" "Salad of smoked chicken with mushrooms

Salad of smoked chicken with mushrooms

a salad of smoked chicken with mushrooms


  • Salad "Prankish"
  • Salad with smoked chicken, mushrooms and Korean carrot
  • Salad with smoked chicken and marinated mushrooms
  • Salad of smoked chicken with mushrooms with spicy dressing
  • Salad - cake with prunes

Let us imagine: we open the fridge and it is lonely, smoked chicken and packing of fresh mushrooms. And what is the mind at once to visit our lovely head? But not guessed. Mushroom soup cook we do not serve the chicken and the second will not. We are with you to prepare a salad with smoked chicken and mushrooms. Do not believe me? And for good reason. Look in your refrigerator onion, mayonnaise (which is too "out there" certainly is) we'll get off the shelf oil and quickly nakolduem spicy salad.

Salad of smoked chicken with mushrooms "Prankish"

The minimum set of products - the most delicious result. Do you want to - for dinner, you want - on holiday - spicy salad called "Prankish".


  • Breast Smoked Chicken
  • Packing champignons
  • Bulb
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt
  • Vegetable oil


Washed and obsushennye mushrooms cut into slices(Flat mushrooms), onions finely shinkuem. Fry mushrooms and onion in vegetable oil. From separate the chicken breast, remove it from the skin and cut the meat into cubes. Mushrooms and onions put in a colander to glass excess oil. We spread the chicken, mushrooms and onions in a bowl, season with salt and mayonnaise.

Salad with smoked chicken, mushrooms and Korean carrot

About a miracle! In the fridge there were even some products, and among them a carrot in Korean. And where do we modern Russians, without the ubiquitous Korean carrots? Here and in the salad for the diversity of its set. It must be delicious!


  • Breast Smoked Chicken
  • Packing champignons
  • Bulb
  • Bank of beans red
  • Pickled cucumbers (3 pcs.)
  • Korean carrot (50 g)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Mayonnaise


Remove the fillets from the breast and cut into cubes. Chopped mushrooms and onions fried in vegetable oil. Cut cucumbers. Beans take out of the banks and recline in a colander to water glass (sauce). Also we proceed with sauteed mushrooms. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, mayonnaise and salt. Salad served chilled.

salad with mushrooms and smoked chicken

Salad with smoked chicken and marinated mushrooms

This recipe is suitable in the case, if, instead of packing of fresh mushrooms in your refrigerator revealed jar of pickled mushrooms.


  • Breast Smoked Chicken
  • Bank of pickled mushrooms
  • Bulb
  • Sweet bell pepper (fresh)
  • Eggs (5 pcs)
  • Tomato (fresh)
  • clove of garlic
  • Mayonnaise
  • Vegetable oil
  • Black pepper and salt


Chicken breasts are exempt from the bones and skin. My vegetables. Boil hard boiled eggs. Meat, eggs and tomato cut into cubes. Pepper - thin slices, onion - half rings, mushrooms - quartered. Onions fried. Mix all ingredients, season with pepper and salt. Squeezed into the salad and add a clove of garlic mayonnaise. Salad ready.

Salad of smoked chicken with mushrooms with spicy dressing

Why are we unhappy with the chicken breast just ripped off? The leg is worse? And nothing. Therefore, we prepare a salad with smoked chicken legs. And fueling him do a special.


  • Smoked whole leg
  • Packing champignons
  • Cheese (200 g)
  • Bank of green peas
  • Sour cream (100 g)
  • Tablespoon of horseradish (grated)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Greenery


Grate cheese. Washed mushrooms boil. Recline them in a colander and, until the butter with mushrooms drained, remove the meat from the legs. Cut it and spread in a bowl, to add the mushrooms, cheese, peas and sliced ​​mushrooms. Mix. Prepare the filling. Sour cream combine with horseradish, add to it chopped herbs, salt and pepper (to taste). Refill salad. Serve chilled.

salad with smoked chicken and mushrooms

Salad cake with prunes

And the pinnacle of our Chicken in mushroom-magic will be a real salad cake. And we have stacked layers and will submit to the holiday table.


  • Smoked chicken (one)
  • Mushrooms (package)
  • Prunes (a handful)
  • Walnuts (half cup)
  • Potatoes (4 pcs.)
  • Carrots (2 pcs.)
  • Eggs (4 pcs.)
  • Cheese (300 g)
  • Mayonnaise and salt (for refueling)
  • Oil (for frying)
  • The greens and cranberries (for decoration)


Boil the eggs (hard boiled), potatoes and carrots. Mushrooms (sliced) fried in oil. Carrots and three cheese on a grater. Potatoes and chicken (breast and leg), cut into cubes. Prunes and also my finely cut. crush nuts.

Now begin to spread layers, lubricating them with mayonnaise (except the top layer):

  • Carrot
  • Cheese (half)
  • Eggs (half)
  • Potatoes (half)
  • Nuts (half)
  • prunes
  • A hen
  • mushrooms
  • nuts
  • Potatoes
  • eggs
  • Cheese

Remove cake in the refrigerator for four hours. Before serving, decorate with greens and cranberries. By the way, instead of cranberry can use the carrot or the egg: to make them flowers.

Well, what it is to feel like a magician when Chicken and mushroom can conjure such different salads? Everything is in our hands, even without a magic wand!

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