" "Well, where we do not have: the pros and cons of birth abroad

Well, where we do not have: the pros and cons of birth abroad

Childbirth in Russia

As you know, for someone else's fence grass is alwaysgreener, and many pregnant women dream to have a baby anywhere, but not in Russia. So what is the real advantage of foreign to domestic delivery, and how much it costs - to give birth abroad.

Expectant mothers dare to give birth abroad fora variety of reasons: someone obviously does not trust the Russian doctors, and someone has already received a bitter experience and do not want to repeat it. Women are willing to travel thousands of kilometers away, just to be sure, and that medical care and comfort, and attitude of the staff will be at the highest level.

It plays an important role and the overall level of medicine inthe country where the woman plans to give birth - for example, in Germany a year on health care is spent more than 230 billion euros - the highest rate in the healthcare costs in the EU. Deliveries are not cheap there too - from 10 to 13 thousand euro on average, while the price for a caesarean section comes sometimes to twenty thousand euros. It is worth noting that due to the political division of the land pricing in different German cities - for example, in Berlin bear cheaper than in Munich. In Austria, the labor cost is much cheaper, although the level of medicine there is not worse than in Switzerland and Germany, which are considered to be ideal for delivery countries. were the best conditions for women in labor, given the lack of a language barrier to give birth in the US is from five to ten thousand dollars, about the same price tag, and in Israel, where until recently.

The woman, who had come to give birth in Europe, consistentlygets in a clean, comfortable chamber with a comfortable bed and a nurse call button, and her husband, if he wants it is always next to his wife - this is another reason why expectant mothers are going to give birth abroad. Births in the United States provide another nice bonus - a child born in this country, it automatically becomes a citizen.

At birth abroad has its disadvantages, and the mostfirst pitfall on the way a pregnant woman - it is health insurance, which is offered along with the "tour to give birth." Its terms should be read very carefully, as they often force majeure situation is not included in the list and will require additional costs. The second problem - it's flight. In airlines, there are limits on the term of pregnancy (mostly 6-8 months). Sam flight - it is a lot of stress and a serious burden for the cardiovascular system, especially when it comes to a woman who has a new life. With the complications of pregnancy flying is more dangerous, and many airlines in the sale of tickets require a certificate stating that there are no contraindications. Unaccustomed food and a different climate may also have negative consequences for the health of the expectant mother.

Anyway, in any country in the world and doctorsobstetricians are doing everything possible to help their patients to have a strong healthy baby. To see how this is happening in one of the Russian maternity hospitals, it is possible to program "The newborn Russia" from September 15 to Monday at 22:00 on TLC.

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