" "Vinaigrette sauce: recipe

Vinaigrette sauce: recipe

sauce vinaigrette


  • Classic sauce vinaigrette
  • Sauce vinaigrette with herbs
  • Different versions of the sauce vinaigrette

If you think that it is extremely vinaigrettebeetroot, cabbage salad, then you are deeply mistaken. His "Russian" name he is obliged to "vinaigrette", and in most of the world known as Russian salad. By the way, this sauce is very popular in Europe as an excellent dressing, not only to a variety of salads, but also to other dishes or cold dishes. Recipe sauce vinaigrette is very simple and is used to prepare the caprese salad, the famous Greek and the already mentioned Russian salad (salad in our understanding). Serve this sauce in a sauce for cold fish and hot pork. It goes well with shrimp and chicken.

By and large the same account sauce vinaigrette - a saladfilling, which is made of vinegar and vegetable oil. But depending on the recipe it is possible to vary the additional ingredients, some of which are more suited to the boiled or fresh vegetables, while others are best combined with meat or chicken, fish or shrimp. So if this sauce is so versatile, let's learn how to cook it in the classic recipe or with different additives.

Classic sauce vinaigrette

Traditional recipe classicalsauce. Fits all salads with fresh vegetables, to meat and fish dishes to appetizers with shrimp or other seafood and even dumplings. And also used for fueling the classic vinaigrette.


  • Vinegar;
  • Olive oil;
  • Salt;
  • Ground black pepper.


To prepare the sauce for a classicPrescription take three parts oil and one part vinegar. Spill Oil and vinegar in a jar with a tight-fitting lid, add to the large salt, freshly ground pepper and a good shake all. The result is a yellowish sauce cloudy with a sour taste and a spicy scent.

You can make this sauce and a bit different. In a bowl put half a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of black pepper. Add two tablespoons of vinegar and stir to dissolve all the salt. Then add six tablespoons of butter and whisk mixture with a fork. The result will be cloudy, but more dense than in the first case mass.


Instead of vinegar, you can use drywhite wine, lemon juice (especially - when filing with boiled shrimp), berry or apple cider vinegar. If the sauce vinaigrette to do in advance, before serving it should be again a good shake.

vinaigrette sauce

Sauce vinaigrette with herbs

This version of the sauce is perfect for filling vegetable salads, as well as dishes of boiled or steamed fish. Yes, and he also goes well with simple boiled chicken.


  • 2 tbsp. spoon of vinegar, infused with green;
  • salt;
  • Article 8. tablespoons vegetable oil;
  • ground hot peppers;
  • finely chopped herbs to taste dining room (chives, parsley, rosemary, thyme).


Vinegar, stir well with a pinch of salt. Add vegetable oil and mix well whisk. Sauce whisk for 5 minutes, until a uniform mass, and vegetable oil will not connect with vinegar. Add greens and sauce to taste, pepper.

Different versions of the sauce vinaigrette

The principle of the preparation of the sauce with the addition is no different from the traditional. But every recipe in their own interest.

  • Garlic sauce vinaigrette

If you like a fusion of taste with garlicshrimp, this recipe is a must adopt. It is possible to prepare a salad with shrimp and season with mayonnaise did not, as usual, but such a spicy sauce. And you can treat yourself to a delicacy dinner with shrimp, just dipping them in sauce and enjoying the taste of shrimp meat, spiced with hot and spicy sauce. To prepare the sauce, this option, you need to rub a clove of garlic with salt and pepper, mix it with vinegar and oil and shake well.

  • Mustard vinaigrette sauce

This recipe is recommended forcooking sauce to hot pork chops, or fill it with salad or chicken with soy meat. Make this sauce can be on a traditional recipe, just add salt and pepper half teaspoon prepared mustard.

  • Tomato sauce vinaigrette

This recipe is perfect for cooking"Cold" and spicy tomato gravy to meat dishes. To prepare the sauce, this option, you need one ripe and juicy tomato scalded with boiling water and remove from it a tough skin. Then rub through a sieve tomato, turning in the tomato puree and get rid of the seeds. The resulting tomato puree put salt and pepper, add vinegar, stir and slowly add oil (three times more than the vinegar).

  • Egg sauce vinaigrette

This recipe is an excellent cook and will allowdelicious substitute for mayonnaise, which is suitable to any salad with chicken or shrimp, or with boiled vegetables. To do this, you need to pound the sauce boiled egg yolk and add the vinegar to the mixture with salt and pepper. Pour the required amount of vegetable oil, and finally put to the same finely crumbled egg white.

  • Vinaigrette sauce with bell peppers

South European recipe of the famous sauce. For the salad with white meat chicken or shrimp, he is unlikely to fit. But fatty pork chop with sauce acquires a delicious flavor. And this recipe can be used to prepare the sauce, perfectly supplementing snacks with smoked chicken or acting as a condiment for boiled potatoes. To prepare this sauce should be one large and fleshy pepper (preferably red) to bake in the oven or in the microwave. Then wipe it through a sieve and add to the mix of cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Pour vegetable oil and whisk. By the way, this sauce will especially flavorful when to cook it on the basis of raspberry (or other berries) vinegar.

Try to improve a simple sauce recipevinaigrette in accordance with their tastes. For example, cook it through thick and fragrant mustard oil and diluted soy sauce, or slightly sweetened. Serve this sauce with boiled shrimp, potatoes, dumplings, chicken or meat. The simplest dish, he will make a spicy and special. No wonder that the famous sauce recipe is so popular in Europe. And what we are worse than in Europe?

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