings towards the mother. In the adult age of the echoes of the old desire expressed in the fact that she starts looking for a husband, like his father, and men remains a principal ideal own mother. Not without reason many wives in something similar to the mother in law, and the girls who have grown up without a father, unconsciously looking for partners to men much older than his years.

Oedipus complex in boys

What affects the appearance of the Oedipus complex

You probably think that the Oedipus complexIt appears mainly in girls and boys from disadvantaged backgrounds? And here and there. Such behavior, according to psychologists, is not dependent on the financial health of the family, nor the age of the parents or the social status of women and men who are married. There is no such law that would determine the degree of probability of occurrence of children's complex in a given cell of society. That's only in two-parent families the Oedipus complex occurs in children more harmoniously. And the thing is that boys and girls have an example before your eyes. For the sons of the father, while the girls are trying to be like his own mother. And it is right.

Another thing, when in families where there areboys, too authoritarian fathers. In this case, the future of men of forming a complex of inferiority. They mistakenly believe that they can not be like his father and simply cease to grow and achieve some results in life. This is fundamentally wrong. In this case, the men "persuade" is necessary for a long time that they are the best. Lessons can drag on for years, but did not bring proper results. And got the role of inspirer not mother and second halves of men who suffered from the dictatorship of his father. In this case, the best time to see a psychologist for professional help.

And here the Oedipus complex is not necessary to treat. Experts believe that such behavior among children - is entirely normal. Therefore, if you notice the child excessive love of one of the parents, do not be alarmed. Just try to show the favorite child, that all are equal in the family, and do not let jealousy in relation to one of the adults go all permissible limits.

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